MArtin Lustgarten Understands the Signs to Look for When it Comes to the Economy

Investment banker Martin Lustgarten knows how to make the right investment choices in order to make a profit. For one thing, this is one of the most exciting things that one could experience. When one consistently makes a profit, then he will be able to make more choices when it comes to finances. However, one of the influential factors in how profitable someone is going to be is the economy. When one get a good understanding of the economy, then he will know when to make investments and when to hold out on thee investments. Martin Lustgarten is one of the people that know how to determine when it is safe to make investments. Therefore, he is one of the most successful investment bankers in the industry.

Martin Lustgarten sees a lot of recovery in the economy. There are also a lot of signs of economic recovery. For one thing, there are a lot of jobs available. People also have more opportunity to make a living for themselves. They could look into other activities that will earn them tons of income so that they could support themselves. Among the activities people would do well to look into is investing. Martin Lustgarten has found investing to be one of the best opportunities to earn income.

Martin was a citizen in countries such as Venezuela and Austria. Among the types of investments that he believes in is international investments. This is one of reasons that he is successful as an investor. He spreads his money throughout many different markets and countries. He has put his citizenship to an advantage when it came to helping clients. He has also been very helpful to his clients. He has decades of experience with the market that he is investing in. His success is what makes him a role model and an example for others to follow in the many different markets to trade in.

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Waking Up To The Dangers Of Sleep Apnea

I have sleep apnea. I would have never known it except for my wife’s impassioned plea to get some help for it. Times without number during my sleep, I stop breathing for a determinate amount of time and all the while the heart takes quite a beating under this added stress.

Help, great and effective help, is on the way. The Founder of Dental Sleep Masters, Avi Weisfogel, works to diagnose and treat sleep apnea disorder. His urgency to deal and treat those in harms way is impressive and impactful. Avi Wiesfogel, a dentist, has wisely teamed up with the medical community to attack this malady on as many fronts as is needed. Since this problem is only increasing, novel ideas and treatments are an absolute must and Wesifogel is leading the way in finding effective treatments all across America.

The article underscores that “Dr.Weisfogel began exploring the world of sleep and learning about how dentists and physicians can help patients who suffer from sleep disorders. He then went on to found multiple companies in the industry of dental related sleep disorders.” The future of dental work in this area is assured and it remains a viable help in the overall treatment of sleep apnea.

Not only is this marriage of the medical and dental relationship helpful to new ways to earn income for dentists, but it also promises to continue to come up with new, smaller and more effective devices than the past and present devices on the market. That will help in allowing the regular Joe’s and Joanne’s of our world to tap into the important treatment they need and deserve.

If you believe you have sleep apnea, you can thank Dr. Wesisfogel for his tireless work to treat you and so many others. More quality sleep and future health benefits are the results of the new treatments here and on the horizon. And that is good news for all of us who sleep and who want to sleep more effectively.

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Jose Manuel Gonzalez Successful Life as an Entrepreneur

A good entrepreneur does not to have to be the richest person in the neighborhood. He or she does not have to own a fleet of cars or have a commanding demeanor. A good entrepreneur is smart. He or she has unique ways to do things and incredible techniques to find quick solutions to problems that may come up in the line of business. A good entrepreneur is just like Jose Manuel Gonzalez, a profound businessman currently managing CITGO.

His impeccable performance in business circles has made him a popular individual in his country. He is well known for his enormous efforts in making CITGO one of the best companies. As a good leader, he is always friendly to clients and his employees. He is not afraid to be proven wrong at any moment, and he will always try his best to make changes geared to enhance himself. Gonzalez is a man of the people. His charisma and compassion is unmatched, and that is why he is loved everywhere.

He is the CEO and founder of CITGO, a multi-million dollar company operating in Miami and Venezuela. His tenacity and resilience helped him overcome all the hurdles associated with entrepreneurship. He managed to guide the company from the ground to the top of entrepreneurship ladder. Before joining CITGO, Gonzalez was the managing director of Pdval from 2008 to 2010. At Pidval, he managed to amass a lot of fortune making him one of the best managers the company has ever had in decades.

Gonzalez has business affiliations with high-profile companies both in the private and public sector. With his company CITGO, he has managed to win supply tenders from the US government and corporations in Venezuela. His smart way of doing business is impeccable. However, not everyone will welcome success with open arms. His success has attracted a lot of enemies, especially in the political circle, but Gonzalez continues to soldier on undeterred with what he calls “unhelpful side shows.” Gonzalez is in all social platforms. People can find him on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Crunchbase. He also has a You Tube Channel where he engages people in constructive and interactive conversations about politics and economy.

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NYC Real Estate Is Easier To Find With TOWN Residential

There are several people who prefer to shop for real estate in New York City because they want to be sure that they are living in a place that helps them live the best lifestyle. The lifestyle that people find when they come to New York is one that is all about community. Everyone finds a community that they will love in the city, and they need to start searching for NYC real estate with the help of someone like TOWN Residential.

The brokers that come from the TOWN Residential offices are there to make sure that all their clients are taken to NYC real estate locations that are more exciting for them, and they want to be sure that they take into account everything from the price to the location. There are many small neighborhoods in the city that are fun to live in, and TOWN Residential has connections that will help people shop in the city for a new place to live that is exciting.

Everyone who is shopping with TOWN Residential for NYC real estate can find a cheaper place to live, but they will also find the place to live that is the most functional for them. They might choose to live in a place that is very active, or they might make sure that they have chosen a place that is closest to the places where they want to shop or eat. That is a consideration that everyone has, and that is why the brokers who work at TOWN Residential are the best people to talk to.

Everyone who shops for NYC real estate needs to have a partner who really knows what they are doing. These people are very versed in their needs, and they ask for something that aligns with their lifestyle. TOWN Residential knows how to make this work, and they know how to make it easier for someone to find the best place to live in the city.

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Lime Crime Velvetines Turn Heads and Make Statements

Lime Crime Velvetines are perfect for any occasion! They are a line of lip wear that is bold, beautiful, and sure to make a statement. They glide on smoothly, look flawless, and last a long time. These lip products are available through Lime Crime cosmetics and they come in a variety of colors!

The best part about these products is perhaps the variety. To show how many there are and how great they look, Celia Leslie made a youtube video of how 24 of the colors look on her. She rocks them all flawlessly and makes it hard to choose a favorite. It’s hard to say which one I wouldn’t wear because I feel like there is a time and place for all the Lime Crime Velvetines! I’m partial to shades of red because I have blonde hair and fair skin. That’s why Wicked is my favorite. It’s a very deep red and I can see myself wearing it to any formal occasion. It would look great for those times when I have to dress up because it is such a beautiful and rich color.

If I wanted a red that was less bold, I would choose the red velvet. It’s a typical shade of red but it glides on so smoothly that it looks fantastic. I can see myself wearing this to the office or out for date night. It’s a color that would go with almost anything that I own.

These velvetines lip colors are all part of the Lime Crime cosmetic line. It’s a line of makeup that is available through their website. It contains lip colors, eyeshadow, hair chalk, and much more! There’s a variety of colors and products so that people are sure to find the right one that compliments their look!

Lime Crime is all about the big and bold when it comes to makeup. They want users to make a statement and turn heads. Above all, the cosmetic company wants those who wear the product to feel happy and confident and worry-free. These products are long-lasting so once a user puts them on they can tackle their day and not have to worry.  Also, check out their Facebook for more unique ideas.

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Susan McGalla Shines as Working Mother with Executive Prowess

Susan McGalla is one of the most inspiring people in the business world. As a young student in college I marvel at the life that she has had in the corporate world. There is often a stigma attached to the concept of the working mother, but Susan has shown a lot of naysayers that there is room for a woman at the top even if she desires to raise a family at the same time.

I live in Pittsburgh, and I started following her when she founded P3 Executive Consulting. I was impressed that a working mom had the insight to get into branding and marketing on her own. I am a marketing major, and I thought that her life was an inspiration. With P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. McGalla also provided advice to Wall Street as a consultant. I thought that this was interesting. Currently, she is working for The Pittsburgh Steelers. She is over strategic planning and I feel that she is doing a great job.

In her lifetime Susan McGalla had endeavors on some interesting projects. She worked as the CEO for Wet Seal. I am a frequent shopper there, and I believe that she certainly did a great job with branding in this area as well. In a previous job as the president of American Eagle she had a big role in moving this company forward. I believe that she has been an asset to the retail world, and she has inspired those that want to pursue a career in marketing. I am definitely interested in building the type of resume that she has built for herself with her skills in portfolio expansions and increasing revenues.

Read more:
Susan P. McGalla: Executive Profile & Biography

Susan McGalla –

There are tons of men in the industry that have excelled in different fields, but I really appreciated seeing a woman that has made it to the top. That is one of the main reasons that I choice to get into marketing. I am inspired to believe that I can rise and overcome the same challenges that Susan McGalla has met. She has done a lot of strategic planning in her management years in business on, and this has made her one of the most successful leaders in the corporate world.

I think that she has become someone that has shows that there are no boundaries if one is really determined to meet their goals. She has told women to ignore the glass ceiling that has been set in place and continue to improve skills. She says that there are a lot of opportunities out there, but women have to be willing to get a higher education. She has stated that this is the best way to succeed in a male-dominated workplace.

Learn more about Susan McGalla:

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Dr. Walden Is Not Going To Let Anything Stop Her

When someone has had the success of a Dr. Walden, many wonder how it happens and how they have gotten to where they are in their field. She is a beauty surgeon and many would say she is the best beauty surgeon out there. When she does her job, she does it correctly, precisely, and with the utmost care. She leaves no stone unturned. She wants her customers to be satisfied as possible. When they walk away from the experience, they should feel as though they got their money’s worth and they were treated in a manner they feel was respectful and courtesy.

What is most remarkable about Dr. Jennifer Walden is how cool she keeps it all together. She is always on the go, always has something to do, and has an incredibly long waiting list. That speaks to the job that she does. People would not be on a waiting list and they would not go out of their way to see if her if she was not doing a good job. Not only is she doing a great job, she is doing an extraordinary job. That is why everyone in the Austin, Texas air is thrilled to pieces that she is coming home to do her job after having built up quite a reputation in Manhattan.

However, as they say, change is good, and she knows this. Walden also knows, as they say, there is no place like home. Her pride and joy, however, are her two children. They are what motivate her and keep her moving forward. She describes herself as a doer. To be in the position she is, which is one of the top twenty four beauty surgeons in the United States, it takes a tireless work ethic that not a lot of people possess or have the willingness to do. She is the type of person that when her mind is set to something, she is going to do it and nothing is going to get in her way. Anything she wants to do, she can do, and there are no obstacles or challenges that will conquer her.

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Wengie’s Flower DIY Headband

Girls love their makeup, hair, and fashion accessories. Girls also like to use their own creativity to make items to wear that are unique. Wengie taps into this by showing her YouTube viewers a clever way to make their own DIY Headband. Headbands are actually very cool fashion accessories that quickly add sophistication or a casual look to an entire outfit. Wengie is a very popular YouTuber with an amazing number of very popular videos. She is also the number one Asian beauty channel in Australian.

Wengie’s Flower DIY Headband
It is a safe bet that most girls already have the items required to make this project right around their home. Simply take a look around the house for a few old headbands. Add a few fresh flowers from the garden. Another good idea is to simply use a few artificial flowers in the place of the real ones. The artificial flowers made today look very real and natural. Only you will know for sure that they are fake. This is a very easy to follow video that guides you to completing your own Flower DIY Headband in several easy steps. Wengie’s headband is gorgeous. It would look good worn to the prom or a date out on the town with someone special.

About Wengie
Certainly, there are thousands of beauty channels on YouTube. Still, the cream of the crop always rises to the top. Wengie’s Wonderful World of Wengie remains one of the top beauty channels on YouTube because of all the great advice, tips, and DIY projects that she shares with her viewers. The Wonderful World of Wengie attracts millions of viewers to the channel. The channel also has over two million subscribers. Check out the DIY video and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel.

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Venezuela’s President Orders The Firing Of The State Employees That Signed The Recall Petition According to José Manuel González

It’s not a secret. The people of Brazil want to throw President Nicolas Maduro out of office. The opposition has been pushing a recall petition for the last several months, according to assemblyman José Manuel González. González is the deputy of the National Assembly from the state of Guárico, and he has been a member of the opposition for more than a year. González tried to work with Maduro when he took office after the death of Hugo Chavez, but Maduro had his own agenda, and that agenda has crippled the country. Maduro is the hand-picked successor of Chavez. He is a former bus driver and union leader. Venezuela is turning into a poverty stricken country thanks to Maduro’s lack of leadership even though it has the richest oil reserves in the world.

Mr. González is a former president of the Chamber of Commerce in Caracas, and he is also one of the leading agriculture entrepreneurs in Venezuela. González watched Maduro destroy farm production and confiscates businesses. Maduro rationed food medicine and other essential because the country has no cash. Maduro latest edict is to fire employees that signed the petition to remove him from office. Anyone government worker that signed the petition back in April will be fired or resign within 48 hours.

Maduro is trying to maintain control of the country through military rule as well as through his dictatorial policies. The country is rapidly deteriorating, and the people are starving. Caracas is now the most violent city in the world, according to González. People are fighting, stealing, and even killing in order to eat. Maduro has put the military in charge of distributing food. The military is also controlling the largest ports.

There are three million government employees in Venezuela, but González thinks only the people that hold managerial position will be fired. That means more than 10,000 people will lose their jobs because they want to remove Maduro from power. González said Maduro’s latest threat proves that the president has lost all sense of decency and compassion for his countryman. What Maduro does next is an unknown, but González thinks he will fight the petition to remove him from office to the bitter end.

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Avi Weisfogel Believes Improving Dental Health Improves Overall Well Being

Avi Weisfogel is a likable man. If you ran into him at a coffee shop, he would most likely strike up a conversation about the New York Giants latest football win. He might chat about his favorite classic rock album like he does on his WordPress blog article ”Roger Waters’ The Wall – New Movie Sheds Light on a Classic Rock Album”. But all his All-American good guy charm hides a secret- Avi Weisfogel is passionate about dentistry.
For the last twenty Years, Avi Weisfogel has been practicing dentistry from the highly successful Old Bridge Dental Care Center in his home state of New Jersey. After earning an undergraduate degree from Rutgers University, he went on to earn a DDS from New York University. Cosmetic dentistry and dental implants have been his specialty but he also applies his degree in psychology to help patients overcome their dental fears. The virtual tour of his office demonstrates the clean and relaxed atmosphere engineered to but put patients at ease.
Recognizing the relationship between oral health and general wellbeing, Avi Weisfogel has developed sleep treatments based on improving breathing through oral devices. According to, Weisfogel got started treating sleep apnea and other sleep disorders five years ago with his Healthy Heart Sleep program. This progressed into a lecture tour of Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients, which is geared towards informing other dentists about dental sleep treatments. His research has cumulated with his Dental Sleep Masters program, which involves inserting oral devices in patient’s mouths to ensure quality breathing while sleeping.
Avi Weisfogel’s commitment to quality dental care has no bounds. He recently started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for OperationSmile. This celebrated dental charity raises money to pay for the surgical treatment for cleft palates and lips in children that cannot afford it, notably in developing countries. Avi Weisfogel is proud of his contribution to the life-changing impact that quality dental health can provide.

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