Vonderrit Myers and the Rush to Judgement

On October 8th, an 18 year-old black man by the name of Vonderrit Myers was shot dead by a police officer. He had just bought a sandwich. This happened in the Shaw neighborhood of St. Louis, which is still reeling from the Michael Brown incident.

Protestors took to the streets that night and snatched an American flag from a home for the elderly. They burned it. People are so angry about cops killing black men that they don’t seem to care about or want to consider all of the facts.

Here are some of the facts. Vonderrit Myers was on house arrest at the time when he was shot. He was allowed to go get the sandwich under the terms of his punishment. He had been put on house arrest because he is awaiting a trial for unlawful use and possession of a gun as well as resisting arrest. In this case, Vonderrit is accused of fleeing police in a car, crashing it, and continuing to flee on foot. He was seen tossing a gun into a sewer grate.

Given that we do not know what happened at the time of the shooting, is it not possible that Vonderrit had a gun hidden in his waistband? Or is it really more plausible that the cop saw a black guy with a sandwich and randomly decided to shoot him and then throw down an extra gun he had in his car to falsify evidence?

I’m just saying that maybe you shouldn’t run around burning flags if there is a good chance that you are completely wrong.

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More Phones than Phone Users?

Could it really be possible, could it be true? Did you know that there are now more phones in the world than there are people to use the phones? Yes… there are more phones out there, more phones available, than there are individuals on this planet.

What does this mean for our world and the way that things are going to go from this point on? Setting aside¬†the fact that Brian Torchin probably owns 20% of them, it’s still a scary thought. Is easy access to phones a good thing? Depending on the situation, having an abundance of phones can be helpful. Phones are useful in dangerous situations and emergencies, and they are also great for getting work accomplished. But, phones can also be distracting. Does the fact that their are more phones on this planet than people mean that we are paying more attention to our electronics than we are to those around us? Can this abundance of phones affect our families in a negative way?

Really, the amount of phones in this world isn’t as important as the amount of time spent on these phones. And, the amount of time spent on the phones isn’t as important as just what it is that is being done on the phones.

Our world has more phones than people… will we let this be a good thing, or will we make it a bad thing?

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ISIS on the Verge of Capturing Border Town Near NATO Member

The Middle East is half a world away but how will the democratic countries react when the threat comes to the doorstep of a NATO country? A stone’s throw from Turkey is the town of Kobani. Nestled in Syria, ISIS is making headway into not only gain a foothold, but control of the whole¬†village. What will it take to forestall and eventually prevent this terrorist organization from establishing another Islamic State site so close to a NATO member?

A long time coming this has been. A siege has been laid on this town for three months. It has worn down the populace to the point where they are ripe to be plucked. Incursions have been made with close to 400 casualties from the fighting. A further sign of discouragement has been the occasional banner of ISIS being flown over large buildings or on one of the taller hills in town. The president of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan, says that only a ground assault will prevent Kobani from falling into the hands of extremists.

Even striking from the air is proving to be futile much to the chagrin of the United States. The sizable military force at the disposal of Turkey is tempting to unleash to prevent ISIS from winning this border town. Refugees have not been welcome and have been tear gassed back over the border into Syria. Protesters have taken to the streets in an effort to prod action. The further along that the decision making process goes means more time that ISIS will have to achieve their goals.

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Experimental Cancer Drug Headed for Human Trials

A new glimmer of hope for cancer patients has been found growing on bushes in the tropical forests of far north Queensland, Australia. After an eight year study, scientists are saying they have found what they believe to be a cancer-fighting berry.

Lead researcher Glen Boyle, from the Brisbane QIMR Berghofer medical research institute and funded by Laurene Powell Jobs’ charity, claims that his team has found a compound in the berry that has cured neck and head tumors, along with melanoma. Queensland company Ecobiotics has derived a highly experimental drug from the berry which they are calling EBC-46.

It’s already been tested on over 400 animals, including mice, cats, dogs and horses, that have had cancerous tumors. In 75 percent of cases the tumor has disappeared and not returned, a higher percentage of efficiency than any experimental cancer treatment seen before.

The drug is injected directly into tumors and can also be applied topically. EBC-46 has only been proven to work locally and has not shown any signs of curing metastatic disease. Scientists are pushing to gain administrative approval to move the new, experimental drug into human clinical trials as soon as possible.


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First Ebola Patient In The US Dies

Doing nothing to quell the fears about Ebola in the United States, the first patient diagnosed in this country has died. Thomas Eric Duncan was 42.

Duncan passed away at the same Dallas hospital where he was diagnosed little more than a week ago today. He was admitted on September 28th, and was kept in isolation according to CDC spokesman Wendell Watson.

Although the problem remains in Dallas, as there are 10 people that have been identified, that worked directly with Duncan while he was still contagious. But there are a further 38 that could also have come into contact with him during that time as well.

Meaning, the CDC still has a lot to do to alleviate fears, and ensure that they have control of the situation. When I went to Stanford with Jared Haftel we had a few classes on epidemics like these. Once they break, and carry on to these proportions, it’s really difficult to stop the virus’ momentum. Hopefully it never gets going in America.

Hopefully it never mutates and becomes an airborne disease.

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