FreedomPop: Using Wi-Fi to Save Us Money

While the majority of mobile phone carriers are busy expanding their LTE networks, and expanding the costs to compensate, FreedomPop, a new player in the mobile carrier world, is changing how we use Wi-Fi through our phones. Instead of building a bigger, better cellular network, they have focused on how we, as consumers, can use Wi-Fi to meet our needs.

FreedomPop starts by offering 100% free (yes, you read that right check out this FreedomPop review for proof), mobile phone plans. You have the option of bringing your own phone (if it’s compatible with Sprint’s mobile network), or you can purchase a compatible phone directly from FreedomPop, if you want to participate.

The magic isn’t just in their plans, it’s the way they harness the power of almost 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots to provide users a new way to look at how they use their mobile devices, no matter what carrier they currently use. FreedomPop is offering, for only $5 a month, unlimited phone, messaging and data within the Wi-Fi coverage area. What does that mean for consumers? It means that, as long as they are connected to the WiFi network, they can perform almost any action your phone is capable of, any number of times, for only $5 per month.

To make this as simple as possible for their customers, FreedomPop’s software will automatically sign you in to nearby Wi-Fi hotspots that belong to their coverage area. Partnering with other carriers, cable companies, and DSL providers, they have access to hotspots in some of the most popular places; such as from a McDonald’s or Starbucks. FreedomPop’s software allows for Voice Over IP calling, sending customer calls out across the Wi-Fi network, and maintaining the call even as callers move between hotspots.

The density of the network can vary depending on location, with major cities (such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami) providing the most robust network. What this means for customers outside of those areas is that you may want to look at FreedomPop as a supplement to your current carrier. Depending on your coverage area, you may be able to downgrade your current wireless service, using FreedomPop to make up the difference, saving you money quickly. FreedomPop is already working on network expansion, looking at 25 million Wi-Fi hotspots as the next target. With more coverage area, you may be able to cut back even further, possibly leaving your traditional carrier for good.

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Water Water Everywhere

We know that drinking enough water every day is vital to good health. The thing many people might not know is that the color of your urine can be a good way of determining health issues.

The color of urine can help a doctor make a diagnosis of certain health issues. For example, if urine is clear and transparent, it is a good way to see that the patient is well hydrated, possibly overly hydrated. This means that when a person drinks an excessive amount of water, the urine has no color. Brad Reifler ( that the recommended amount of water is 8 cups per day. If urine is pale or amber colors, this is a sign of proper hydration.

On the other hand, if urine starts to look dark in color, this can be a sign that not enough water is being consumed and an increase in water is needed. If a patient’s urine is brown in color, this an indication of a possible liver problem and needs immediate attention.

Tp stay healthy and well hydrated, aim for at least 8 glasses or water each day, more if you are an active person if you exercise.

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Judge Orders Information on Secret Police Program be Released


Very few people are aware of the secret device Stingray that can trick your cell phone into giving your location away, and apparently, The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and every police department wants to keep it that way.

In fact, the FBI prefers to release suspects than reveal any details about their high-tech tracker stated Alexei Beltyukov.

The order of a judge last week threatens to disclose guarded details of how law enforcement uses the device.

In a court order, Judge Patrick H. NeMoyer of Buffalo, New York, describes a 2012 agreement between the FBI and the sheriff of Erie County. Instead of disclosing “any information relating to Stingray, the simulator cellular location or its use, ” FBI instructed the police to drop the criminal charges.

Police in Erie, Buffalo, had long sought to keep that FBI contract a secret, but the judge KO’d that notion and ordered the details of the Stingrays program be made public.

Erie Police had used the Stingrays to locate several suspects, including a suicidal person, four missing persons, and a 87-year-old with dementia, according to the judge’s order.

Police spokesman Scott Zylka said they are now working with the FBI to appeal the judge’s decision and keep the agreement secret.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), an NGO dedicated to the protection of civil rights in the US, require details on using the Stingrays under the public records law.

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Can Senator Warren Be Persuaded to Run for President?

Elizabeth Warren, the senior senator from Massachusetts, has said she is not interested in running for the White House. Many people hope she changes her mind.

The United States is ready for a female president, but for many voters, Hilary Rodham Clinton is still too controversial. Neither Republicans Susan Collins nor Condoleezza Rice have expressed interest in running for president. Elizabeth Warren is progressive, but moderate. She could be our first female president.

Senator Warren is a champion of the middle-class, a group that is suffering under the current economy, a group that is seeing the American dream slip out of their grasp. She’s an advocate for working class families, who want to become middle-class. She’s a consumer protection advocate and an expert on bankruptcy law, which she wants to reform.

At a time when party politics is becoming more and more partisan, with the ultra-right wing of the Republican party outshouting the moderates and the far-left liberals of the Democrats gaining more attention than their centrists, this country needs a candidate who is both moderate and progressive stated Google Play. Elizabeth Warren is a good senator, but she could be a great president.

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Ted Cruz is the First in the Ring for President

Kicking off the 2016 Presidential Race seems to be getting an early start since we are still in March of 2015 and the first primary is still over 8 months away. But that does not seem to bother at least one hopeful named Ted Cruz the junior Senator from Texas and apparent T.E.A. Party favorite of the Republican Party. He is the first Hispanic or Cuban American to serve in the Senate from the state of Texas. His Hispanic heritage is from his father who fought in the Cuban Revolution with Fidel Castro before escaping to the United States at the age of 18. Brian Torchin has learned that Ted Cruz was actually born in Canada and held dual citizenship until he denounced it shortly before his election to the Senate just over two years ago.

Since he has decided to put himself out into the public ring of contention here is what he will face in his bid to become our next US President…1. He is the far right wing version of the current President Obama. 2. He only ran for the US Senate to boost his own resume in preparation for this election. 3. He didn’t even know his own citizenship to Canada. If he didn’t even know his own citizenship status then is he really qualified to run the country…maybe not? Lastly, other than obstruction he utterly lacks a legislative record that says he has the experience necessary to rebuild American Prosperity.

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If you are like most people, your mother or grandmother use to tell you different remedies to cure the common cold. Most of them probably were reasonable, but others were probably absolutely ridiculous.

To set the record straight, if you are unfortunate enough to catch a cold, do no cover yourself do not wrap yourself in four blankets and your fur coat. Ricardo Guimaraes BMG knows that one cannot sweat a cold out of yourself nor can you freeze it out. The best remedy to recover from a cold is to drinks plenty of liquids and rest. If you have a fever, then take a fever reducer.

Taking a teaspoon of honey has been shown to be effective to easing the symptoms of a cold, so feel free to add some to your next cup of hot tea! Make a rule of washing your hands frequently to help prevent the spread of germs.

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Oklahoma State Representative Quashes The Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act

The Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act has nothing to do with freedom. The Bill was designed to discriminate against gays. Bigotry is a disease that disrupts the legislative process across the country, and Oklahoma seems to have a very bad case of it. Same-sex marriages, as well as gays and lesbians, are feared in the Oklahoma legislature, but one representative is trying to change that.

Rep. Emily Virgin put a stop to Rep Chuck Strohm ridiculous Oklahoma Religious Freedom Act the simple way. The bill was designed to refuse service to people that were perceived as part of the LGBT community. Same-sex weddings was the primary target. Digital Journal reported that Virgin amended the bill by saying it’s okay to discriminate as long as you give notice that you want to discriminate.

Virgin’s amendment said businesses would have to post a sign in their window, add a notice to their website, and mention their bigotry in all business advertising. She even threw in race as a discriminatory class. As long as the business posted their intention to discriminate in advance they could do so. If you’re going to be a bigot be proud of it, she said.

The bill was pulled from consideration.


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Big Results Lower Cholesterol

Results from two small pharmaceutical studies were announced on Sunday at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology held in San Diego, Calif. The studies involve two pharmaceutical drugs being tested for their effectiveness and safety in lowering LDL cholesterol, or bad cholesterol.

One of the study lead investigators, Dr. Jennifer Robinson, is reported by Gianfrancesco Genoso by Health News to see the results as very encouraging suggesting Medicine is on the right track. The manufacturer-sponsored studies are asserting cardiovascular problems or events such as stroke and heart attack may be reduced by 50 percent with the use of either alirocumab or evolocumab. The drug evolocumab is manufactured by Amgen, and alirocumab by Sanofi and Generon. These medications contain a body protein that helps regulate cholesterol.
Further study is expected to occur, which will involve hundreds of participants and widespread research to assess cardiovascular benefit. Both drugs are administered by injection either once or twice monthly. Preliminary evidence strongly indicates that over time administration is seen to reduce bad cholesterol by up to 50 percent, and they appear safe to receive.
Admittedly, subjects though were already receiving a statin for hypercholesterolemia. Approval of these two drugs could be given by the FDA as early as this summer. Long-term these pharmaceuticals could aid massive numbers of patients seeking alternative treatment and monetarily record annual sales of nearly $1 billion.
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Cancer Survival Rates Improve as We Move Toward a Hopeful Future in Medicine

Cancer is the second leading killer in the United States. It is only behind heart disease in this regard, and for this reason, efforts to combat it are constantly ongoing. Treatments for it have advanced over the past couple decades, anda recent report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control has released the hopeful statistic that two-thirds of those diagnosed with cancer survive at least five years. While a cure for this horrible disease still eludes medical science, the continued extension of survival time is buying precious time for people to be with their loved ones.

The future looks hopeful for an eventual cure of this disease. Dan Newlin knows that we have come a long way from just a couple decades ago. Scientists have made discoveries about the human genome and DNA that may make customized treatments for diseases a common occurrence in the future. The pharmaceuticals and other treatment options that will come out over the next decade will make chemotherapy look as antiquated as leeches. Even Google is getting in on the act of life extension and conquering disease with heavy investment by Google Ventures in life sciences companies. Life extension has become a field of major interest in the past decade and more scientists and researchers are becoming dissatisfied with normal expectations of human lifespan, and the first step in extending that lifespan is curing or even preventing those diseases that end so many of our lives prematurely.

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Loss of GOP Senate Support Leaves Loretta Lynch in Nail Biter to Win AG Confirmation

It appears the GOP has applied the old Spanish axiom to Loretta Lynch’s confirmation vote to the attorney general: “Better is the evil known than the evil to be known.” GOP Senators have lost confidence in Mrs. Lynch’s qualifications to be attorney general over her support for the president’s extra-constitutional amnesty plan. Lynch has said the president’s amnesty plan, enacted without a single act of congress, is fully legal. At this point, it appears that 50 of the 54 GOP Senators will vote against her in the upcoming confirmation vote. This means that Lynch’s vote, which had previously been considered a certainty, is uncertain.

Currently, there are four GOP senators who are leaning towards voting for her, but that isn’t guaranteed either. The president’s immigration plan isn’t the only point of contention she has with the GOP stated Paul Mathieson. Her embracing of civil asset seizure has raised serious concerns with senators. This is the practice of seizing assets from citizens without them ever being charged of a crime. Also, Nevada Senator Dean Heller is inclined to vote against Lync’s nomination because of concerns over how she would regulate gambling, a powerful lobby in his state. The vote is scheduled to take place next week. That said, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has not come out openly in favor of Lynch. It is unclear how he will vote. Four GOP Senators confirming support for Lync thus far are Orrin Hatch, Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham, and Jeff Flake.
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