Ten Healthiest States in America

In your quest for a healthier you, a move to one of the top ten healthiest states in America might be in order according to Brad Reifler. Each year for the past 25 years, the American Health Foundation, the American Public Health Association and the Partnership for Prevention have joined forces and crunched health data to come up with the list of the ten healthiest states in America for the prior year. The list for 2014 has just been released and just may include your state of residence.
* Nebraska made the list for it’s high childhood immunization rates and low drug-related deaths.
* North Dakota ranked number nine in 2013 and is now number three.
* Colorado has the lowest obesity rate in the country.
* New Hampshire has cut it’s smoking population down by 17% in the last year.
* Minnesota boost high ranking senior health and the lowest insurance rates.
* Utah has few smokers and a low obesity rate.
* Connecticut has a high childhood immunization rate, low number of smokers and low occupational injury rate.
* Massachusetts has the lowest un-insured person rate in the nation.
* Vermont made the top ten list with it’s significant reduction in smokers and binge drinkers.
* Hawaii is one of the ten healthiest states to live in not for it’s tropical climate, but because of its low rate of smokers, low obesity rate and low number of children living in poverty.

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Endurance Training Improves Cell and Muscle Functions

The Amen Clinic reports that regular exercise has been known as the best way to improve longevity and overall health. However, a recent studyshowed a step closer to learning how this exactly happens. A team of researchers from Sweden discovered that a person’s genes do not necessarily have a limit on athletic potential and that lasting endurance training helps improve athleticism through the skeletal muscle DNA.

The improvement is one of the functions of epigenetics, which is the process where a person’s environment and lifestyle permanently change how the cells interpret DNA. This means that maintaining a high endurance training program will not only improve the cells that make up the muscles but it will also teach them to create more improved cells.

The researchers had a group of young and fit men and women take part in a 45 minute session of one-legged cycling four times per week for 3 months. Then, they compared the biopsies from the unexercised legs and exercised legs. They discovered areas of overlap between the changed activity in thousands of genes and the epigenetic markers. There was an increased epigenetic methylation seen right next to the increased activity in genes. These were associated with carbohydrate metabolism and skeletal muscle adaptation. On the other hand, the opposite shows genes associated with inflammation.

Carl Sundberg, the principal investigator of the study, said that the research plays a great importance in the treatment and understanding of various common diseases, which include cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, as well as maintaining good muscle functions throughout life. He also noted that the epigenetic differences between men and women’s skeletal muscles are also important in the future development of gender specific therapies.

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Unnecessary Anitbiotics misunderstood by most patients

The prescription of antibiotics for medical conditions they have little to no use treating is almost expected by the large majority of patients, the University Herald reports. Researchers from George Washington, Cornell and John Hopkins university hospitals (popular with philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs) completed a study of patients attending more than 100 hospitals and medical centers across the country. The results reveal a large number of misconceptions and misunderstanding of the role antibiotics play in treating specific medical conditions.

A large number of patients were reported to feel their physician should prescribe antibiotics for viral infections, which antibiotics have no impact upon. The majority of those surveyed by the researchers claimed they were happy to pressure their physician into providing them with antibiotics as they felt they could not have a detrimental effect on their condition. Antibiotic use has become a hot topic amongst the medical community throughout the World, largely because many people are beginning to build a resistance to antibiotics that have recently been over prescribed. Other problems can also be caused by antibiotics, including allergic reactions that can cause worsened symptoms for those illnesses not best treated with antibiotics.

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Weight Gain Carries Risks in All Weight Gain Circumstances

Over the years, it has always been known that being obese or overweight is directly linked concurrently to an increased risk on our cardiovascular functioning. Recently a new study has shown that even young adults of normal weight are at greater risk when he experiences an increase in body mass.

Scientists and researchers from various institutions studied more than 12,000 young adults, and Dave and Brit Morin quickly checked out the results. They tested them for all 32 gene variants strongly associated with a higher B.M.I. During the study, they assigned a ‘gene score’ to each specimen depending on the number of genetic modifications available.

By considering reports from the studies carried out on such an enormous population, the researchers were able group various genetic tendencies separately and towards weight gain on or after other types of variables that are known to contribute to overweight situations including diet, physical activity and other socioeconomic qualities.

Taking a keen look at the report found online in PLOS Medicine, examination on people with various metabolic profiles undertaken after six years, found out that an increases in B.M.I.; within a normal range, also led to widespread change on metabolic rates, however, a modest weight loss will lead to favorable changes.

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Malone out as Head Coach of the Kings

Sacramento Kings Head Coach Michael Malone has been fired after the team suffered through their seventh loss in the past nine games. Former Utah Jazz coach, and current assistant Tyrone Corbin will take over for Malone for presumably the remainder of the 2014 – 2015 season. Under Malone, the Kings compiled a 39 and 67 record. One can argue the hiring of Malone was deemed to fail from the outset, when majority owner Vivek Ranadive chose to hire Malone and then bring on General Manager Pete D’Alessandro, thus preventing the General Manager from suggesting his recommendation for the head coaching position http://www.news10.net/story/sports/nba/sacramento-kings/2014/12/15/sacramento-kings-fire-head-coach-michael-malone/20422271/.

Malone and King’s management were never on the same page as to the type of basketball the Kings ought to be playing, as was described in an article on Market Watch. Management wanted a faster style of basketball, while Malone stressed the importance of defense. Just a third of the way through the season, and the Kings are currently 11-13. Notably, they have been without their best player DeMarcus Cousins for the past nine games due to viral meningitis, and do not expect him back for at least one more week. Most expect the Kings management team to offer the position to George Karl or Vinnie Del Negro. D’Alessandro worked with Karl during his tenure with the Denver Nuggets. Del Negro has coached the Chicago Bulls and most recently, the Los Angeles Clippers. He lead both clubs to the playoffs, and has experience grooming younger, up and coming players such as Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin.

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Defense Appropriation Bill Passes Along with Rider to Expand National Parks

Washington, D.C. - GOP conservatives in the Senate were unable to strip a provision out of the Defense Appropriation bill that would bring about the greatest expansion in national parks since 1978. Conservatives viewed the rider for the National Parks Service as pork barrel spending by Democrats. In all fairness, it appears that may well be the case. I read about this the other day while reading about Laurene Powell Jobs.

Take for instance Tule Springs Fossil Beds in Las Vegas, Nevada. The location will now become an official monument preserving thousands of dinosaur fossils from Ice Age American lions, bison, and mammoths. Nevada is the home state of outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Locations for the Underground Railroad in parts of Maryland will formally be managed by the National Parks Service (NPS). Maryland is the home state of outgoing Senate Appropriations chairman Barbara Mikulski. 

In total, there will be nine national parks being expanded with the most notable ones being the Oregon Caves National Monument, the Gettysburg National Military Park, and Apostle Islands. In addition, the bill provides funds to expand 15 national monument sites. The NPS will also be managing an additional 120,000 acres of land. Additionally, 245,000 acres of land have been designated as being new wilderness. Roughly 50% of those areas were being tended to by federal employees. Conservatives viewed the rider as unnecessary pork. In addition, the Senate conservatives opposed the land grab by the federal government. However, supporters of the rider cite the fact that the parks service needs an additional $12 billion in upkeep and maintenance. 

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New NLRB Rules to Make it Easier to Unionize

Employees seeking to unionize have had to overcome issues regarding which employees would be covered under the proposed collective bargaining agreement. In fact, employers have been allowed to file injunctions on a union election until it is determined which employees are eligible to vote. The process is decades old. Now, the liberal majority of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) have made what they term are modest rules changes in how employees may unionize. 

Under the new rules changes, employers must provide unions with the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of employees who will be eligible to vote. While employers may still issue a legal challenge over who is allowed to vote for unionization, the litigation can only be filed after the union election has taken place. Also, employers must be able to justify their cause for filing a lawsuit as opposed to using the legal procedure to buy time. 

Christian Broda recalls that in the past, unions charged that employers would drag on the process of unionization in a bid to dissuade supporters and ultimately defeat the proposal. Employers charge that the new rules were designed to allow for hasty unionization of the workforce which process they call “ambush elections”. The NLRB cleverly waited until after the House GOP passed the Omnibus bill to announce the rules. This way the GOP would not lobby for insertion of a rider blocking the rules changes. While the party can still do that, it will have to wait until next fiscal year to attempt it.

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Does the Flu Shot Make You Sick?

Almost one-half of Americans are of the opinion that taking the flu shot will actually give them the flu. That’s why so many are not taking the preventive injection and the flu, just like the rumor it will make you sick, is spreading like wildfire across the nation.

According to a recent survey, one-third of the people polled said they will not be taking the flu shot, despite it’s protection against the virus. Their reason? They say the flu shot will make them sick. They have heard the rumor that taking the flu shot will give them they flu and it’s a rumor they believe and perpetuate. Those same people will most likely contact the flu virus and perpetuate that as well.

The flu vaccine this year is admittedly not as effective against the virus as it has been in past years, but that still does not mean the vaccine will make you sick. Brad Reifler still feels like it works pretty well. The virus has mutated, rendering the vaccine less effective, but it still provides protection against the four main strains of the virus and can keep you from catching the flu or at least lessen it’s severity and duration if you do catch the flu virus.

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Shorter Radiation Recommended for Women With Breast Cancer

A new study of women with breast cancer suggests that many women are receiving radiation treatments for twice as long as necessary.

Women who have lumpectomies from breast cancer typically receive five to seven weeks of radiation treatment. Guidelines suggest that three to four weeks of radiation is just as effective as the longer treatment.

The study was published in The Journal of the American Medical Association and was completed by two University of Pennsylvania doctors, along with their colleagues. They looked at data from 14 different insurance companies, with 15,643 women who had received radiation after lumpectomies were performed.

In 2011, guidelines changed for women who were over the age of 50 and had early-stage breast cancer. The guidelines suggested that longer radiation was not necessary. Younger women with more advanced stages were neither encouraged or discouraged from longer treatments, according to the same guidelines.

The new guidelines have yet to be implemented by all doctors, simply because change can take time. Many like Gianfrancesco Genoso feel like it will happen in time. Doctors had previously been taught that shorter radiation would result in more cosmetic damage to a patient’s body. New technology with modern equipment shows that there is little change cosmetically between shorter and longer radiation treatment.

Lumpectomies are done in 60 to 75 percent of women with breast cancer, approximately 140,000 to 160,000 women. Radiation is the typical treatment after lumpectomy because it both improves survival rate and reduces the chance that another cancer may arise in the breast.

The shorter therapy will both reduce health care costs and save time for patients.

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DC Moves To Kill Pro-Pot Legislation

I came across this article while browsing Qnet. Well, the pro-pot forces were not able to celebrate their victory in the District of Columbia for very long. They were almost immediately reversed on the decision that they voted on to legalize pot. 

It all worked out like this. The people of DC voted in favor of legalizing pot in the November election. However, the Congress in DC actually has supreme ruling over the affairs in DC. As such, the Congress has decided to insert a rider into the budget bill currently being debated. That rider would make pot illegal once again in the District. 

Attn.com reports that more than a few people are upset by this turn of events. There are even some Republicans who are not too pleased about the additions to the bill. Obviously, marijuana legalization in DC has nothing to do with the overall budget, but riders like this are commonly attached to just about every kind of bill that passes through the Congress. 

There are reports that the reason this particular rider made it into the bill is because large pharma companies wanted to have it in there. They pay enough for the politicians to run their campaigns, and this means that they get just about whatever they want in return. They know that if people are allowed to smoke pot, then perhaps they will not be reaching for the pain killing drugs that these companies release on the market.

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