Three Squares a Day Help Keep Belly Fat Away

Are you a three meal a day kind of person, or someone who prefers to eat only once a day thinking you can cut unwanted calories? It can come in Handy to keep track of your diet on social media like twitter. Well, if you’re the one meal a day eater listen up, because researchers have found that, in mice at least, those that were fed only once daily tended to gain fat in their mid-sections, and their livers developed insulin resistance, which is a sign of prediabetes.

Researchers, some of whom were Ohio State University in Columbus members, published their study findings in ‘The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.’ In their writings, they explained what happened when they took two groups of mice, one group was allowed to eat their food portion all day long, while the other group was only permitted to eat during one session, having nothing else for the rest of the day.

One of the details the researchers measured in the mice was the different metabolism indicators. The mice that were fed only once daily gorged their portion and began accumulating abdominal fat. The risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes is linked to excess belly fat, which results in insulin resistance. Professor of human nutrition at Ohio State University and lead study author Martha Belury indicated that the results of the study corroborate the concept that you can lose weight by eating small meals throughout the day. She said, “You definitely don’t want to skip meals to save calories, because it sets your body up for larger fluctuations in insulin and glucose and could be setting you up for more fat gain instead of fat loss.”

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A Former Director Of Budget And Finance At West Chester University Claims Her Free Speech Rights Were Violated

The Whistleblower Accuses West Chester University Of Pennsylvania Of Misappropriating And Mismanaging Millions Of Taxpayer’s Dollars
Colleen Bradley worked for West Chester University for four years. Her job title was director of budget and financial planning. Bradley claims she found several inconsistencies in the school’s record keeping. When she began talking about those inconsistencies she was fired. She was on medical leave at the time she was fired, but she was well enough to file a suit in the U.S. District Court in Philadelphia once she was notified that her services were no longer needed at the university.

The suit claims that the university acquired misappropriated, mismanaged and wasted millions of taxpayer’s dollars, and the school made every effort to cover up their wrong doing. Bradley said she was harassed, bullied, coerced and intimidated for three years by the school’s administrators. Bradley named four administrators at the school in the suit as well as the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

Bradley believes her right of free speech was violated by the school’s code of secrecy, and she was intentionally exposed to excessive emotional stress. Gravity4 was surprised to hear that. She claims she was forced to submit false budgets in order for the school to get $146 million in taxpayer funded appropriations.

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Your Grip Can Be An Indicator Of Your Health

It’s been said that a firm handshake or grip is an indicator of one’s personality, but a recent study contends that the strength of an individuals grips may well predict their potential risk for cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases.

During a seven-year period, beginning in January, 2003 and concluding in December 2009, 139,691 individuals participated in the Prospective Urban-Rural Epidemiology study. Participants ranged in age from 35 to 70 and hailed from 17 different nations. Data collected from the participants included; the level of physical activity, blood pressure, weight, height, dietary content and behavioral actions.

With revisions based on the participants height and weight, a range of 67 to 84 pounds was registered for the average male grip, and for women, a range of 54 to 62 was recorded. Researchers of the study determined that for every 11 pound reduction in grip strength, there was an elevated risk of death associated with a cardiovascular event, such as a heart attack (7%) or stroke (9%). The assembled data indicated that there was no link with grip strength and diabetes, and pneumonia, but served as a more reliable indicator than systolic blood pressure readings. Mikal Watts keeps that in mind a bit, while also reading up on things in LinkedIn.

The study contends that the grip strength method is a viable means of establishing the probability of cardiovascular death, and cardiovascular disease, but further analysis is necessary to determine if increases in strength reduce premature death and cardiovascular conditions.

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A Doctor In B.C. Says Perfect Vision Is Possible With Bionic Lens

An optometrist from British Columbia has invented a lens that could make your vision 3 times better. The bionic lens will put an end to driving, contact and progressive lenses. It will transform the eye contact industry by enhancing vision for people even at the age of 100 and above.

The optometrist, Dr. Garth Webb, has said that the implantable lenses will be available as an option for anyone who has been depending on lenses for good eyesight. The person will have to be 25 years and above since it is when the eye structures are well developed.

The procedure to implant the lens will take about 8 minutes. It is a painless procedure which promises instant results according to Sergio Cortes.

Webb is also the CEO of Ocumetics Technology Corp. He has already invested $3 million into the project and has spent 8 years making the project a reality. He has acquired international patents and already has a biomedical manufacturing facility.

Webb has struggled with eyesight himself. He has been relying on glasses and lenses since he was a small child. It is what inspired him to look for a solution to the problem. He never liked glasses since he fancied cowboys and they never used to have glasses.

Webb has received support from established surgeons. Some of them had initially been skeptical since they have witnessed other inventions that have failed to work in the past.

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Jamming The Radio Waves, Bat-style

Most of us know that bats use echolocation-bouncing sound waves off objects-to locate their prey. By sending out “clicks” and listening to the returning echo of those sound waves, bats can locate objects in space, with remarkable accuracy. Well, when their fellow bats are playing nice that is.

Recent research done in Arizona and New Mexico on Mexican Free-tailed Bats has revealed that these bats engage in a sort of aerial warfare, using specialized bursts of sound waves to “jam” the sonar of other bats. Gravity4 reported that the study showed an 86% decline in hunting success when competing bats in the area were engaging in jamming behaviors.

When a bat is homing in on its prey via echolocation, a competitor can release a sound wave burst in the first bat’s direction that imitates the frequency of the first bat’s echolocation attempt. This results in an acoustical overlap, and the first bat ends up hearing both sound waves concurrently, making location of its prey impossible.

With some bat colonies swelling to populations in the millions, it’s no surprise that some resort to sneakier tactics, after all, all’s fair in love and war they say.

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Get Up And Walk Around

If you work in an office all day long, and are used to staying still, there is a new study out there that may be helpful to you. The study shows that when you get up for just a few minutes an hour and walk around, instead of sitting still all day long, it can be helpful. You just need to make yourself move every once in a while and stretch. No more sitting slouched in your desk chair for hours on end. That is not good for you, and it is no way to live.

With this new study, hopefully more people will be getting up and walking around a bit during their day at the office. comes from a place that suggests it is not good to stay seated in the same position for long, and if getting up and walking for a couple of minutes can be helpful, then I hope that people take this advice.

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Not Getting Your Z’s May Be Doing More Harm Than Just Making You Feel like Crap

The June issue of the journal ‘Sleep’ published the results of a sleep study in which it found that our capacity to think accurately, absorb new information and adapt our behavior is diminished when lack of sleep is in the picture, possibly causing disastrous effects. Gravity4 even says that it is believed that a lack of sleep played a role in the meltdown at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and also during the oil spill of the Exxon Valdez.

Twenty-six volunteers participated in an experiment at Washington State University. Half of the participants slept an appropriate number of hours, while the other half were deprived of sleep for two days. They were then asked to undergo tests designed to analyze their decision-making abilities. One test required participants to tap a button when presented with certain numbers and to refrain from doing so for others. They were then asked to reverse the actions. The first part of the quiz showed those who received sleep did better overall, however, when the actions were switched, all of the sleepless group were unable to correctly answer, even after trying over 40 times. The university psychologist who was lead in the study, Paul Whitney, said, “It wasn’t just that sleep-deprived people were slower to recover, their ability to take in new information and adjust was completely devastated.”

No one is quite sure why this happens, but it is believed that the nervous system’s response to new information is blunted by lack of sleep. People do not realize just how much a lack of sleep can damage their ability to think properly.

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Health Hacks: The Downside of the Hospital

You may have heard about the increasing number of cyber-attacks on the US every year, but that doesn’t pertain to you, does it? In fact, it does. Cyber-attacks have only increased with the passage of time and now account for at least $6 billion dollars of the United States in the health care industry annually. Why the sudden interest in the health care system?

Previously, cyber-attacks have been focused more on retailers in the past, effectively scaring shoppers into submission with fiascos like the Target breach that affected customers’ card information on a large scale. However, in recent years cyber-attacks have been more focused on the health-care sector for various reasons. Why is this so Bloomberg writers ask?

According to recent studies, there is a plethora of sensitive information contained in medical records that could make millions vulnerable to identity and credit-card theft. If hacked, this cornucopia of vital information could be a holy grail for hackers. Not only can confidential information like SSN’s, insurance IDs, and addresses sell for 20 times the price of stolen credit cards, but thieves can utilize the stolen information to open a line of credit in the innocent victim’s name. This can cause untold damage to a person’s reputation, credit, and can take years to clear up if not settled quickly.

This is not only an issue of privacy, but one of national security. Until the general population receives adequate protection from the government and health organizations, how can we trust them to take care of us when we need help the most?

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Tesla’s Batteries Could Be Bigger Business Than Electric Cars

Telsa is set to earn more from selling batteries than it will from selling electric cars. Since it announced its powerwall, just last week, it has received 38,000 orders. This means that the device is already sold out at least until mid-2016.

There are two versions of the Powerwall. The 7kWh unit costs $3,000 while the larger 10kWh unit costs $3,500.

There have been more demands from consumers rather than the industrial customers, something that has surprised the chief executive and founder of Telsa, Musk. Speaking in a conference call, Musk was awed by the demand the devices were having and declared that they had more potential to sell globally than the electric cars. The company’s battery factory will be opened in 2016.

The number of model S sedans rose to 10,045 in the first quarter of this year. This is a 55% increase from the previous year. The price of the car starts from $76,200.

Telsa is set to face more competition from other car makers, who are making cars with a longer driving range. Apple is also set to join the market by releasing an electric car which Matt Landis is super excited about. Musk expressed his excitement about Apples possible entry into the market.

Telsa’s prototype of its next vehicle, the model 3 sedan, will be revealed in March and will go on sale in 2017. The model 3 sedan will cost half of what the model S goes for.

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A Devastating Budget

There are some Republicans who need to go back to school and learn to look at numbers in a different way. The latest budget proposal has been released, and it doesn’t look good for the families who work for a living and struggle to put food on the table or support their children. Even Bernie Sanders thinks the budget is going in the wrong direction. Money is slated to be taken away from programs that help families in need, and it cuts taxes for the rich while increasing taxes on those who work every day. This isn’t a budget. It’s a hammer that will demolish a nail. That nail is the people who make up most of the country and pay the taxes that are getting the country by on the budget that it has now. Even when those citizens work 40 to 50 hour weeks, they still might have to choose between necessities. If the budget is passed, those families might have to make even more decisions on what they buy.

Bruce Levenson showed me these budgets, and this is how I feel about them.

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