QNet: Why This Company Will Continue Making Advanced Progress

QNet is a global direct selling brand well known for its exquisite products. The e-commerce based company has in the recent past expanded its wings and opened a manufacturing plant in India. At the time of opening the branch, the company was very confident that by opening the plant, it would cut highly on operating costs hence have the ability to make better profits. It had been operating in India for not less than a decade by the time it opened the plant.

QNet is present in more than a hundred different companies in the world. The regions include North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe, West Africa and Russia. When opening the manufacturing plant, QNet was confident that it would incorporate Indians’ well-known innovation and creativity in its portfolio of products. It introduced a system where any Indian who felt like he has an innovation or product that would be unique to bring it forward and reap from it provided it passed all the company’s stringent standards.

QNet has also partnered with Barclays Premier League Champions Manchester City. The award-winning wellness and lifestyle company was set to become the club’s official direct partner. It was set to benefit by accessing the club’s money can’t buy incentives that included player greets and meets that it planned to use for high performing sales representatives. QNet specializes in a variety of lifestyle enhancing services and products that range from nutrition and health, home care and education as well as personal care. When matters related to being philanthropic are concerned, the company is not left behind.

The company’s partnership with the football club was set to improve the football conditions in Asia through offering free training and football clinics. Both QNet and the football club have similar characteristics in the sense that they both started from very humble backgrounds, worked very hard and succeeded. This was not the first sports partnership the company has been involved with in the past. It has also been in partnership with the Marussia Formula One Team.

QNet has not risen to the position it is without challenges and hiccups. It has in the past been linked to funny allegations that have all been proven baseless. It has shown its commitment to quality based on the products it manufactures because they actually exceed many a peoples expectations. The company has also done a lot when it comes to providing different people from different parts of the world with a source of income when they sell the products. The company’s operating structure is grass-roots oriented, and it is probably the reason many people have a lot of trust in its products and also the way it operates.

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Beneful Dog Food Varieties Satisfies Every Dog

If you are looking for a great dog food for your new pet, choose Beneful. Beneful has dog food for puppies and adult dogs. You can choose from dry, wet, and chopped blends for your pet. Beneful supplies your pet with nutritious meals as if your pet were eating right off your dining room table.

Wet blend dog food offers vegetables and salmon for your pet’s palette. You can also choose from chicken, lamb, liver and turkey. A wonderful blend of flavors that will give your pet a satisfactory meal. Beneful even spices it up a bit, giving your pet a taste of Tuscany with their Tuscan blend of beef, carrots, rice and spinach.

It is very important to your pet’s health to have a well balanced and nutritious meal. Beneful provides this and flavor for your new dog. If your pet does not like just dry dog food, Beneful also offers a stew for your pet with a choice of meat and veggies. Your pet will surely have a smile on their face with all these choices.

Beside the many choices of food on petco.com, you will also find that Beneful has great treats to help keep your dog’s teeth healthy and white. Rewarding your dog with treats for good behavior will certainly be more pleasing to your pet when your treats are Beneful’s backed snacks. These snacks come in great flavors that every dog enjoys, from peanut butter to cheese. Dogs just love cheese!

Beneful on facebook goes the extra mile providing your pet with real meats and vegetables that contain all the vitamins your dog needs. This tasty dog food is 100% complete and balanced. Beneful’s nutritional food gives your pet everything it needs to grow into a healthy and playful puppy to an adult dog. Be just as cautious with your pet’s food as you are with yours, choose Beneful.

Instead of the same old dog food, spice it up a bit every meal with one of the many varieties Beneful offers. Give your pet a choice to see just what type it likes the best. People don’t like eating the same old thing every meal and neither does your dog. Throw out the junk food and serve your pet great food. After all, you want what is best for your pet. Start your new puppy off right with healthy food and snacks from Beneful. They will love you for it!

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Shares Decline as Capital Highland investment Company Invests More on K2m

James Dondero the co-founder of Highland capital an investment company which focuses on credit investments. Having found the company in 1993, the company which is based in Texas also deals with hedge funds. By October 2014 the company had over $15-04 billion assets under their control. The company has provided employment to about 105 individuals of which 35 of them work as advisors and researchers for those clients who seek to invest and has recently hired a new President of Institutional Products.

According to the latest 2015 Q3 regulatory filling, capital highland investment company through Jim increased their stake to K2m Groups Hldgs at a range of 653-43%. the action of the company to buy596, 684 shares resulted to its decline of its stock by 20.70% the hedge fund company that is run by James Dondero or ‘Jim’, holds about 688000 shares that belongs to the health care company that values up to $12.80M That is according to the report submitted on the previous quarter of their financial year.

The K2M company a global firm that deals with medical devices that are spine based which developing and designing in addition to commercializing of the products to patients who suffer from deteriorating spinal disorders.

Being a mogul in hedge funds, James Dondero has been able to trade well with the KM2 holdings by exchanging about $52,947 shares and since then the company has declined by 19.27% the problem is that ever since April in 2015, the trend has been moving downwards which doesn’t sound good at all.

About $15.04 billion is managed by the highland capital investment company in addition to $3.43 billion the USA long portfolio shares decreased with a total of 669739 to 6061 in the banker Amer Corp.

James Dondero has serve as a credit investor in the 1980s and is a graduate of the Virginia University where he graduated at the top of his class. He is the pioneer of mogul funds and has done tremendously well ever since he ventured into the business through a coincidence. The highland capital company has expanded its business to Africa and Asia as well.

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Qnet: A 21st Century Makeover


Qnet is a multinational company known for an array of consumer goods sold mostly in Asian countries. It uses direct-marketing channels and multi-level marketing model to sell healthcare products and fashion accessories. All of these products are available under different brands promoted by Qnet enterprise.

Innovation in Marketing

According to its CEO, Vijay Eswaran, the company achieved phenomenal success through its multi-level-marketing. MLM is basically a marketing scheme where compensation is based on the volume of sales. Further rewards can be reaped by referring other marketers who contribute to the commission of the original referrer. As of 2015, there are thousands of affiliate marketers working for Qnet.

Worldwide Operations

The bulk of operations are based in South East Asia and Middle East. Through its franchise, Qnet has recently built large-scale customer base in countries including India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. For instance, the company entered the lucrative Indian market in 2013 selling healthcare related products. NutriPlus is one of the popular drinks, which is sold and marketed by Qnet using franchise based system. According to the higher management, production in India is feasible for the company because it can save 8% to 12% related to overhead costs. In addition, it is easier to find educated marketers who are willing to work independently without regular supervision.

Direct Marketing Brands

According to reputable estimates, revenues of Qnet increased by 70% between 2009 and 2013, making it the fastest growing company that relies on multi-level marketing as its main marketing strategy. Despite Qnet’s popularity as a burgeoning MLM firm, it also has a solid base in introducing alternate high-end products. For instance, the brand also operates Bernhard H. Mayer brand of watches, which is gaining popularity among large number of high-worth individuals. Besides, it is also the owner of Prana Resort & Spa at Koh Samui, Thailand. The boutique establishment is located on the famous beachfront offering up-scale services for health conscious clientele. Recently, the company is also operating several ‘Down to Earth’ stores in Hawaii, which are very popular for offering organic and natural food products.

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Advocates For Independent Contractors Want Portable Benefits For Employees

Once upon a time people went into work, punched the clock, left work, had dinner with their family, and then did it all over again for decades. At some point they retired that that was the sum of their career. However, now companies such as Uber, Lyft, Handy, and more have created what is being referred to as a ‘gig economy.’ In other words, an economy where independent contractors have the flexibility and ability to book their own gigs as they like.

A great example of this is the company Handy.com which has built a platform that allows independent contractors to flourish. On Handy professionals can search for jobs that customers place on right on the app. If they have the right abilities they can offer their services for an agreed upon price. The aim of the platform is to ink customers and professionals and it works as already 10,000 professionals are on board and a million jobs have been completed.

The problem with the gig economy is that people do not have a stable retirement option to look forward to, reliable health benefits, and of course stability since if they fall ill or have an emergency there is no backdrop in place to catch them. As independent contractors grow in numbers there are people looking to change this however.

The National Domestic Workers Alliance is launching a new initiative called the Good Work Code that is aimed at creating an ethical contract employment guide that will help them offer their employees safety, advancement, and a livable wage. Thiers is not the only movement to press forward, as another movement lead by Obama advisor Greg Nelson is also hoping to help bring portable benefits to works. His group released a letter to garnish attention that was signed by many people from company founders of Etsy and Lyft to union leaders and venture capitalists.

Oisin Hanrahan, the Handy.com CEO also signed the letter stating that he would love to offer portable benefits to his workers. He explained that the law currently only has the option for independent contractor or employee, but with new distinctions they could offer more. He added they would love to offer opportunities for training, benefits, and education.

For more information please visit:


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One of the Most Distinguished Lawyers in Brazil

The Brazilian law originated from the Portuguese law, the country’s former colonial master. The country created its own laws in 1822 during independence. The Brazilian civil code also bears influences from a number of quarters including the French in the 19th century, Germany in the 20th century and later by Italy. Two cities in the state of Recife, São Paulo and Olinda become the locations of the country’s first Law schools in 1827. Today, the state of São Paolo still hosts the largest number of lawyers in Brazil followed by Rio de Janeneiro and Minas Gerais. In 2010, Brazil had more than 600,000 practicing lawyers.

To become a lawyer in Brazil, a candidate must pass the Vestibular test; acquire a Graduation Degree and pass the National Bar Examination. Law students are also expected to undertake internship positions after their university education. Internships can be sought from law firms, public and private companies as well as organizations that offer professional law training. The law profession in Brazilian is regulated by the Brazilian Bar Association or Ordem dos Advogados do Brazil (OAB). For anyone to practice law in Brazil, he or she must first get approval via the Brazilian Bar Examination, even after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Law.

The OAB exam takes place periodically, in the months of January, March and December. The exam includes an option where students are given the option to choose their area of focus. The most popular areas of focus include; Civil Law, Labor Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law, Corporate Law and Constitutional Law. The Brazilian judicial court system includes State-Level judiciary court and Federal-Level judicial branch, which constitutes several regional courts and the Supreme Court. The State-Level judiciary court system includes Trial Courts and the Justice Tribunal.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the most distinguished lawyers and strategist in the Brazilian legal fraternity. He is a partner and Co-Founder of Tosto eBarros Advogados. Mr Tosto began his law career in a small office before establishing one of the largest law firms in Brazil. Over the years, Mr Tosto has represented and defended many public personalities and companies in various cases. The companies include both national and international multinational firms. His areas of specialty include Banking Contracts, Business Restructuring, Credit Recovery, Power Concessions, Administrative Law, Bankruptcy, Commercial, Civil and Power Concession.

As an upstanding personality in the society, Mr Tosto famously helped pioneer the adoption of a number of legal mechanisms in the current Brazilian legal system. Mr Tosto currently serves as a member of IBA, the International Bar Association and is a founding member of the Brazilian political and law think-tank called IBEDEP. During his previous work engagements, Mr Tosto serviced as adviser of HR and legal management for a number of Brazilian companies, including Grupo Rede. He has also served as director and legal and Administrative superintendent for Fundacao Rede de Previdencia Prada and Grupo Alusa respectively. Outside his regular legal functions, Mr Tosto has an active social media following, is a political writer, speaker and author.

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Early life of Park Yeonmi and ‘A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom’ Summary

In order to live, a North Korean girl’s journey to freedom is a book that reveals Park Yeonmi’s personal and ruining details of suppressive society she was raised in and the price she paid for her freedom. For the first time she narrates the betrayal she and her mother faced when they were sold into sexual slavery in China. While in China, they suffered hardships such as psychological and physical before they flee to Seoul, South Korea. The story she tells in her book is encrypted with life experiences that most people will never encounter in the lives and if some experience it, they may never recover from. As it is evident from the book, it is important to face the past with a lot of resilience and try to improve your life and refuse your future or present life be defined by the past. Park’s testimony portrayed in the book is rare, heartbreaking but very important. Yeonmi Park’s voice in the book available on Amazon is riveting and elevated. The book was released in September 2015. Park Yeonmi born on 4th October 1993 in Hyesan, Ryanggangn, North Korea. She is a North Korean defector and human rights activist. Park escaped from North Korea to China in 2007 and later settled in South Korea in 2009. Her father was a civil servant at the Hyesan town hall while her mother was a nurse for the Korean Army. She had an older sister, Eunmi. Park’s family lived in wealth until her father was arrested for sending metals to China. After her father had been arrested, park and her mother set on a journey in search of freedom. In 2007 park and her mother fled to China. In China, a man threatened to rape Yeonmi but her mother refused, and she was raped instead of Yeonmi. She was later sold to a man who promised to buy her father and mother if she agreed to become his mistress. He father was brought but later died from colon cancer. Park advocates for victims of trafficking and promotes human rights in North Korea and around the world. Park become globally prominent on Youtube after she delivered a speech on DailyMail about her experiences in North Korea at the One Young World 2014 Summit.

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How BMG Has Beaten Challenges To Stand Among The Best Bank

Getting the concept of managing and running a business is not enough to guarantee one total success. There are more issues that one should address that are necessary for the attainment of sanity within a business. Getting the right tools for a business is also something that should be taken into consideration. Information is something that should never be taken for granted as this is what has kept many ventures afloat. With modern marketing techniques and technologies that have allowed more businesses to enter the market, it can prove challenging for one to succeed if there lacks proper management skills. BMG has been placed among top banks in Brazil and most of the achievements they have made are attributed to the fact that they have invested in having some of the best strategies.

Remaining unique is necessary as each company is fighting to capture the attention of buyers. BMG has been able to achieve this seamlessly. They have hired competent professionals who have worked on systems that have allowed the bank to offer unique products and to improve on their marketing strategies. This has led to the company winning more people over and building their reputation further. Hiring is something the management of BMG has taken seriously. They have ensured the kind of professionals that are hired to work with the company are creative people with dedication to offer unique and reliable services. BMG is also keen on training its employees so they can keep up with the needs of the market.

The business world is not static like some areas. Each day there is a new trend and to keep in business, one needs to keep up with these trends. MBG has always allowed for research so as to get the right information about the movement of the market and what to expect in future. This has offered them a better position in the market as a company as they have responded to every challenge in time.

Management is the driver of any business. Ricardo Guimarães, the president of the company, has been working to ensure they attain the right standards as required of by the market. This is among strategies to have the company appear among competitive brands and to offer the best products. Ricardo Guimarães also explains that BMG has offered back to the community by sponsoring needy students and sporting activities that have helped young Brazilians to grow their talents.

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Super Lawyer Law Firm of Dan Newlin

When a law firm in Florida has reached the pinnacle of the industry, they receive an award unlike any other. The prestigious Super Lawyer Law Firm distinction is only given out to less than 5% of all firms operating in the state, so if you are recognized by your peers for this award, it really does mean something special. This award and distinction was recently given to Dan Newlin and his firm, further establishing this group of professionals as the best in their respected fields.

Going back several years, Dan Newlin got his start on this path working for the Indiana Police Department at the age of 20. He was quickly recognized for his skills and accepted a position later on in Orlando Florida working at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. He served the force for ten years in Florida, earning the rank of Sheriff Detective. His work detail included auto theft, narcotics enforcement, and fugitive detective work. His work in this area was directly responsible for apprehending several hundred of the areas most dangerous fugitives, putting them behind bars where they belong.

During Dan Newlin’s time in the Florida police department, he received many different awards for his work. His awards were not only for going above and beyond the call of duty, he was given the distinct recognition by the United States Marshall’s Office. With all that experience, Dan Newlin turned his interest to law, and was accepted at the Florida State College of Law in 1997 and graduated in 2000. Now attorney Dan Newlin proudly practices in Chicago and Illinois, providing his legal services to as many needy residents as possible.

In just a few years, attorney Dan Newlin has helped many injury victims to recover hundreds of millions of dollars in settlement claims. His single room office with one secretary has expanded to several boutique style settings, where he and his growing team provide legal services to area residents. On his team are 18 highly trained and specialized attorneys who are former board certified surgeons, state prosecutors, and board certified trial attorneys with 30 years experience. His staff has grown to 75 employees, who are focused on such areas as auto accidents, personal injury, motorcycle accidents, construction accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, dog bites, medical negligence, and more recently cases of wrongfully charged individuals with criminal offenses.

Attorney Dan Newlin and his team pride themselves on providing first class legal help with a dedication and commitment to excellence! Those in need of any of the legal services that he provides are encouraged to call his office for a free consultation. Friendly team members are standing by to help you regardless how big or small your claim might be.

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Cleaning Service App Handy Raises $50 Million

Handy, the app that matches home cleaners with homes in need of cleaning, has recently raised fifty million dollars in a Series C round of funding. The app is a mobile marketplace available on both iPhone and Android that coordinates with the contractor and the client and handles the payment process as well.

This is big news for the three and a half year old company, which has just passed the one million bookings threshold on its trademark app. According to CEO Oisin Hanrahan, Handy facilitates one hundred thousand jobs per month. And it’s not all cleaning, these numbers are including furniture delivery and assembly jobs as well.

According to Hanrahan, the app has a base of some hundreds of thousands of registered customers actively using the platform and over ten thousands registered professionals performing the tasks.

New investment was led by Fidelity Management, and several firms returned for the Series C round after having previously invested, including Highland Capital, Revolution Growth and General Catalyst.

This brings the total invested in the company up to $111 million and many analysts estimate that this latest investment values the company at $500 million.

Handy is going to use this new infusion of cash to redoubled its efforts in the cities and markets it is already established in, rather than establish new footholds in virgin territories. According to Hanrahan, this allows them to focus on providing a high quality product and user experience in the 28 markets they are already in.

As Handy “handles” both the customer and service provider ends of the bilateral marketplace, there is a considerable amount of time, energy and money put in by the company in their performance operations. Expanding too broadly before optimizing narrowly could be a mistake they are looking to avoid.

Handy is also looking to become known for being not just cleaning. Even now the cleaning jobs posted only account for about 80% of the company’s bookings, and they are looking to add contractors who might be more interested in other types of services, such as food delivery.

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