NYC Health Department’s Article 81 Could Compromise Sushi Scene

The New York City Department of Health has a long list of amendments they are hoping to implement in the NYC dining scene, but one amendment could threaten the sushi community as a whole. The list includes a rule that would require all eateries serving raw fish to only use fish that has been frozen beforehand.

The amendment is targeting potentially problematic parasites that could live in fresh fish that is served, most notably the tapeworm and roundworm. According to experts, the freezing process would do nothing for food borne illnesses sometimes born from the consumption of sushi, such as Listeria. These pathogens are immune to freezing, according to experts.

The proposed changes, according to restaurant aficionados would turn the sushi world on its head. Many of the fish featured in upscale sushi locations simply don’t take well to freezing, and texture and taste wold be substantially compromised. Bluefish and other oily fish offerings would be the most effected, as these fish simply don’t freeze well. The least effected offering would be Tuna, as Tuna is generally frozen prior, anyway.

According to the rules, exceptions would be made for farm-raised fish, shellfish and wild-caught Tuna. These fish are the least likely to carry parasites and could be safely consumed without freezing beforehand.

The rules, which appear in article 81 will be voted on in March, which I’m sure avid fisherman Lee G. Lovett will be watching closely.

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Mark Ahn Discusses the Global Impact of Technology

Mark Ahn is an entrepreneur with a global outlook  on technological development. Ahn put forward a view of technology which has as much to do with the heart as it does with the mind. In fact, he made it clear that he believes that true innovation is impossible without an inner integrity. 

The biotech entrepreneur brought up The Aeneid as an example of how humans relate to the world. In his view, people have always been driven to the heights by compassion and a need to be true to themselves. In ancient epics, the heroes were usually following a divine commandment, or were crusading in an effort to save people they cared about. Ahn mentioned that the lessons found in such ancient literature were just as important to modern man as anything found within an MBA program. 

Ahn offered up the plight of third world countries as an example. The regions are typically subject to drought. For first world countries, this isn’t as much of an issue. Areas with a strong underlying infrastructure often have safeguards in place to compensate for negative weather conditions. Third world countries lack these measures, but Ahn sees a near-future in which this won’t be the case. 

He believes that the key is smaller companies which can develop nimble solutions using new technologies. For example, he sees 2015 as an important year for the development and propagation of drought resistant crops. He also believes that new technologies in general will make a huge dent in the long term struggle against drought. 

He closed by stressing the importance of integrity for entrepreneurs. If one is to lead a company to success, he must himself be driven by a strong desire to be true to an inner code. 

Mark Ahn, PhD is an author, entrepreneur, and professor. Follow him on Twitter here.
Source: PR Newswire
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Qnet and Viijay Eswaran Mean Good Things for Many

In 1998, Vijay Eswaran founded Qnet, a multilevel sales and marketing company that is likely to surpass 1 billion dollars in sales in 2015. The sales production is generated by 4.5 million independent representatives, or IRs. The IRs buy and sell the Qnet products through multilevel sales networks using an ecommerce platform that was developed by Qnet and provides a virtual office for all of its IRs.

Until 2002, Qnet was known as GoldQuest, a manufacturer of custom numismatic coins. The company diversified in 2002 by offering travel and vacation plans under a partnership with QVI Club brand holidays. By 2005, Qnet acquired a British Telecommunications company and added discount phone cards to its product line. One year later, health and nutritional products and Bernhard H. Mayer watches joined the Qnet family of products.

Today, the product strategy is based on a healthy lifestyle. Company events serve only vegetarian food and there are no non-vegetarian ingredients in any of the consumable products sold by the company. QNet is highly vested in reducing rates of obesity, diabetes and other lifestyle caused diseases. Recently, to promote team spirit and physical activity, Qnet celebrated a partnership with the Manchester City Football champions. Loyal customers and award winning IRs are looking forward to meeting players and attending games in special company sponsored seats.

Qnet announced plans to shift manufacturing operations to India and to open an office in Russia while still keeping its headquarters in Hong Kong. Qnet’s products are proudly sold today in over 160 countries.

The commitment to sell products that add value and quality to daily living has become even more prominent in the past 3 years. Qnet has educational products through online courses, weight management programs and purification systems for air and water.

The life affirming product lines and the many thousands of jobs provided in manufacturing and sales have uplifted thousands of lives thanks to the hard work and dedication of Vijay Eswaran and Qnet.

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Marshawn Lynch Avoids Hefty Fine Before Super Bowl

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, who will be playing alongside his teammates in Super Bowl XLIX (49) on Sunday, didn’t have anything to say during the team’s media day leading up to the championship game. In fact, in the blog I shared with Gianfrancesco Genoso, I was sure to note that Lynch hasn’t had much to say all season.

The all-pro running back has either given short and unusual replies or ignored the media altogether, which has led to some hefty fines, including one of $100,000 in November 2014. But Lynch didn’t ignore the media leading up to the Super Bowl, avoiding a $500,000 in the process.

Instead, he made it clear why he was talking to the media, replying to every question with, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” Although Lynch’s wallet might state otherwise, the Seattle Seahawks don’t mind his antics with the media as long as he produces on the field. After all, he’s the reason the team is in the Super Bowl, accounting for 1306 rushing yards and 17 total touchdowns.

A friend of the media or not, Lynch has a case for the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award with those stats. Hopefully for him and his team, he’ll be one on Sunday as a back-to-back Super Bowl champion.

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Good Mental Health Hinges on Good Diet


We are what we eat. Those words have proven to be true once again in a new study conducted by University of Melbourne and Deakin University. The findings of the study have been published in The Lancet Psychiatry Today and focus on the correlation between good mental health and good nutrition.
Many food nutrients, like omega-3 fatty acid, iron, zinc, vitamins B and D, have been directly linked to brain function. The more of these brain nutrients our body gets, the better mental health we will enjoy. Taking supplements for these and other vital brain nutrients are suggested when they are not being obtained from the daily diet in sufficient amounts.
A good diet which provides all the vital brain nutrients (or taking supplements) does not only help to stave off age-related brain disorders like Alzheimer’s, but promotes good mental health during the early years by staving off depression and anxiety revealed Lee Slaughter.
Good nutrition during pregnancy, followed by good dietary habits for the baby after birth helps to ensure good mental health during childhood and adolescents. When a foundation is laid for good eating habits during the early, formative years, it typically follows through the adult years and allows for a lifetime of good mental health.
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Vijay Eswaran and the Sphere of Silence

The Sphere of Silence by Vijay Eswaran is a unique and insightful look at the value of introspection in today’s modern world. Through his unique approach to work-life balance, Vijay is able to take an outsider’s view of life.

That’s what made me want to write about him.  He’s show me a little bit about what health means, and how it’s actually more than just how you feel.
Life is more than just work, according to Vijay. Instead, it’s a blend of daily pleasures, personal obligations, financial obligations and spiritual obligations. By finding the right blend of these elements, Vijay believes that people can achieve a higher degree of happiness in life.

In part, Vijay believes that this balance can be achieved by a unique type of introspection. Vijay describes this introspection as the “Sphere of Silence.” By closing oneself off from all outside influences, it’s possible to discover more about oneself than is usually possible in everyday life.

Deep introspection is a powerful experience for many people. Throughout history, introspection has been an excellent source for innovation and inventions. By isolating oneself from outside influences, the human mind can create unique, innovation solutions to many common problems.

While socialization plays an important role in the modern world, introspection also has significant value. By peering deep into ourselves, we can discover things that may not be noticeable during our waking hours. In addition to improved mindfulness, this can be an effective way to reduce stress.

With Vijay’s revolutionary book, everyone can approach their work from a fresh, new perspective. By recognizing the true value of introspection, it’s possible to gain a deeper understanding of how the human mind works. By digging deeper into oneself, it’s possible to uncover a hidden meaning in one’s life that may be invisible to most.

The Sphere of Silence is an award-winning book and has been recommended by dozens of publications around the world. Through Vijay’s pioneering look at the world, everyone can approach introspection in a new, unique way.

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Did The Colts Play Dirty With Richardson?


The Colts suspended Trent Richardson after leaving him inactive for their divisional round playoff game. He did not travel with the team, and then they mysteriously suspended him. When they suspended him, they were able to get out of the guaranteed money that he was owed on his contract. They saved about $3 million.

The problem is that no one knows why he got suspended, what he could have done to get suspended or what the Colts are doing here. Richardson did not have the most illustrious career in the NFL, but that does not mean that he should be treated in this way. If he was a problem for the team, that would be one thing. However, we would have seen this reported by now. We would have seen some indication that he was causing problems for the Colts. Someone would have talked about it by now. However, the Colts just dealt with him as if he were doing small things we would never find out about. Lins Andrade stated he just got cut and lost $3 million. No one knows why, and we have to wonder if these are not the machinations of an owner who has had his own problems in the past.

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Super Bowl Drama


It is late January and the Super Bowl is upon us in the United States of America and there should be major discussion about how the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks match up against each other. There should be a ton of debate by sportscasters and writers alike from all across the country, weighing in on who they think is the dominant team in the Super Bowl. There should be discussions as to who is better in the individual matchups that will be taking place next week in the biggest game of the National Football League.

However, there is no discussion taking place in regards to the game that is to be played next week. Instead the focus has been on the New England Patriots and the allegations that have smashed them over the last week in regards to suspicions that they purposely deflated their footballs in the AFC championship game in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage against the Indianapolis Colts.

Dave Morin even noted while on his Medium account that it is pretty ridiculous that this is taking all of the media attention, but it absolutely has to be addressed in detail. The Patriots have become notorious over the last ten years for being a team that has been in the middle of discussions about cheating. They were caught up in the scandal in 2007 that resulted in major fines to the Patriots and head coach Bill Belichick when they were caught red handed taping other teams.

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Unlucky Blazers


The Portland Trail Blazers of the National Basketball Association have had one of the best seasons in recent history and look to be a serious team in the Western Conference that has a chance at making a deep run into the playoffs. It has come in large part due to the fantastic play from their star LaMarcus Aldridge, as well as great supporting players on the roster. Things have been looking very bright in Oregon, but that all changed last night when they played the struggling and stripped down Boston Celtics. Not only did they lose the game to a sloppy play turned into a game winning three point shot by the Boston Celtics, but they lost their best player to an injury and he likely will not be back for two months. Aldridge injured his thumb in the game and had to leave and reports have come out that he has torn a ligament in his thumb. According to, several predominant players have had this injury in the past and were able to come back after six weeks, but there were some major stipulations to that fact. Paul Mathieson and other Blazers fans are concerned. They did not play well the rest of the season, even though they were playing every game. It seems that this injury is bothersome for a long time, and it very well may affect Portland’s best player. Hopefully he can get it fixed and return back to full health as soon as possible.
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Beneful Helped My Dog To Become Faster

I’ve only had a dog for a year now, but I can see the difference between my dog a year ago and now. A year ago when I got the dog, it was already a grown dog, and I had rescued it from the pound. I knew the dog would need love and attention, and I lavished it on him. Anywhere I went, I took my dog, even if I had to go to work. I had a friend that worked from home, and they lived right next to where I worked.

I would take the dog when I went to work, and drop the dog off at my friend’s house to care for him, while I worked. I truly do love my dog. I was not the best owner that I could be, because I would feed my dog a lot of the stuff that I was eating. Although I eat healthy foods like salads and chicken breasts, the dog didn’t take too kindly to some of my greens. I was told that I could feed the dog certain meats and foods, but I believe I was misinformed. When I would take the dog for a walk, he would lag behind.

I didn’t like how my dog was looking or behaving, so I went to take him for a checkup at the veterinarian. The vet told us that the dog could use some better food, and being the wonderful owner that I was, I asked for a dog food suggestion. I was told about Beneful, and that it would be a great food that my dog would enjoy. I went straight to the store after leaving the vet, and looked for the Beneful brand. I hate to say this, but some of the food looked tasty enough for me to consider eating it!

I started feeding my dog Beneful every day, and I began to see a difference. My dog looks forward to meal times, and whether I used wet or dry dog food, he always loved what he was being fed. Although I know there are other dog food brands out there, Beneful has really done well for my dog. The food is obviously flavorful, because he’s constantly licking his lips after he eats. Sometimes I’ll even sneak in an extra serving, just because he’s been a good boy. I now see a difference in my dog’s health and speed, thanks to Beneful.

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