Maryland to unveil another Kabbalah Center

For all the students of Kabbalah teachings, a new Kabbalah center established in Maryland is here to make their lives even easier. Maryland residents who are avid followers of the Kabbalah teachings will cut their trips to Los Angeles as they will be able to access the pool of resources and knowledge associated with Kabbalah in Maryland.

The Center will open its doors to those who want to quench their thirst for spiritual guidance on September 29th. During the opening ceremony, the center shall offer a beginners’ guide on the basics of the Kabbalistic practices.

During the re-opening, the center shall also offer discounts of 40% on purchase of books and literature that they will be selling. The center will also give teachings on the relationship of the practice to astrology. Kabbalah shares close ties with astrology; many Kabbalah leaders have even published books on astrology. Preaching to the converted: how Kabbalah keeps on growing

Since the building was acquired, it has remained closed to facilitate renovation and construction of the spaces that shall be used as lecture halls and study areas where books shall be availed. Through its headquarters, the center shall attempt to make the study of its traditions universal. Kabbalah Centre at LinkedIn .

Kabbalah Center’s popularity in USA and across the world has been on the rise. Dr. Rachel Glick, a Clayton counselor, credits the Kabbalah Center with helping her overcome her fears, grow professionally, and build stronger relationships.

What makes the practice more attractive is the fact that you don’t need to be of any precise religion to practice it. Because of the scientific advancement and discoveries that are made, many people have shifted from the mainstream forms of worshiping and are trying to find something that is more “real” to them.

Kabbalah has also been adopted by celebrities. Madonna was reported to be an active member and even went ahead to reserve Fridays for visiting a Kabbalah center. Other stars, such as Ashton Kutcher and his soul mate Mia Kunis, have also shown their association with Kabbalah publicly.

For instance, Mr. Kutcher and Mia Kunis were spotted in Israel for the funeral service of Rabbi Philip Berg. The Kabbalah Center was established with the aim of spreading its teachings on unity and charity throughout the world and providing a platform where people can come and learn about it. for more .


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Equities First Holdings’ Success With Stock-Based Loans

Recently, Equities First Holdings LLC reported an increase in stock-based loans and margin loans. The improvement of the company’s business environment follows a recent trend by financial institutions that have seen them tighten their lending criteria. The trend has also left borrowers without the option of accessing loans to finance their businesses. To this end, individuals who do not qualify for the conventional credit based loans are turning to companies offering equity-lending services.

Besides tightening their lending criteria, banks have cut their lending options for borrowers and increased their interest rates. According to Al Christy jr, this situation has resulted in the success of the innovative stock-based loans. The loans use stocks held by the borrowers as collateral. The loans have a high loan-to-value ratio. This way, they are suitable for individuals seeking working capital. The loans come with a low and fixed interest rate. Fixed interest rate is ideal as it offers borrowers with certainty throughout the life of the loan. Al Christy is the founder and chief executive officer of Equity First Holdings.

Al Christy notes that most capital loans are repaid over a period of three years. With the volatile market, fluctuations may often lead to the change in interest rates charged on the traditional loans. This situation may negatively affect one’s investment, as the cost of the loan may suddenly go up. The company offers its loans on a fixed interest rates basis. By virtue of paying a known amount of interest throughout the life of the loan, investors are able to guarantee the stability of their investments.

The company’s stock-based loans have a non-recourse feature that allows its clients to walk away from a stock loan at any point even if the value of their stock has depreciated. The feature does not rely on the performance of the stock.

About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holding is a renowned financial institution offering alternative financing solutions. The company is primarily known for its reliable stock-based loans targeting individuals and businesses needing quick capital to meet their goals. By virtue of being in the industry for long, they have succeeded in getting a large client base.

The company was incorporated in 2002. Over the years, they have handled over 650 transactions. These deals are worth over $1.4 billion. Equities First Holdings operates several subsidiaries such as the Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited and Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited.

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Karl Heideck And What Makes A Good Litigator

The profession of a litigation attorney is different than the one of a lawyer. A litigator can also be a lawyer, however. What a litigation attorney does is seeing the case through to its completion outside of the court room. Many litigation attorneys take an active part in the happening inside the court room although that is not a necessity for the profession. A litigation attorney fils lawsuits towards larger organizations and work with individuals such as business people for example.


In order to become a litigation attorney, an individual has to complete the education required. That includes an undergraduate degree, the Law School Admission Test, or LSAT for short, and after that, a J. D. the license of a litigation attorney is what allows them to practice the profession and take on cases. It has to be renewed periodically in order for the litigation attorney to continue working as such. The practice license can be renewed through continuous studies of Law as well as through completing training and courses. A litigation attorney like Karl Heideck needs to be a quick thinker. They need to be able to keep a collected exterior and have good and quick analytical skills.

Mr. Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney who has been working as such for a few decades. Mr. Karl Heideck is currently living in the city of Philadelphia where he is the owner of a private practice. He has amassed a lot of experience and has honed many skills over the course of his litigation career.

Find more about Karl Heideck:

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Life Line Screening is Committed to Eradicating Life-Threatening Diseases through Early Screening

Dr. Andrew Manganaro’s practice in the field of surgery stretches to over 35 years. The native of Brooklyn, New York has New York University as his alma mater. His areas of expertise include vascular, cardiac, and thoracic surgery. Dr. Manganaro spent the better part of his career practicing privately before joining Life Line Screening (LLS) as in the post of chief medical officer. In April this year, Ideamensch caught up with the medical genius, and he was generous enough to offer a few minutes for an interview.

The History of Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening was born of Manganaro’s daily encounters with patients during his days in the private practice. He realized that a good number of patients were suffering from life-threatening conditions that would have been treated or prevented their asymptomatic stages. He assessed the situation and was able to establish that patients lacked the basics regarding many disease symptoms, and took it upon himself to educate them. That’s the role he has been playing through LLS since retiring from his private practice.

Manganaro’s Role at LLS

LLS boast not only qualified and talented staff members but also very dedicated and committed to LLS and Manganaro’s vision. Physicians working in the facility’s clinical departments, as well as researchers affiliated with LLS all, look up to Manganaro for advice and guidance in their roles. For this reason, Manganaro finds himself mostly doing supervisory role within the company. He is hardworking and persistent though, and that’s what propels him to success both as a medical practitioner and as an entrepreneur. Click here to know more.

About Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is a health and wellness organization based in Independence, Ohio. The organization’s aim is to provide patients with screening services so as to thwart asymptomatic diseases that may turn catastrophic in future. Its screening services are reliable, affordable, and accessible since it’s often taken to the people’s doors. LLS organizes and conducts diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease screening at social gatherings, such as places of worship. Learn more:

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Insight on the Increasing Interest in Kabbalah Center of Jewish Doctrine Teachings

Kabbalah Centre was planted by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922 to guard the secret wisdom or the Jewish mysticism. In the Jewish education he acquired as he grew up, he became passionate about achieving his spiritual destiny, studied the Talmud and had the desire to share knowledge with other peoples. He there began teaching inspired by divine guidance at age 36 in 1921. It became fully established when he passed on the center to Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein and Rav Phillip Berg who was born Feivel Gruberger. After the demise of Rav Brandwein, Philip Berg together with his wife took up the roles of leadership at the Kabbalah center. Kabbalah center taught on Hebrew and Jewish belief system that has great similarities with Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism. Kabbalah Center is not an alternative to any religion but sufficiently on its own add up knowledge on other religions. Click Here Kabbalah Centre News.

Kabbalah, initially could not share the teaching with children women and unlearned men, but this aspect slowly changes on the realization of the need to spread Kabbalah outside the community elite. There was a strong emphasis on the importance of a fulfilled life in human creation and global spirituality with every soul going back to its divine origin. Kabbalah Centre at LinkedIn.

Kabbalah has attracted people to the center with most being purely of non-Jewish descent, who are interested in dealing with personal problems while some like Sammy Davis just want to be part of the history-making act of helping people. In addition, there are those that feel being part of the Kabbalah Centre brings close knits among many other reasons. The fact that the teachings of Kabbalah had no inclination on any religion has made the studies more popular with the people desiring to satisfy their curiosity through knowledge.

Some of the high profile celebrities linked with the center are Madonna, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor, Demi Moore, Kyle Richards, Donna Karan, Sandra Bernhard, Roseanne Barr, Nicole Richie among many others. for more .

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Patty Rocklage Asks the Hard Questions for Marriage Repair

Patty Rocklage one of the most successful marriage and family therapists in the state of Massachusetts. She graduated from USC in 1981 and she has been helping couples and families work through their problems ever since. With over two decades of experience it is obvious that Patty is someone people respect. She is a licensed professional that couples look to for help in finding a love that can see them through the marriage.

Patty Rocklage has been doing this for a considerable amount of time so the situation that she sees with families and married couples is nothing new. Even though every couple that comes to her believes that they are experiencing something that no one else has ever encountered, she is confident in her ability to help. Patty is aware of all the things that can be a hindrance in a marriage. She is able to take care of people that have different problems because she has seen how marriages deteriorate. She has seen how a lack of communication can bring people to painful situation. She knows that there are a lot of things that can be trouble for marriage so she has made it her duty to help couples look at their marriage in a completely different way. She is also helping families to discuss problems and open the floodgates of issues that can be causing a breakdown in communication. Click here to know more.

Her current approach to counseling is something that she acquired through her time at USC. This is where she would fine tune her knowledge on counseling, but much of her experience is based now on real world scenarios where she is actually and using what she learned in school.

She has become a very influential person has managed to help couples realize that there is life for their marriages are not dead. She is also helping a lot of families that want to become closer but may have issues with communicating. Patty has been trained in opening up window to better communication, and she gets in and asks the questions that nobody wants to ask to get the answers.

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The Brilliance of Todd Lubar

For some, their future is clear. For Todd Lubar, his fascination with real estate and helping others meant one thing; he’d make Real Estate and finance his life. His first step toward that future happened in 1995. After graduating, he joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator.

He learned about many different types of lending. He took a special interest in conservative mortgage banking. Lubar also spent his time developing relationships with experienced professionals from all facets of the industry. He met hundreds of real estate agents, insurance agents, CPA’s, and financial planners. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.

Four years later, Lubar joined Legacy Financial Group. From his new equity position, Lubar expanded his lending capabilities. This was another step toward becoming an industry leader. He brokered loans to outside investors and as a direct Mortgage Bank. He also developed more relationships with more expert professionals. He began using this network as a source of referral business.

In 2002, Todd Lubar founded Legendary Properties, LLC. The residential development company bought, rehabilitated, and sold hundreds of properties in its first year. The company purchased all types of properties: from single-family homes to multi-family complexes. Lubar used his massive referral source to quickly produce high-quality properties.

After over a decade in the industry, Lubar began noticing an underserved market. There are thousands of individuals and companies that apply for loans but can’t get them for several reasons. The main reason being, most lending banks aren’t comfortable lending to people who aren’t “loan-worthy”.

To service those people, Todd Lubar founded Legendary Financial LLC, a commercial lending source. Legendary Financial specifically lends to those normally overlooked by larger lending sources. To date, Legendary Financial has brokered over 7,000 transactions, many of which Lubar handled personally. Over the years, Lubar has used Legendary Financial to hone his lending expertise.

Lubar has such success in real estate; it enabled him to expand into other industries. In 2007, he began exploring neighboring industries. In 2008, he opened a commercial demolition company and became involved in the automotive scrap metal recycling business.

More details can be found on LinkedIn.

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ECU Raises More Than $4 million And State Their Plans For 2018

End Citizens United (ECU), the committee that wants to revamp the political system to a more transparent, honest one, has already raised millions of dollars in the first half of 2017 and aims to hit their $30 million margin by the 2018 midterm elections for Congress. It’s a bold milestone, but the group might get there.


The political action committee, or PAC for short, gets all of its levy from grassroots donors that want to support the cause to end the Citizens United era. What does that mean?


In the history of the American political system, there was a landmark that was accepted by the supreme court to allow freedom of speech and capital support for organizations and corporations to fund the candidates and assist their campaigns. In other words, now the American election system is full of shady investors and third-party supporters that give capital to their favorite candidates to support their candidacy. What do they receive in return? That’s between the candidate and the organization. It’s obvious how there is a chain of interests that is corrupting the electoral system and causing elections to be more than an attempt to do good for the country. End Citizens United wants to change that.


The PAC is gathering as much monetary assistance from Americans that also want the Citizens United to be evaluated, and using that money to support the candidacy of Democrats who are also pro-reform. You might say that this goes against their philosophy of ending the monetization of the candidacies, but that’s the whole point: Prove how broken the American politics have become, and raise awareness towards the issue.


In early 2017, the PAC was able to raise more than $500,000 in fundings to support the candidacy of Jon Ossoff, a Democrat that also wants to use his voice to end this corruption. $500,000 is a significant margin, and donors already see the results that their small donations in a large scale can do. There is more: Jon Ossoff was able to surpass that amount, reaching $4 million for the April 18 special election. He was looking to fill a Republican House seat in suburban Atlanta.


End Citizens United has gone further this year and has already released their plans for the rest of the year and the first round of endorsements for 2018 publicly as well, stating the Democrats that the PAC will support to help elect pro-reform individuals.


They call it the “first round of House endorsements,” with a list that includes 19 people that are pro-reform across 11 American states. Releasing this plan publicly was a great move from the PAC because now, their donors can plan ahead and support their favorite pro-reform candidates when the elections start nearing.


End Citizens United wants to stop the influence that they money has on politics. To read more about their plans, read this news article on their website: End Citizen United announces first house endorsement

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Life Line Screening Saves Lives

How often do we take the time to prevent illness and injury to our bodies? Other than attempting to eat right, exercise, and maybe go to the doctors for a yearly physical, what do we do to prevent catastrophic illness that could easily happen in our senior years?

Unfortunately, our bodies didn’t come with a warranty. The responsibility lies with each of us as the owners of our bodies to protect our bodies from preventable illness and injury.

Everyone’s body reacts differently to the foods we eat and how our bodies assimilate nutrition. The concerns with our health insurance in today’s expensive era of medical care forces people to look at the care they are receiving more closely. Are we offered preventative screening for such illnesses as:

  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Ankle-brachial index screening (for peripheral arterial disease)
  • Carotid Artery Disease Screening
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • C-Reactive Protein Screening
  • Lung Cancer Screening
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening
  • Heart Disease Screening
  • Osteoporosis Screening/Bone Density Testing
  • Elevated Liver Enzymes Screening
  • Thyroid Disease Screening
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening


This list is just a few of the health screening tests offered by Life Line Screening. To have these tests performed in a hospital would be very costly, but as a preventative measure through Life Line Screening, they are affordable, painless, and informative. Click here to know more.

The ability to prevent a stroke, heart attack, or any other debilitating illness is nothing short of a life-saving miracle. The tests are painless, non-invasive, and reliable. The technicians are medically trained and efficient.

Life Line Screening could save your life. Arrange for lifesaving health screening tests and take a step to preventing catastrophic illness before it is too late.

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Cancer is an incurable dangerous disease, and the number of new infections keeps rising every day. Eric Lefkofsky has devised a new way to improve the treatment of breast cancer.Eric Lefkofsky is the founder of Tempus this is a start-up that deals with finding a cure for cancer.

Tempus has partnered with the Medicine Department at the University of Chicago, and it aims at giving them vital genetic information that will assist them in formulating how to treat the cancer patients.

This treatment plan is aimed at 1000 people who are suffering from breast cancer. The information will assist the medical personnel by helping them get patterns that will help them know how well they will react to the treatment. The cancer is one of the most occurring forms of the disease, but without vital genetic information treating, it is almost impossible.


Tempus was co-founded in 2015 by Eric Lefkofsky. The Cancer start-up employs the use of a machine to access genetic sequencing that will assist the doctors in getting the information that will assist in treatment.

The Chicago-based company has also worked with The Mayo Clinic, Rush University Medical Center, Northwestern University’s Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Michigan and Penn Medicine in the battle against cancer.


This is a serial entrepreneur who is at the helm of various companies. Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus, the founder of Lightbank; he assisted in starting Uptake Technologies and the chairman and co-founder of Groupon.He is also the founder of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation.

This is a charitable organization that he runs with his spouse which aims at developing the lives of various people. Mr Eric is also a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.


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