Susan McGalla Promotes Hard Work And Self-Confidence As Integral Components Of Business Success

Known for her avid involvement in inspiring female professionals,
Susan McGalla, is an extremely integral figure in the corporate
industry. Notably, her profound passion for motivating many different
businesswomen is sustained through her memorable childhood experiences
which have played an important role in her flourishing success. As a
prominent executive, she is often presented with the opportunity to
share her career principles and philosophies with her employees and
individuals all across the world. These meaningful relationships among
female professionals have empowered many women in the business sector.

In her effort to encourage women in their career pursuits, McGalla’s
teachings stress the importance of inner confidence and hard work.
From a young age, she was expected to match or outperform her two
older brothers in school and extracurricular activities. In addition,
her parents taught her to work hard in her educational and business
endeavors and to always present her innovative ideas with poise and
self-assurance. As a result, she communicates confidently with men and
women in professional and casual settings. Amazingly, her unique
ability to converse about sports as passionately as shopping as given
her an extra edge in the business industry. Notably, she relays her
philosophies she cultivated as a child to a variety of audiences both
locally and abroad.

Hard work and determination are also important components of McGalla’s
business philosophy and almost all prominent executives depend on
these two characteristic traits to propel their career. Before
acquiring her renowned executive positions, she received Bachelor’s
degrees in Business and Marketing from University of Mount Union in
Ohio. Following graduation, she worked in multiple lower-level
management roles from 1986 until 1994. Essentially, her ample
experiences as a support supervisor led to her career at American
Eagle where she started as a divisional merchandise buyer for ladies
attire. During the course of her career, she was eventually promoted
as President and Chief Merchandising Officer in which she greatly
contributed to the company’s revenue and profit growth from $340
million to over $3 billion. She was also responsible for the portfolio
expansion of popular American Eagle brands. Her most recent executive
position was at The Wet Seal, Inc. where she served as the Chief
Executive Officer from 2011-2012. In essence, she was hired to
revolutionize two of the corporation’s existing brands including Wet
Seal and Arden B.

Undeniably, McGalla has excelled in her corporate leadership positions
which have encouraged her to launch P3 Executive Consulting. This
fairly new company provides unprecedented advisory services to the
prestigious financial community such as prominent investment funds and
major retail industries. Along with growing her business, McGalla
intends to attend more speaking engagements where she can share her
unprecedented success with aspiring women entrepreneurs. Essentially,
she believes females should present their unique ideas with confidence
in business meetings, events, and conferences. Commendably, she
greatly appreciates her parents’ teachings as they have played an
extremely pertinent role in her career success. She hopes more women
will employ a similar approach to business.

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The Importance of Hedge Funds


Hedge funds are one of the most important parts of the economy. There are billions of dollars that are exchanged every day as a result of the work of hedge funds. Many people have a large portion of their retirement tied up in how well a hedge fund performs. The competition for clients is high in this industry, and the pressure is extremely high in hedge funds across the country to earn as high of a return as possible. One of the highest rated hedge funds in the country is Citadel LLC. Citadel LLC is based out of Chicago and has earned its clients a high rate of return relative to the market. Here are several reasons why Citadel LLC is one of the best hedge funds in the country today.

Customer Focus

There are many hedge funds that are only concerned about landing the highest net worth clients they can. As a result, many hedge funds do not want to waste their time on clients with a smaller net worth. Citadel LLC takes the approach that every client is important to their business. No matter how large or small their net worth is, Citadel LLC will spend the appropriate amount of time with each client in order to determine their investing strategy. This is one of the primary reasons that Citadel LLC is rated more highly than their competition in customer satisfaction.

Rate of Return

For any hedge fund, the rate of return that they earn their clients over time is the number one metric of performance. Hedge funds generally charge some sort of fee in order to manage the assets of a client. This means that if hedge funds are not beating the market over time customers will take their capital elsewhere. This is one of the many reasons that competition is so fierce in this industry. With the great performance of Citadel LLC over time, there are many people that believe they will continue to grow their client base each year.

Kenneth Griffin

Ken Griffin is the CEO of Citadel LLC and has had a great track record of success over the years. Managing a hedge fund is only for people that can handle a lot of stress at all times of the day. Kenneth Griffin has responded to the stress in a positive way and has been able to build a great business over time. His attention to the customer has resonated throughout Citadel LLC, and the customer focus that his business gives clients is one of the biggest reasons why Citadel LLC has grown so quickly.

Final Thoughts

Overall, hedge funds play an important role in the economy of the United States. There are many people that invest all of their capital with these hedge funds in an attempt to increase their net worth through a high rate of return.

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Eric Puller and the Foundation of Computer Sciences Corporation

Eric Puller has been working hard all his life to get where he is today. He also strives to give back to those around him. One way he has been able to do that is with the foundation of Computer Sciences Corporation. The company along with Eric Puller is now able to provide individuals around the country with medical assistance, and it has grown to the point of Eric Puller being recognized by Al Gore and former president Bill Clinton for his work in the expansion and growth of computer technology in the medical community.

Before the creation of Computer Sciences Corporation, Eric Puller had been working in computer technology for several decades. He started programming computers in the fourth grade during the late 1970s. At this point, computer programming was few and far between, so the fact that Eric started at such an early age is truly impressive. He also went on to create his very own database computer company while in High School, which helped him earn a spot in Harvard University, which he grated from in 1988.

By the early 90s, Eric Puller had created the computer Computer Science Corporation. The company helped work with not only the health care industry, but also the educational industry and other non profit corporations that allowed the company to identify ways technology could improve how it functioned and where it could turn in order to grow and expand.

The program become such a success that it eventually caught the attention of the Presidential Inaugural Committee, who invited the company along with Eric to join them in 1997 in order to create what is now known as the Presidential Technology Exhibition and, later, it helped create the Clinton Global Initiative. All of this is designed to improve the way technology facilitates the health care industry, in order to make it easier for both doctors and patients to obtain vital information, communicate and work together. It is also one of the founding elements to other programs the Computer Sciences Corporation has worked with, such as the Starbright World social media program. The social media program helps connect sick children who are chronically ill together with other similar children from around the world. This way, they can communicate with other people who are like them and going through similar situations. No matter what, it is all about improving the lives and experience of people around the world, and this is one of the major ways the company and Eric Puller is helping give back. (Twitter)

There are many ways technology and the medical community go hand in hand. Eric Puller and Computer Sciences Corporation is just one helpful example of the good that come out of it.

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Experience the Integrity of BRL Trust Investment Company

BRL Trust Investment is a Brazilian investments company founded by Mauricio Ribeiro in 2005. This company has been in the forefront in offering innovative services that guarantee safety and reliability to fund administrators and investors. The company’s mission is to ensure the demands of customers are met in a transparent manner. The company started out by giving out private loans. By the end of 2006, they had given over 100 loans. Few years later, BRL Trust Investment diversified and grew into one of the largest Brazilian investment providers. Presently, it provides a plethora of services in administration, management, and capital markets as well as mergers and acquisition. They employ professionals with top brains who have been working tirelessly to make it one of the largest investments Company in Brazil.

Controlling and Custody of Funds
The company offers several services related to acquiring and controlling of investment funds. These services include control of corporate events, reporting to regulatory agencies, cash settlements, tax control and payment, share calculation and profitability, among others. The company is a one stop shop for any services related to controlling and custody of funds.

Fiduciary Services
If you are facing complex estate planning challenges, have several assets in multiple countries or have heirs who stay another country, you probably need to plan ownership and tax issues in their country of residence. Working with you and your advisors, BRL Trust Investment can design and implement a reliable fiduciary solution or international trust to help you overcome these challenges and meet your financial goals. Here, BRL Trust was written about by

Fund Administration
BRL Trust Investment acts as an independent third party fund administrator. They have several specialist fund administrators who are always ready to provide you with flexible solutions. Their solutions include fund formation, effective fund administration, and shareholder services. They administer a variety of investment funds and a wide range of collective investment. If you need fund accounting, valuation services, reporting and shareholder services or custodian services that are designed to optimize efficiency and provide a substantial competitive advantage, BRL Trust Investment is the company to contact. The company is recognized as national leader in providing independent service to fund managers.

Asset Management and Underwriting
BRL Trust investment is ranked among the top 10 asset management company in Brazil. They manage any asset while maintaining a strong connection to their clients. BRL Trust Investment is also experienced in offering securities underwriting services. They are experienced in raising funds through deals related to issues of receivables and investment funds quotas.

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QNET Moving Manufacturing Hub To India And Launches In Russia

Multimillion dollar direct marketing e-Commerce startup QNET began operating in 1998. The co-founders Joseph Bismark and Vijay Eswaran are insightful entrepreneurial visionaries. QNET exploits an MLM (Multi-level Marketing) model and has built an empire by expanding its IR (Independent Representative) network. It has acquired lucrative business partnerships, including signing a 3-year contract with Manchester City. The BPLC (Barclays-Premier-League-Champions) and QNET broke the news of the partnership at the well-received Etihad Stadium staged press conference last year. The lifestyle and wellness giant became the Club’s flagship partner taking care of all direct selling opportunities. This partnership promises a rare opportunity that’s beneficial to both parties. QNET has organized a series of opportunities in the interest of improving human life, including the entire Man City (Manchester City) Club.

QNET has seen vast developmental transformations and expansions since it first launched back in 1998. Today, it has expanded its network offices across Asia, Europe, Middle Eastern territories and Africa. In Asia, it has become a pioneer joining other direct-selling industry giants. It’s fascinating how QNET’s intelligence and devotion to empowering nations through philosophical education. It has inspired entrepreneurs to establish businesses and equip them with the needed resources to build their empire. With QNET’s effort, budding business prospects are confident about achieving entrepreneurial success. QNET has expanded its networking privileges and now serves about 100 countries globally.

Initially, QNET assumed the names QI Limited, QuestNet and GoldQuest. The head of QNET QI Group has a collection of companies in different sectors. QNET has reached inordinate success and remains favorably competitive in comparison to the other brands. It sells quality consumer goods ranging from fashion accessories, energy products, luxury collectibles, weight management, home/personal care supplies to nutrition. It’s acquired numerous accolades and awards throughout the company’s life. Examples of such include Best Team/Trainer (Obtainer-Worldwide-Direct-Selling Awards (2011), Good-Business Practices (CaseTrust-Storefront accreditation 2009), a finalist of 2011 The-Internet-Show-eCommerce-Website Awards, 2011 Contact-Center-World Best Practices Certificate, 2011 Networking-Times-Master-Networker and more. Additionally, QNET is an active member of multiple organizations, including the DCOM (Digital-Commerce-Association-of-the-Philippines), DSAS (Direct-Selling-Association-Singapore), HSIAS (Health-Supplements-Industry-Association-of-Singapore), the MDDA (Malaysian-Direct-Distributor-Association) and other credible affiliations.

QNET handles all aspects of product marketing and promotion through its official website. Vijay Eswaran, a controlling partner and co-founder of QNET is a respected philanthropist spreading the news about the products and consumer services it offers. The business heavily relies on IRs and referrals to maximize profitability. It has launched offices in the UAE (United-Arab-Emirates), Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan and the Philippines. Recently, QNET announced its ambition to migrate the production aspects of the company to India. It intends to maximize production output and reduce manufacturing costs. QNET launched an office in Russia recently as introduces the entire product line to the nation. QNet’s India site login is linked here.

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Red Flag of Hope Brings Andy Wirth to the Rescue


Inevitably, certain exact-points of one’s life are profoundly weighty in one episode. That one incident sharply stands-out and forever is a red flag hoisted in one’s memory. The meaning of a red flag is generally understood to mean a warning, or something that is burdened with immediate attention. Andy Wirth had experienced one of those episodes in his life. The red flag was one of abrupt tragedy. The incident could have ended his life; it did result in a lot of medical care, rehabilitate, and occupational therapy to have his motor-skills operational. While skydiving Andy Wirth accidentally miss his landing and in the process severely injured his arm. His right arm was nearly detached from his body. His appreciation for the surgeons that sustained for him the faculties of his arm by reattachment is of sober accord.

As unlikely as the accident was the chance encounter of meeting an assemblage of Navy SEALS was even more phenomenal. The Navy SEALS were training in Squaw Valley. Andy Wirth attributes some of his personal recovery to a few of the Navy SEALS; they are close friends now. Consequently, in honor of these individuals and all others served or is serving in the US Navy Special Warfare community: Andy Wirth wants to rally support for the Navy SEAL Foundation and collect donations. By forming a 2015 team for IRONMAN Lake Tahoe. The Lake Tahoe team’s name is: Special Warfare Warrior.

As Andy’s recovery settle’s in the past as he reflects wisdom learned from the healing process. He articulates that courage is not when one has an avenue, but rather when one does not, and maps one. His team plans to raise fund for the many silent heroes in the SEALs program that nobody knows of their labors. Andy Wirth is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Mr. Wirth and his IRONMAN teammates have reached $38,000 dollars and want to reach a higher goal, so he is asking for your immediate attention and donate, this is a call-to-action, so please visit the Crowdrise page and donate: Little Red Flag

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Responsibility and Remuneration of Economists like Christian Broda

Forecasting of future economic trends require deep understanding of economics and mathematics. The forecasting process involves collecting and interpreting enormous amounts of data. Economists are vigorously trained to prepare them with this kind of work. Economists can either focus in large areas such as the economy of a country or small areas such as the effect of a law in a given industry.
To analyze data, economists use a number of analytical tools and methods such as statistics, econometric, financial economics, mathematical economics, mathematical finance and economics computational models. An assignment may need the application of one method or a combination of these methods. This means that each and every economist must be well conversant with all the methods and tools mentioned above.
Although an economist is any professional working in the economics field, the word is usually used to refer to economists as those individuals who have PhDs in the field. An economist can also be an economics lecture or author. An example of a well established economist is Christian Broda. He has an undergraduate degree in economics from Argentina’s Universidad de San Andre. His master’s degree and PhD are from MIT. He is a managing director with the Duquesne Capital Management.
To be an economist, an individual can come from any background. Although individuals with economics background find it easy to excel in the field, individuals from business, law, political science, mathematics and sociology backgrounds have also succeeded in the field. Individuals from medicine and engineering backgrounds have also joined the field and became renowned economists. Individuals from non-economics backgrounds are required to do master’s degrees in economics.
Economists are some of the top remunerated employees in most firms. A holder of an economics degree earns an average of $44 dollars an hour, translating to about $90,000 annually. Individuals with specialized skills in the area earn much higher with some economists earning over $1 million in salaries every month. Economists are also known to rise to the very top of the management ladder in most corporations. Most Chief Executive Officers, especially in the finance and investment fields, are economists.
Economics has been vital in helping government and corporations to make sound future decisions. It is important to note that the information provided by economists is basically predictions. The actual results may vary from the predicted result. Natural disasters and foreign politics are some of the common factors that lead to deviation of the actual economic situation from a predicted situation.
It is hard to imagine the world without economists; their efforts are felt everywhere. Universities continue to expand their economics schools to cater for the increased demand for these professionals. These schools instill the necessary economics knowledge in their students to ensure they are well equipped before graduating.

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Qnet: Commerce Worldwide

There is a 17-year-old e-commerce direct selling company by the name of QNet that is growing. From its base in South East Asia to more countries in the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, East Africa, West Africa, Europe, and Asia to India, the company is putting up its goods alongside of older and larger e-commerce entities, but doing just fine. The operations in India, though, have had to clear some significant hurdles due to the infrastructure there, but QNet wants to remain legal and compliant, and they appear to want to comply with the necessary needs to do business in India, even as India is evolving in their legal business regulations and dealings with foreign companies as well. Here, QNet’s home page discusses their business further.

QNet is attempting to do what it takes to stay abreast of needs of Indian distributors and to invest in product development and the manufacturing facilities themselves to strategically be relevant and positions their products for the needs of the market, as they must certainly do in each country. QNet currently offers approximately 30 brands of various products across nine unique categories of products with the focus on helping consumers to live healthy and abundant lives. From watches and jewelry to nutrition, skincare, courses for online learning, and even vacations.
This focus has helped QNet to offer products for what they call a goal of “life enhancement.” This also includes products for air purification and water filtration.
While the company does not offer every one of their products everywhere, they are working on getting their items into the places that have not yet been reached.

To help customers stay healthy, QNet wants to fight degenerative diseases such as diabetes, to promote vegetarianism, to never use animal testing, and to provide health enhancing products. QNet also wants to help fight the worldwide epidemic of obesity, and they are hoping to contribute to the reduction of consumer usage of sugar, chemicals, and artificial sweeteners by not offering these ingredients in their products.

Even the company’s own events are vegetarian. They only serve vegetarian friendly food for events, and they try to live by their convictions as a company as well as for what they choose to provide for the consumer. It is certainly not a choice or position that every company will choose to implement, but for QNEt, they appear to believe that it is the right move and the way that they wish to conduct their business and promote their offerings to consumers and the global marketplace.

E-commerce has really grown since the internet really kicked it off in the 1990s. As the global marketplace continues to expand, the world continues to shrink. The products out there can now reach the masses.

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Easy Guide to Writing Wikipedia Articles

Wikipedia is an online Encyclopedia that is favored by millions searching for reliable information on various topics. The fact is that Wikipedia contains just about any type of article imaginable. Of course, the site requires that the writers follow a few basic rules or guidelines. Those that are thinking about writing their first article for Wikipedia should find the information included here very helpful. Certainly, it is a good starting point. However, it is also a good idea to make Wiki page and study the guidelines and advice for new writers on the site. Let’s take a closer look at writing for Wikipedia.

Create A Wikipedia Account
Of course, there are writers that visit the site and just start writing and editing without much thought given to creating a Wikipedia account. Consider this point. Those that do not take that step are missing out. Register for an account. Select a user name and password. This will make you a part of the Wikipedia community.

Subject Matter
Wikipedia is very strict about the subject matter on the site. The article subject should be worthy of note. In other words, it should be the type of topic that would be contained in the pages of a print encyclopedia. Here is a tip. Search around the site for other articles on the topic that you would like to write about. You are good to go, if there are other articles on the same topic.

Searching for other articles on the subject that you had in mind is a good idea. Once you find an article on the same or similar subject of your intended article, start writing. However, it is a good idea to gain experience by simply editing the article. Many writers started on Wikipedia by editing several articles.

Practice Makes Perfect
Indeed, practicing editing will help writers improve their skills and write insightful articles for Wikipedia. Certainly, editing tends to be a bit easier than writing a complete article. Keep practicing editing to build up your confidence to create better articles.

References Are Important
Wikipedia requires that the article’s have references. The references are your sources and give the articles credibility and demonstrate notability. Don’t just include any type of reference that you might find online. Make sure that the reference is from a reliable source that will not vanish tomorrow. Wikipedia also recommends visiting libraries or bookstores for reference material. Unreliable sources or sources to avoid at all cost include social media sites and personal blogs.

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Eric Pulier Updated CSC With Advanced Cloud Management

For over 20 years, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) has been one of the top Fortune 500 companies in the US. Employing over 90K employees in 79 countries, CSC has become a major contributor to many areas of technology, and was ranked 185th in overall company rankings. They have a diverse clientele, including large private companies, agencies of the Federal government, and government at all other levels. CSC has kept their corporate headquarters in America, where they are the only remaining Information Technologies (IT) service provider which provides software solutions that are independent of any particular hardware vendor.

Eric Pulier brought his excellent ServiceMesh solution to CSC, and CSC bought it as a significant investment in multi-cloud systems management. As CEO of ServiceMesh, Mr. Pulier brought much-needed cloud technology expertise to CSC. He is a technology expert, especially with implementing advanced software solutions for government and industry. This adds cloud computing to CSC’s 56 years of experience supplying software to companies like IBM, Honeywell, and public organizations, such as NASA. They have always kept their own extensive up-to-date development tools and security infrastructure. CSC has a long history of acquisitions, including buying DynCorp in 2003 and Covansys in 2007. Check out Eric Pulier’s article on Wikipedia.

With branch offices in Asia, Europe, and Australia, although CSC’s headquarters are in the US, they operate as a global company. The company’s main service areas are: IT Services, an array of Managed Services, and Business Solutions and Services. In their Software 500 list of the largest software providers that also supply services, Software Magazine gave CSC a ranking of 8th. CSC has proved they are among the top scientists and software development experts in the fields they service. They have not only the knowledge, but also the extensive experience to build durable and continuously maintainable software solutions. The result is that their software has achieved the best record for up-time in the computer industry.

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