Obama Will Back Hillary Clinton

President Obama is expected to officially back Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House, but that doesn’t mean that he’s going to make her run for the office an easy one. Clinton’s current run for the office seems to embrace some of Obama’s policy and style decisions that Clinton might in theory disagree with. rather than highlight those differences she’s opted to gloss over them and instead embrace the president and his thoughts, presenting them as a united rather than divided front.

The big question then is whether or not Obama will return the sentiment. Obama is expected to help Hillary when it comes to fundraising and campaigning, but he also has his own agenda. During his law few months in office he’s in the unique position to push through change that might have otherwise made him unpopular. Since he himself isn’t campaigning, he doesn’t have to worry with polling numbers or popularity, he can just focus on being the president.

Before we see Obama out of the campaign trail for Hillary, expect the two to iron out some of their differences. It’s in the best interest of the party for the two to get on the same page about issues. Politicians at AnastasiaDate (linkedin.com) say that Obama will be particularly key in helping Clinton bring in the African American vote.

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DEA Official Steps Down After Causing A lot of Controversy

The first woman to lead a field office for the Drug Enforcement Agency, Michele Leonhart, has announced she will be stepping down from her highly regarded position at the DEA. Leonart has been somewhat of a thorn in the side of the DEA as of recently due to her conservative and unwavering stance on marijuana.

The DEA is dedicated to relaxing enforcement of federal law in regards to marijuana because of so many states who have decided to legalize it on a local level. This shift in policy happening at federal agencies in response to local legislation is one of the reasons why sovereignty of states was so important to our founding fathers.

Though, Leonart didn’t seem to approve of the recent changes with marijuana and claimed the substance was just as harmful as dangerous drugs such as meth. She was also reprimanded in a congressional hearing to address DEA agents participating in wild sex parties and paying for prostitutes with drug money.

The public is now awaiting official word from Brad Reifler in Washington that Leonart has officially been dismissed from her administrative role in the DEA (additional official news on Wikipedia).

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Netflix Valued Higher than Network Giant CBS

Netflix has really come a long way; probably more so than any other internet company in the last three years. Watching the rise of Netflix now is a little like watching the rise of Google ten years ago. You can see them building steam yet their future is still highly uncertain.

In the first quarter of 2015 Netflix beat all expectations for growth. Their stocks soared bringing their net value up to a staggering $32.9 billion. That’s over $2 billion more than broadcast juggernaut CBS. The amount of value their stocks gained in one quarter alone is equivalent to the entire value of the Starz network; pretty impressive stuff.

Despite all the success, investor Ray Lane shares his doubt and is still undecided about the future of the streaming giant. Some would say that the value is still going up while others might say it could be cut in half in a just a year’s time.

Whether or not momentum shifts for Netflix will have a lot to do with what others in the industry do next. HBO has already started their own streaming service HBO Now and other players in the industry are certainly changing their tune after seeing the success of Netflix. Underestimating the major networks at this point in the game could be a huge mistake for Netflix.

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Getting Fit The Old Fashioned Way

Every day millions of people leave their stuffy cubicles, classrooms, and coffee shops, to hit the gym and hamster around for an hour or so, in an effort to release as many calories as they can back into the ether. It’s no wonder we are all so fed up, bored, and tired of exercising. We need variety in our physical activities! Instead of sweating it out amongst the other tread mill zombies, try going for a hike, jogging through a babbling brook, chasing your best pals in a game of tag, or climbing a rope like they did in PE back in school days.


Any one of these outdoor activities is bound to activate your connection with mother nature and muscles you’ve forgotten about too. Halpern is just one person looking to incorporate these things more and more. All the while adding that extra push your body needs to get the most out of your workout, and building better stamina overall.

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Man with Muscular Dystrophy runs the Boston Marathon

Maickel Melamed is a 39-year-old man from Venezuela who suffers from a severe form of muscular dystrophy that impairs how well he is able to move around. However, Maickel’s disability did not stop him from completing one of the toughest and most challenging marathons in the United States- the Boston Marathon.

According to the story on WCVB.com, Maickel pushed his body to it’s limit by running through the chilly rain and wind. He and his team of volunteers, pushed through the thunderstorms and cold winds to make it to the end. The Venezuelan native finished the marathon however just about 20 hours after it started. Maickel crossed the finish line for the marathon at 5 AM after completing the 26.2 miles.

Maickel received a medal for completing the race from Boston Mayor Marty Walsh who called the man a “true inspiration”. Maickel said that, for him, running the Boston Marathon was about giving others out there hope and providing inspiration for them. That is something millions like Torchin could get behind. He also said that Boston is a special place for him because he was brought there as a child to receive treatment for his disability. After finishing the race his message to Boston was that “Boston was still strong”.

This is Maicke’s fifth marathon that he has completed. He has also done marathon races in Berlin, Tokyo, Chicago, and New York.

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Dr. Oz: Quack or Legit?

Popular TV personality and degreed cardiologist, Dr. Mehmet Oz is being praised by some and condemned by others. His most recent condemners are a group of his peers, esteemed and degreed in their own medical practices, have written a formal letter to Columbia University stating the appointment of Dr. Oz to the medical faculty is unacceptable.

AnastasiaDate.us feel this esteemed doctors with their own practices believe that Dr. Oz is promoting quackery instead of real medical science. The group of condemning peers also consider his promotions of breakthrough treatments and cures to be more for his own personal financial gain than for the betterment of the audience which follows him.

Dr. Oz has spoken out in his own defense that he is simply presenting all available treatment options so people can make their own informed choices about medical care. He also says he feels it’s part of his job to listen to what ordinary people have to say about their particular symptoms and health issues. A spokesperson for Columbia says the university upholds their faculty member’s right to freedom of expression.
Quack or legit, a lot of people take Dr. Oz’s advice everyday.

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Cattle Rustling Is Back Thanks To Record Breaking Beef Prices

Most Ranchers Aren’t Prepared To Defend A Herd From Cattle Rustlers

Cattle rustling is not a main concern for most people, especially city dwellers, but it should be. Americans love their meat, but they like to forget where it comes from while eating it. The drought is creating a nightmare for cattle farmers in Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Colorado and cattle rustlers are making that nightmare more of a reality than they expected. The cattle rustlers know the price of beef is at an all-time high. Boraie Development LLC relayed that beef prices are triple what they were three or four years ago.

In today’s market a 600-pound cow can bring $1,600, but that size animal still has some growing to do. Cattle rustlers don’t care. They will pull up a truck, cut a fence, throw out some hay, cut the ear tags off the cows, and take them to market even though a 1400-pound animal would bring more money.

Stealing cattle along with not enough water or grass can make cattle farming a losing proposition these days. Farmers are not prepared to defend their herds because of the cost. Most farmers are independent farmers that raise cattle for their retirement. Every penny saved is a penny earned for tomorrow, but the rustlers are robbing that tomorrow, now.

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Visual Search Technology And Its Uses

Visual search technology is starting to move to the forefront in the field of technology, search engines are building their catalog base in order to stay in the race. A visual search, by definition, is when an active scan of a visual environment is done to find a specific item among other items in the environment. Prior to the use of internet ready mobile devices, a visual search meant that a person was actually using their eyes to find an item within a specific area.

Visual search technology is a valuable asset to many fields of study. For those who handle material evidence, naturalist who encounter all matter of living species, and many others who need to be able to use an image to search for information instead of just a text description. Currently there are search engines that can do image, video, 3-D, mobile, and visual display searches. Many of these search queries are self explanatory, but individual companies have their designer features. For example, visual display search engine databases are a great resource for a company’s marketing department. Incidental contact with a genius marketing advertisement could open the door to a whole new target population. 

More and more visual searches engines are starting to broaden their market base. Many of the first visual search apps were geared toward grocery shoppers. Shoppers could price shop specific grocery items right from the store by scanning the bar code of an item on the shelf. The search engine would then list the price of that item at different stores and post a link for a manufacture’s coupon, if one was available. We do not hear much about bar codes any more, although, they are still used by retailers to keep track of inventory. 

Now, visual search technology like Slyce makes it possible to actually shop for an item that you have just seen, no matter where you are. Slyce partners with merchandise retailers to catalog images of their wares into the search engine database. So that when a potential customer sees an item that they like, then they can start a search to find where it can be purchased. The process begins with the shopper snapping a picture of their desired item. The search engine will automatically pull up images of the item along with a price and the option to buy. Slyce considers itself to be “the want” engine. It was designed to be there at the moment that a person is inspired to shop.

These visual search engines also play a vital role in the enhancement of real world education for many people. Many young teenagers have their own mobile devices and can access information about images and videos that may have piqued their interest. With the use of this type technology even youngsters will take a more active interest in their surroundings and structure some of their own self-directed learning. Shopping, learning, and solving is just the beginning of how visual search technology will impact our modern society.

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Technology that Never Ceases to Amaze

A coworker and I were talking over Bulletproof Coffee about how quickly changing and advanced our technology is. It seems like new technology is all around us and getting better and better with every new day. An example of this is image recognition, which simply stated is the computers way of doing what our human eye is capable of, seeing an image and understanding that image.

There are currently three types of image recognition technology available. These include facial recognition, optical character recognition and pattern recognition. Although these may sound foreign to you, you most likely have used this technology at some point throughout your day or at least your week.

Facial recognition does exactly what it sounds like. It distinguishes one face from another. Optical character recognition focuses on text and reads it. This technology is most commonly used by banks. When you take a picture of your check for deposit you are using optical character recognition. Pattern recognition is set high above the rest because it is not limited to what it recognizes. It can recognize any pattern. If you take them to think about pattern recognition and what it is capable of its possibilities are endless. In regards to Internet searches, pattern recognition allows our searches to be done in a more natural and intuitive way.

A company that takes full advantage of pattern recognition is Slyce. Here is an example of how Slyce works. You are casually walking down the street and notice a pair of shoes on a woman that you just have to have. The street is very crowded and you do not want to bother her personal space, but if you don’t ask her where she purchased them how will you buy those “sweet” shoes. With Slyce the answer is easy. Just snap a picture of the shoes with your phone and Slyce technology will not only show you that exact item and the price, but give you the option to buy now with just a click on your phone. Products are not the only thing Slyce makes easy. They also help e-commerce sites integrate with social media such as Facebook and Instagram, just to name a few. Slyce is also a great way to advertise your business in a convenient and unique way. You are once again walking down the street and notice a billboard that interests you. All you need to do is snap a picture with your phone and you will instantly receive more information about that company or advertisement and, if desired, you can even make an instant transaction. It could not be easier for the company or the consumer to get the word out about this new and interesting product or place.

It is clear from all the forms of image recognition described that technology is growing every day, every minute for that matter. The most exciting part about image recognition is we get to sit back while companies like Slyce and others surprise us with what has been created and what will be created in the future with this amazing technology.

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New Bill Introduced Could Squash Net Neutrality

Just when you thought there was some progress being made in the world of net neutrality, you may be proven wrong. A new bill being fast-tracked through the Senate could potentially invalidate all of the new FCC regulations for internet service providers regarding net neutrality.

The new bill is being filed as a resolution of disapproval. This type of bill must be decided upon quickly in the Senate. It cannot be amended or filibustered, meaning that it has a much less likely chance of being shot down by supporters of net neutrality. Although it cannot be filibustered, there’s still a strong likelihood that President Obama would veto the effort once it’s passed.

Folks at STX Entertainment (stxentertainment.com) know that the bill was introduced the very same day as the new FCC regulations came to pass. The new net neutrality guidelines are not yet in effect though as they face a 60 day waiting period.

The new FCC regulations aim to help level the playing field online. The premise of net neutrality is that all web traffic be treated equally. ISPs would not be allowed to give preferential treatment to some traffic and while pushing other traffic aside.

The United States Telecom Association is also throwing down with the FCC. They’ve filed a lawsuit that could potentially overrule the new laws.

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