Venezuela’s President Orders The Firing Of The State Employees That Signed The Recall Petition According to José Manuel González

It’s not a secret. The people of Brazil want to throw President Nicolas Maduro out of office. The opposition has been pushing a recall petition for the last several months, according to assemblyman José Manuel González. González is the deputy of the National Assembly from the state of Guárico, and he has been a member of the opposition for more than a year. González tried to work with Maduro when he took office after the death of Hugo Chavez, but Maduro had his own agenda, and that agenda has crippled the country. Maduro is the hand-picked successor of Chavez. He is a former bus driver and union leader. Venezuela is turning into a poverty stricken country thanks to Maduro’s lack of leadership even though it has the richest oil reserves in the world.

Mr. González is a former president of the Chamber of Commerce in Caracas, and he is also one of the leading agriculture entrepreneurs in Venezuela. González watched Maduro destroy farm production and confiscates businesses. Maduro rationed food medicine and other essential because the country has no cash. Maduro latest edict is to fire employees that signed the petition to remove him from office. Anyone government worker that signed the petition back in April will be fired or resign within 48 hours.

Maduro is trying to maintain control of the country through military rule as well as through his dictatorial policies. The country is rapidly deteriorating, and the people are starving. Caracas is now the most violent city in the world, according to González. People are fighting, stealing, and even killing in order to eat. Maduro has put the military in charge of distributing food. The military is also controlling the largest ports.

There are three million government employees in Venezuela, but González thinks only the people that hold managerial position will be fired. That means more than 10,000 people will lose their jobs because they want to remove Maduro from power. González said Maduro’s latest threat proves that the president has lost all sense of decency and compassion for his countryman. What Maduro does next is an unknown, but González thinks he will fight the petition to remove him from office to the bitter end.

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Avi Weisfogel Believes Improving Dental Health Improves Overall Well Being

Avi Weisfogel is a likable man. If you ran into him at a coffee shop, he would most likely strike up a conversation about the New York Giants latest football win. He might chat about his favorite classic rock album like he does on his WordPress blog article ”Roger Waters’ The Wall – New Movie Sheds Light on a Classic Rock Album”. But all his All-American good guy charm hides a secret- Avi Weisfogel is passionate about dentistry.
For the last twenty Years, Avi Weisfogel has been practicing dentistry from the highly successful Old Bridge Dental Care Center in his home state of New Jersey. After earning an undergraduate degree from Rutgers University, he went on to earn a DDS from New York University. Cosmetic dentistry and dental implants have been his specialty but he also applies his degree in psychology to help patients overcome their dental fears. The virtual tour of his office demonstrates the clean and relaxed atmosphere engineered to but put patients at ease.
Recognizing the relationship between oral health and general wellbeing, Avi Weisfogel has developed sleep treatments based on improving breathing through oral devices. According to, Weisfogel got started treating sleep apnea and other sleep disorders five years ago with his Healthy Heart Sleep program. This progressed into a lecture tour of Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients, which is geared towards informing other dentists about dental sleep treatments. His research has cumulated with his Dental Sleep Masters program, which involves inserting oral devices in patient’s mouths to ensure quality breathing while sleeping.
Avi Weisfogel’s commitment to quality dental care has no bounds. He recently started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for OperationSmile. This celebrated dental charity raises money to pay for the surgical treatment for cleft palates and lips in children that cannot afford it, notably in developing countries. Avi Weisfogel is proud of his contribution to the life-changing impact that quality dental health can provide.

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The Glory Days for Laidlaw & Company Are Over

Whenever a company has filed a restraining order against you, it is not by accident and it is not by mistake. It usually means you have gotten out of hand, drunk with power, and run wild. That is exactly what has happened with Laidlaw & Company and principals Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. They were finally caught. I’m a firm believer that some people might be able to get away with something for a little while, but it doesn’t take long before people catch on and they see the truth. You can only fool people for so long before the truth comes out and it isn’t always pretty.

This restraining order comes from Relmada Therapeutics, a company that works on helping people that are in pain. They basically wanted to take control of the company. That is not the way to do business. They were very shady and underhanded about it as well. In my eyes, this is not the type of stain that is going to wash away that easily if ever. Once it is out there and once people know about it, it is going to travel and it is going to travel fast.

The sad part of this is the fact that Laidlaw used to be a well-respected company. People trusted them, relied on them, and thought the world of them. Now, if I was someone with money to invest and I’m reading articles like this, I wouldn’t even consider them. They would be checked off my list right away. This is a company that has been around since 1842, and they have done a lot of good in that time. However, now all of that good is out the window and they are reeling, unlikely to ever be seen in a positive light ever again.

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Magnificent Makari De Suisse Skin Lightening Products for Ideal Skin Tone

If you are a woman of color, then you know how difficult and frustrating it can be to find the proper treatments for an uneven skin tone, dark patches, sun spots, acne and scars. Usually all that is available are both over-the-counter and prescription products that contain harsh and potentially harmful chemicals like hydroquinone.

Makari De Suisse knew there had to be a better way to help women with beautiful dark skin achieve their balanced complexion, so they developed superior skin care products that offer skin lightening, toning and radiance for any complexion type out there.

The Makari brand is manufactured in Switzerland and undergoes the rigorous testing the country is respected for.

Makari uses a natural and holistic approach to its amazing array of skin whitening and brightening treatments, along with scientifically advanced formulas. You will never find even a speck of hydroquinone in their skin care line-up, because chemicals are not a part of the Makari mission.

Instead, customers will be offered incredible products made with rich caviar extracts, as well as fruit-based and plant-based extracts that successfully lighten the skin and even the tone and make the texture smooth and soft. Carrot oil, shea butter and argan oil are just a few of these wonderful blends that safely nourish the skin, exfoliate gently and create a healthy complexion.

Makari’s famous Exclusive Toning Milk products contain the brand’s patented Organiclarine, which is a natural, non-medicated substance that quickly and effectively whitens and brightens the skin in a healthy manner. The line’s wonderful serums, lotions, creams and bar soaps work together to help you achieve the most balanced, lighter skin tone you desire with a gorgeous new glow. Best of all, their Exclusive’s line of treatments start delivering noticeable results in two weeks, with only applying the products 3 times a week.

Makari De Suisse has worked very hard to develop the finest skin lightening and brightening products, making them the world’s leader in scientifically advanced formulas.

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Green Laundry in Austin Texas

It is well known that Austin, Texas is one of the faster growing cities in the United States.  Along with the rapid increase of growth in Austin comes the drive to continue to keep the city Green.

One way the owners of a local Austin laundromat decided to help with this is by creating Austin’s first Green laundromat.  Dedicated to reducing the amount of water, electricity and gas consumption, Laundry Works was created.  Laundry Works is Austin’s premier laundry facility.  It is located at 606 West 29th Street, Austin, Texas 78705 and is getting rave reviews from all of its patrons.  Most recently, a nearby storeowner said that all of his customers think the Austin laundromat is the most modern, the cleanest, and the most aesthetically pleasing in the neighborhood.  Customers are coming from near and far to do their laundry in LaundryWorks’ state-of-the-art facility, which is equipped with the latest and Greenest laundry equipment.   Yelp users are complementing the staff, the service and the prices.  And, to-date have given the store a 5 star rating, something the owners take tremendous pride in.

Contributing to this rating is the store’s Internet presence and the fact that it is constantly running online promotions! Austin, Texas is home to the University of Texas at Austin and thus have a lot of students living on campus.  Laundry Works is located on West Campus and a majority of its customers attend the university. The store and the company pride itself on its use of social media, the Internet and print ads to revolutionize the Laundromat industry and the image of the industry.  By using trendy advertisements and new ways to communicate with its customers and potential customers they are reaching a new, younger and very teach-savvy crowd.  But, balancing this modern business model, the company has very cleverly, not forgotten the importance of customer service.  It is not uncommon to be greeted at the door by one of the store’s employees, offered assistance to carry in your dirty laundry, and then shown the difference between the machines and explained which one best suits your needs.

It’s these personal touches that set LaundryWorks apart from the competing Austin laundromats.  With no signs of slowing you would not want to do your laundry anywhere else. Also offered at the store, is a wash and fold service. For those customers who are in a rush or simply not in the mood to do their laundry they can drop it off with a staff member and confidently know that it will be washed and folded with the utmost care.  The store never combines people’s dirty laundry and the turnaround time is quite impressive.  For a few cents more you can even arrange to have your laundry washed and folded the same day.

With plans to expand nationwide in the near future, you’ll want to keep your eye on this company and hope that a store is coming to your area.  They have recently opened their first store in the New York City and plan to continue to add additional stores in the region in the months to come. Helping stay Green while providing 5-star service and equipment is the business model that has taken off in Austin and is quickly expanding nationwide.

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The Law Finally Catches Up to Laidlaw & Company

The alleged propagation of false and misleading statements by Laidlaw & Company and its principals, James Ahern and Matthew Eitner was put to an end when the U.S. Federal Courts handed them a temporary restraining order and associated injunction. This step was meant to give protection to the interests of Relmada Therapeutics, INC, a clinical-stage pharmaceutical firm that develops novel treatments for the management of chronic pain.


The temporary orders that the court issued responded to a lawsuit that was announced previously where Relmada sued Laidlaw and Messrs. It is alleged that Laidlaw and Messrs made attempts to assume effective control of Relmada with their misleading and false information.


It’s important to understand the relationship between the parties to the suit, which is one of investment broker and client. Laidlaw, being the former, is known for past violations of U.S. financial regulations, resulting in multiple regulatory sanctions, customer complaints, and monetary penalties. In a statement to the press, the CEO of Relmada expressed delight at the court’s decision and affirmed that it would be prejudicial to stockholder’s interests and self-destructive of the company if Laidlaw took effective control of his firm.


The CEO also reiterated that the interests of his firm’s stakeholders were completely different from those of Laidlaw. He also mentioned the adverse effects that his company experienced as it uplisted to NASDAQ, which directly resulted from the acts of Laidlaw’s principals.


Laidlaw & Company is an investment banking and wealth management firm with roots in the U.K., but whose operations have spread to the U.S. market. Its principal investment activities include; acquisition financing, the arrangement of national exchange listings, raising capital via the placement of equity with high-net-worth retail and institutional investors, and the placement of debt and mezzanine capital with institutional investors.


It also offers advisory services on acquisition, balance sheet optimizations/restructurings, strategic alliances, mergers, going private transactions, management-led buyouts, stock repurchases and recapitalizations, strategic partner transactions/joint ventures, divestitures, fairness options, and alternative investments. When it comes to wealth management, Laidlaw & Company provides portfolio management, investment advisory, and financial planning services.


I just hope that the SEC catches up to the company one day. A company with such a portfolio of professional services should not get involved in multiple infractions of laid down trading and financial trading regulations.

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There Are Ways To Deal With Bad Photo Posts

If you get hacked like Anthony Weiner, a former Congressman once infamously did, your very private photos can be shared with everyone in the world, throughout the World Wide Web. One inappropriate photo of Weiner’s… well, “veiled junk”, shall we say, was all it took to end his career. You can read more about this reputation-losing scandal in this article on Huffington Post.
If anything even approaching this level of abuse of your privacy ever occurs, be assured there are proven techniques to remove the online stigma, and affect other areas of your life in positive ways, as well. Here are the steps courtesy of to take that will effectively minimize damage to your overall reputation and recover your good reputation:

  • Do Not Panic.
  • Get Into Action.
  • Use SEO strategies to perform Enhanced Online Reputation management.
  • Acknowledge the Situation and work to solve the problem.
  • Learn everything you can in the process.

These steps basically encompass a core plan of action. There is no wringing of hands and running around like Chicken Little screaming, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” Decide to remain calm and get even by making everything for you as rosy as possible, especially online. This does require some work, so you probably want to hire an online reputation management firm to get the most recovery in the shortest time.

You will need to contact web administrators and request that the problem photos or videos be deleted. If you do not get immediate satisfaction, you may need to hire an attorney to make a legally binding formal request that the material be removed, as is required by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Once it’s gone, you will need to fill in, as it were, with as much positive content as the Search engines will automatically pay attention to; much more than the old, aging, non-updating problem photos. Of course, it is also a very good idea to do a press release, where you take full responsibility for the problem and assure everyone there has been an error. Then, don’t ever post any questionable picture online, ever again!


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Take Care of your Health with Medicare Advantage Plan

Most of the people with Medicare prefer to get their coverage from Original Medicare while others choose to get their health coverage from a Medicare Advantage plan. This plan is sometimes called a Medicare private health plan. A Medicare Advantage Plan is a US health insurance program of health maintenance organization and or managed health care. It acts as a substitute for Original Medicare Parts A, and B. Original Medicare is the traditional program that is given directly through the federal government. Part A plan provides payments for inpatient hospital, skilled nursing services, and hospice. These services do not include those of physicians and surgeons. Part B provides payments for medically necessary hospital services and also to surgeons as well as specific medical equipment and supplies. Most of the people usually pay a monthly premium for Part B services while no Part A premium is paid if you have worked in the US for at least ten years. With these plans, you can go to any doctor or hospital in the country that accepts Medicare and get treated.

Read more: Innovacare Services Company For Lee NJ, 07024

Medicare Advantage Plans are administered by private companies who are contracted by the federal government to provide these benefits like InnovaCare Health. They cover Part A and Part B benefits just like Original Medicare, but some of them still cover some extra benefits such as dental care and vision. Most people assume that when you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you will not be paying monthly premiums, but this is not the case. You will still be paying Medicare premiums, and your plan might charge an extra premium. Here are the common types of Medicare Advantage Plans:
– Private Fee for Service (PFFS)
– Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and
– Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs).
If you want drug coverage Part D through a Medicare Advantage Plan, you must choose a plan that offers Part D Drug coverage.

InnovaCare Health is an institution that offers Medicare Advantage Plans to its members. Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health, and she is a health professional who says that InnovaCare mainly focuses on two primary avenues of care. InnovaCare offer high-quality Medicare Advantage Plans and develop creative provider network models.

InnovaCare is one of the largest providers of managed healthcare services in the US. It is led by Richard Shinto, M.D., MBA & President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Inc. They also provide physician practice services all over the country through MMM Healthcare, Inc and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc. According to Rick Shinto InnovaCare strives to redefine healthcare management to meet the needs of today’s complex healthcare systems.

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ClassDojo’s Student Stories Shares Success

Student Stories is the latest feature from the Class Dojo team. This feature allows students to easily add pictures and videos of their choosing to share at home. All they have to do is scan a class QR code and add the moment. Once the teacher approves, then they can go home and share the moment. Student Stories gives ownership to students of their learning.

The purpose of Student Stories is to allow students to choose the moments they are proud of and share them with their families. It could be a presentation they worked on, a problem they finally solved, or an experiment they enjoyed. With Student Stories, the students take the driver’s seat. Many times teachers try to call home when students do exceptionally well, but the phone calls may not get made. This app helps to strengthen the home to school connection.

Teachers who strive to step back and create a more student-centered classroom are excited. This feature allows students to show what they have an interest in, and show what they are proud of, which is the goal behind the student-centered classroom. It is not about the good grade on the project. Class Story has been a success for ClassDojo. Parents have been able to see the pictures and videos teachers chose to share. That helped to enhance the class to home connection. Now, with Student Stories, this connection is taken one step further.

Class Dojo is a communication platform between the school and home. Many times parents do not find out about student progress until the rare parent-teacher conference. With Class Dojo, the teacher, and soon student, can share the moments in the class that parents do not get to see. This app creates a positive learning community that gives the empowerment back to the parents.

It is used in 2 of 3 school, but it is not hard to see why. This free app eases the burden of communicating on teachers and allows for a free flow of conversation between the students, teacher, and parents. A ground up change is being made in the class room towards more collaboration between home and school.


Find out more about ClassDojo:

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Sanjay Shah: Entrepreneur and Generous Man

I wish the world had more people like Sanjay Shah and his wife Usha. I’ve often refereed to them in the past as a power couple, and I truly believe that. They stick together, work together, and work hand in hand through just about every project. When you have two creative minds working together on something, something truly wonderful can happen. I’ve always had great respect for entrepreneurs like Sanjay Shah Denmark. They have started from the bottom and built their way up. Nothing was handed to them and nothing was easy. In fact, they prefer it that way. It means more to them when they have had to earn it the old fashioned way with blood, sweat, and tears.

Along with his wife, they have put a lot of effort into the event, Autism Rocks, and it is an event that is incredibly special to them, as they have a son with autism. They live with it every day. There isn’t an on and off button with autism. It shows that no one is immune to the troubles of everyday life or health struggles. You can have a lot of great things, but you still get dealt something unfortunate sometimes. They get through it, however, with unconditional love, support, and care for both each other and their son.

They try not to treat him any differently and that is what this event is all about, at the end of the day. Sanjay went on to say she wanted greater exposure for children like her son. They might not be able to have a voice for themselves, but they can still be heard and they can still have the same amount of respect as anyone else. There are so many misconceptions and so much confusion when it comes to autism. It isn’t out of a place of malice for most people. They just don’t understand it and they don’t get it. They haven’t taken the time to read up on it, learn about it, and gather more information and facts.

At this event, there will be performances from Tyga and Flo Rida and when you have names like that, you know this event is not your everyday run of the mill event. In fact, in the past, they have had such acts as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublè and Drake in London and Dubai. I’m excited to see how it all unfolds.


Learn more about Sanjay Shah:

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