Mullen Lowe the advertising experts

MullenLowe is an advertising agent with a difference. Mullen Lowe Brasil is a branch of the MullenLowe group that is based in the United Kingdom. Even though the company is based in Brazil, the services that they offer are standard across the globe.

MullenLowe Brazil is the new name that has been adapted from the Borghi/Lowe name that was known in the past. There will also be a change in the leadership of the advertising agency. The current CEO of the agency is Jose Borghi will be working with the newly promoted co-CEO Andre Gomes who was the vice president of the Rio De Janeiro branch.

The MullenLowe Group also announced that they would be closing the offices in Brasilia and focus on the other branches in Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The announcement to rebrand the name came after the decision that was agreed upon by the partners to have them create a group. They began with Brazil because it is the hub for the network.

The two; Andre and Jose both have different responsibilities. Andre will be responsible for running the operations of the Ad agency while Jose will be involved in the creativity and the innovation aspect of the company.

The channels of service

MullenLowe is an agency that operated in over 65 different markets. It is creative to enhance and integrate market communications.

There is the MullenLowe Open which is an activation agency that is behavior driven. Through this channel, the company creates a better customer service. They have expertise in e-commerce and CRM and therefore they can offer quality retail experience to their clients.

There is the MullenLowe Profero that is a digital marketing agency which operates globally in over 15 offices. The team has experience in digital communications, interactive design, data analytics, etc.

MullenLowe media hub is the last channel. This is a media shop that offers full service and media buying. It is based in Boston.

This is an agency that is focused on giving their clients the attention they deserve in this 21st century. They combine talent and experience to be able to deliver past the client’s expectation.

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Will the North Texas Housing Boom Continue Through 2017?

North Texas realtors are ecstatic over their booming single family home market. They simply can’t keep up with the demand. Did the bankers at the November 2016 “Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference” think the boom would continue?


“Will Housing Conditions Change?”


The addition of 1 million more residents to North Texas has spurned growth, leading to a record-setting June in 2016. The demand is high for high-quality single family homes for workers with good-paying jobs. The hot Dallas market enjoyed sales of 10,857 in June alone. Will single family housing demand remain high?


As long as the Texas and Oklahoma energy markets remain solid, the jobs will continue to grow. The oil industry has higher well-paying jobs, than other industries. There is also a trickle down effect, spurning service industry jobs in the neighborhoods.


One key concern is the drop in oil prices. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil prices have experienced a dramatic swoon since the boom in the early 2000s. The good news is that at the end of 2016, the oil price is rising.


“Housing Construction Takes Time”


It might take 2 to 3 years to move a housing development from an idea to a physical reality. Already, the North Texas area added 29,000 single family homes for 2016, but more is needed. The NexBank CEO spoke at the Strategy Conference in November 2016 and hopes to be part of the solution.


By providing more attractive loans to construction firms, NexBank can boost the home building rate. Unfortunately, these houses might not be ready until 2020. Thus, based on supply and demand, many experts think the North Texas housing boom should continue through 2017.


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Equities First Helps Every Customer With High-Value Loans

High-value loans are important for wealthy customers and their businesses. Equities First has created a business that ensures they have the cash they need to continue. It is quite important that a customer contact Equities First for assistance, and they will learn how to secure their loans as quickly as possible. This article explains how the loans are offered to individuals and businesses, and the loans offer a high amount of cash that will sustain anyone.

#1: How Are Applications Completed?

Every application to Equities First is read by the underwriting team, and the team contacts every customer as soon as possible after their loan is funded. The underwriters are prepared to ensure everyone receives their loan money, or they may negotiate a value that is suitable for both parties. Loans may be offered at any time, and those who wish to apply for multiple loans may do so at any time.

#2: The Clients Have Quite A Lot Of Value

High-value clients may come to Equities First at any time for a new loan, and they will use quite a lot of time to ensure each new loan is presented as it should be. The loans that are funded by the company are sent to the client as soon as possible.

#3: The Purpose Of Every Loan

The loans have a purpose when applications come in, and Equities First will talk over every application and its reasoning. Loans may be used to meet payroll for a business, and a private citizen may use the money to help with their personal investments. The choices made by the client are not the business of Equities First, and they are incredible resources for those who must acquire cash quickly.

The Equities first team is quite good at their job, and they help every customers feel as though they are receiving the finest loan for their situation. Loans are offered to those who have a qualifying net worth, and they are funded as quickly as possible by the firm. They prefer to send out money to everyone who needs extra cash flow, and they offer the best service.

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Martin Lustgarten and his Successful Investment Banking Company

Investing is not a matter of the week. It involves several risks, and one must apply wisdom on all their investments. Money spent in the investment industry can return profits that run several times over. Many people are that are interested in the investment industry are never sure how to go about it. One great idea is to seek the help of professionals. Professionals can assist you through the use of investment banks and investment companies. Martin Lustgarten is an expert in the investment banking industry. Throughout the years, he has shown a complete understanding of everything that happens in the investment industries. The result is that he has gained clients from all over his country and from different parts of the world.

One advice that Martin gives is that investment is not a homebound venture. There are many investors that find it risky to invest in another place outside their country. Most Americans look at their stock markets and find it that it is at the top of the table. However, it becomes an issue when these investments do not pay off as they expected. Martin has ensured that customers can invest in different places of the world besides America. He has studied the foreign markets and understood them quite well. For instance, he knows that Asia and Europe have robust markets in the world today. Apart from that, he has an in-depth understanding of several trading activities in South America.

Martin Lustgarten has built his name to become a highly successful and respected banker. He holds dual citizenship in Austria and Venezuela. His success in the investment industry has seen him gain a lot of fame. He has advanced knowledge, especially in international investments. Martin believes that risks associated with any investment are limited if spread across different countries. He can pay attention to foreign markets simultaneously. He keeps in touch with happenings of different countries to ensure that he gets out of an investment quickly. Martin Lustgarten has built his base of operations mainly in Florida. The location has been ideal because he offers service to people in South America and North America region.

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Who Needs Online Reputation Management

Individuals can undertake their online reputation management campaign by themselves but it will take a great amount of effort and time to accomplish their objective or reach their goals. You will have to decide if it makes sense for you to devote that time and effort into setting up, and managing your online reputation. Professionals are available and can handle it for you while you focus on what you do best – running your business.

Online reputation management is an ongoing procedure that will certainly require a huge amount of your time. It is advisable to invest those hours on your customers and business and have professionals handle the reputation task for you.

Technical know-how is relatively essential. A fundamental understanding of search engine optimization for use in content, press release, and online forum posting is a necessity. The person owning the online reputation management projects needs to have an understanding of social networking and the basic functionality of the net to help build a favorable image. Discovering the right areas to develop track record and eliminate negative reviews is a huge part of the battle.

No matter what business or industry you might be involved with, well-managed online reputation could help build your credibility on the web and reduce negativity. The method or strategy you require to accomplish that will mostly depend on your own knowledge and commitment to your campaign.

If you do not see yourself having the ability to do a good job of building and maintaining a great reputation, you are probably going to be far better off working with an online reputation management expert to spearhead the effort for your organization.

There is no alternative to high quality when it concerns leaving comments and postings. A person that does not have the time to track, carefully respond to comments, and promote quality content is better off enlisting the services of professionals. A blunder and blog post of erroneous information can do a lot of harm to an organization if there is no reliable system in place to handle such threats or attacks.


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How Don Ressler Attracts Investors

Many people have tried to start various online businesses since the Internet became popular on Brandettes. However, only a very small percentage of these websites have managed to make money and stay in business. Starting an online business that actually succeeds is very hard to do. However, Don Ressler has done this many times in the past. This has made him someone who investors want to work with. Venture capitalists are very picky about who they get involved with. This is because they want to minimize the possibility of losing the money they have invested in a particular project. Don Ressler has talked about how he gets venture capitalists to become interested in his various startup projects. Don said that getting financial backing for his startups is completely dependent on the pitch that is given to potential investors.

Don will start by putting together a pitch. This is the presentation that he will personally make to any people or companies who are interested in getting involved financially in one of his startups. The presentation on is critical because the vast majority of venture capitalists and other investors will decide whether they will invest or not based on what they hear. Therefore, making a pitch that does not include vital info or is unconvincing can doom a potential startup before it ever begins.

However, Don admits that the pitch is less important for him than it used to be when he was first getting started. Don Ressler says that his reputation and track record do a great job of attracting venture capitalists. These people look for individuals who have had consistent success in the past. For example, Don said that getting financial backing for Dermstore was very difficult because he had not really done anything of consequence in the tech world prior to launching that skincare site on Huffington Post. Therefore, his pitch had to be very strong. Don found that venture capitalists were seeking him out after Dermstore was an unqualified success and made a huge return on the initial investment.

Don also feels that the type of products or services that the startup site is going to sell plays a large role in getting people to invest their money. For example, a site that is selling products or services that are obscure and not mainstream will have more difficulty finding people to put their money behind it. This is why Don is careful about the industries he gets involved with. See:

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The Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is the successful owner, creator, co-creator, as well as co-founder of multiple startup businesses that have gained success and respect over the past few years due to not only the number of people that the businesses that he has created have helped, but also the many initiatives that have been started by Eric Pulier and his employees. Eric Pulier is proud of each and every one of his 15 businesses that currently generate hundreds of millions of dollars on an annual basis. Despite the high revenue, Eric Pulier does not attribute this to success. Eric Pulier believes that in order to be successful, one has to experience failure first within the world of business. Eric Pulier believes that what one does with failure says a lot about an individual and their passion for business. Though Eric Pulier is successful in present day, Eric Pulier is an individual who has experienced much failure.

Eric Pulier is a family man who wants to make sure that the future is a bright one for not only his children, but for future generations all over the world. Eric Pulier has always been fascinated with the combination of innovation and business and has tried his hardest in order to combine the two together. As a result, Eric Pulier began creating businesses at the start of 1991 that had a goal to help others through innovation. Eric Pulier believes that basic necessities that are offered through technology should no longer be a luxury, but should be a right.

Eric Pulier’s first company was founded in 1991 and is known as People Doing Things. This company was created in order to eliminate the problem of asymmetric information around the world and to lower the opportunity cost of gaining access to information on even the most complex topics. One of the topics that Eric Pulier is the most passionate about is the topic of healthcare which is a subject that Eric Pulier puts copious amounts of effort in order to make sure that individuals all over the world are informed about the subject and the potential for universal healthcare.

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Hiring A Lawyer In Brazil

Are you shopping for property in Brazil? Do you desire to start a business in Brazil? Whether you’re thinking about buying property, or you wish to start your own business, in Brazil, it is crucial that you have a legal representative on your side. A reliable law firm in Brazil will make certain that all legal criteria are attended to, and will also advise and steer you in the right direction.

There are exceptional legal professionals out there. Finding a Brazilian legal practitioner who will do an exceptional job, is not difficult if you know how to approach it. There are a lot of general practice legal counsels out there but it is always advisable to choose a law firm with skill in developing and reviewing contracts. Get an expert who focuses on the type of scenario you are confronting. It might cost you more, but the outstanding outcome will be well worth the charge.

A Brazilian lawyer or attorney will be able to represent you and aim to resolve the problem successfully if you find yourself in a legal trouble in Brazil. Whatever matter you need a legal professional for in Brazil, you want to be sure you choose an experienced legal counsel who has good expertise in the area of law you need help with.

Once you have the right legal professional for your particular situation, you will have peace of mind in knowing that you will get the best possible outcome in whatever it is you’re going through.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of Brazil’s most distinguished attorneys. Because of his background and proficiency, he is well respected by his peers and clients. As a strategist in Brazilian legal practice, Ricardo Tosto has properly dealt with high profile cases involving large corporations and multinational companies.

Ricardo Tosto has is a reputable establishment litigation lawyer and has years of experience in handling enterprise litigation and corporate law issues. Most importantly, Ricardo Tosto always try his best to resolve disputes efficiently and prevent court trial whenever possible, so as to ascertain that everyone involved is happy with the outcome. Ricardo Tosto runs some of the most remarkable litigation law offices in Brazil.

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A Review of Lawyers and Law in Brazil

In Brazil there are three lawyers who are highly specialized in litigation; Milk, Barros and Tosto. They are popular in the profession for acting in matters that involve high value and complex litigation, creating a huge reputation among their peers. A huge international client was once quoted saying that Leite, Tosto e Barros are always the first on their litigation list. They add value to their strategies when dealing with relevant matters on behalf of the company. The law firm is also popular for mass litigation, a common thing in Brazil, having being the first to offer a mass action model. A number of offices have moved away from this model but there is increased demand for it.


A force in the litigation process has seen the firm develop its labor and fiscal action. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is the firm’s most prominent lawyer and a market leader who is popularly known. He runs the mass litigation area in an efficient and organized manner. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a recommended lawyer by LACCA Approved. The office also practices in environment matters, white collar crimes and compliance, labor and pro bono.

About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto is among the most prominent strategists and leaders in the Brazilian legal practice. Ricardo Tosto started his practice in a small office and over the years grew to become the highest experienced corporate litigation firm in Brazil. He established his own firm later and it grew to become the largest n Brazil. He acted for a number of public companies and personalities in cases that were known nationwide. He has offered important legal advice to large and vital Brazilian multinationals and corporations, the government and politicians who share diverse ideological views. He pioneered in adopting a number of legal mechanisms that have become some of the tools that are commonly used in the legal community. Tosto has mentored most of his partners who started off as interns in his firm. That is why his firm is very successful.

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An Insight of Brazil’s Lawyers and Human Rights

Brazil is among the countries with the highest number of lawyers. The state ranks third after India and the Unites States of America. The significant number of lawyers is attributed to the scores of law schools in the country. The nation has more law schools than all the world’s nation’s put together. The Brazilian Bar has approved more than 800,000 individuals, and it is further projected that the number could rise to 3 million if all Bar approves all the candidates.

The constitution of Brazil legally protects all human rights. Former president of Brazil Luiz Luda da Silva signed the law on domestic violence against women. The bill got approved in 2006 after extensive discussion and consultations, and it changed the Penal Code allowing the aggressor to get arrested. Besides, women have equal rights as men, and racial discrimination is prohibited. The aggressiveness and commitment of some of the human rights lawyers have helped the country amend several aspects of the constitution bettering human life.

About Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo Tosto is one of the most experienced lawyers in Brazil and a member of the Brazilian Bar Association, Center for Studies of Law Firms and Partnership, and International Bar Association. Mr. Tosto also has great strategies that have enabled him to grow all the way to the top. He began his career in a small room, and years later he made his name amongst the biggest business litigators in the country. Years later, his office has become one of the largest law offices in Brazil up to date. His successful defense of various companies, politicians, non-governmental organizations and government, made him earn his unparallel reputation.

Mr. Tosto studied law at the Mackenzie Presbyterian University and has worked for several agencies that have helped him gain his excellent knowledge in litigation. He is a partner of the Leite, Tosto, and Barros Advocates associates. Tosto has pioneered the adoption of several legal issues, which over time have been accepted and legislated into the country’s legal system. Besides, he has mentored a significant number of his partners in the legal community, who began their internships at his firm. In the firm, he supervises management, develops strategies, leads the ways and collects results.

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