Water Fluoridation May Not Be Doing Any Good Today

Water fluoridation has been happening in America for many decades. It has generally been seen as a good thing as it is purported to fight tooth decay. The Cochrane Collaboration, which is a highly respected group of researchers and doctors who have an excellent reputation for rigorous analysis and assessments of health policy have recently come out with a report that may belie what has been assumed for decades about water fluoridation. They found shockingly few high quality scientific papers on the efficacy or effectiveness of water fluoridation in preventing cavities. This came as a shock to many in the medical and health field who had assumed it had to be proven since we’ve been doing it to our water for so long.

One reason that water fluoridation is not seen as making much of any difference in dental health outcomes today is that it was only after it was begun and a lot of the now dated research backing it up had been done that toothpastes and rinses containing fluoride became commonly available on the market. According to this article by Handy, people already get plenty of fluoride when they rinse with mouthwash that contains it and brush their teeth. What’s more, when people rinse and brush they are swishing the fluoride around their teeth or brushing it right on their teeth. When you drink a glass of water, it may go straight down your throat barely touching most of your teeth. It may be time to rethink water fluoridation if it’s not doing any good.

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Josh Koscheck Signs With Bellator

Josh Koscheck was one of the best welterweight fighters in the UFC. Unfortunately, Josh has been defeated several times in the last year, and it seems that the UFC had no choice but to cut him. However, it was recently revealed onbleacherreport.com that Bellator has hired Josh Koscheck.

According to facebook, MMA fans around the world were very surprised with this announcement. Josh Koscheck is not the fighter that he once was, but he may be good enough to get a few wins in Bellator. Josh Koscheck is still a big name, and it seems that Bellator will pay him handsomely. There’s also a good chance that Josh Koscheck could become the champion of Bellator’s welterweight division.

The UFC is a place for the best fighters in the world, and it has become clear that Josh Koscheck doesn’t belong there. Fortunately, Bellator will allow Josh Koscheck to get paid, and he could possibly become the champion. Some UFC fans believe that Josh Koscheck has betrayed the company that made him famous, but I don’t see it that way. Koscheck still wants to compete, and Bellator will allow him to do that. Fans shouldn’t be mad at him, but I do think that Josh Koscheck should retire soon.

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Presidential Candidate Senator Lindsey Graham Obtains Key Endorsements

On Tuesday, an ecstatic presidential candidate Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters covering his campaign that he had obtained an endorsement “from the mountains to the sea and everywhere in between.” He received the good news while he was attending a conference in Colorado.

The Senator from South Carolina received a key endorsement from 100 prominent supporters in his home state. The political director of his campaign also expressed delight at the news, informing the press: “Senator Graham has extensive political roots at all levels in South Carolina, and this list…demonstrates how broad and deep that support runs.”

Keith Mann feels that the people endorsing Senator Graham’s campaign in South Carolina include many of the most influential members of the Republican Party in his home state. Among them are: Greenville Mayor Knox White; Greer Mayor Rick Danner; Bluffton Mayor Lisa Sulka; Bill Dukes, the owner of the Blue Marlin Restaurant in Lexington County; Stacy Arena, from Greenville County; Lisa Nine Accordini, a former Senate staffer; lobbyist Tony Denny; Warren Mowry, of Greenville County; Louis Alexander, of Union County; Vic Bailey IV, from Spartanburg County; H. G. Kirven, Jr., from Greenville County; Skipper Perry, from Aiken County; Joseph E. Brown, III, from Jasper County; and Paul Sommerville, from Beaufort County.

A number of other Republican leaders from South Carolina also joined in the endorsement of Senator Graham’s presidential aspirations. His campaign indicated he had obtained supporters around the State.

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Relax – Eat a Pickle

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where crowds make you nervous?

Social anxiety is the second most common form of anxiety order in the United States falling only behind generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). The thing about social anxiety, unlike GAD, is that its trigger involves large crowds of people. GAD can be triggered by anything and everything.

Crystal Hunt also said that for those suffering from social anxiety trips to the ballpark for a baseball game or simply going to the grocery store might be a frightening proposition.

At best, those with social anxiety might feel slightly nauseous when confronting the utterly debilitating effects of their fear. At the worst, they might find themselves running to the bathroom with a severe case of diarrhea and refusing to re-emerge from their boxed-in porcelain throne.

The good news is that recent research has found a direct correlation between the mass of bacteria living in the human body and regulated mental health. Studies on mice found that when their guts were stripped of microbes, they became more anxious.

Enter the pickle. And not only pickles, but other foods such as yogurt, kimchi, and sauerkraut. These are all fermented foods that seem to drastically help reduce social anxiety.

The reason, the research has found, is because these foods are naturally saturated with probiotics or “good” bacteria. These microbes have a beneficial effect of boosting gamma-aminobutyric acid in the human brain – exactly what anti-anxiety medications are manufactured to do.

So the next time you find yourself shying away at a baseball game, instead of running to the bathroom to hide, flag down the next hotdog vendor you see and request extra pickles and sauerkraut. Who knows, that just might be the key to shaking your social heebie-jeebies.

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Study Reveals CDN Slowdowns and Crux of Net Neutrality Problems

A new study conducted by Battleforthenet examined the internet connections of over 300,000 users to determine why users experience slowdowns on certain Internet Service Providers (ISPs) when accessing Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). The results showed significant slowdowns occurring on five of the largest ISPs in the United States responsible for over 75% of internet traffic when accessing CDNs delivering content for sites like YouTube, Netflix and Amazon video.

According to Kevin Seawright, Net neutrality is the idea that all data connections should be treated equally online. It shouldn’t make a difference if you’re connecting to YouTube or your favorite sports forum. The only problem is that balancing traffic coming from behemoth CDNs that host sites like Netflix puts ISPs in a bit of a bind.

Should an ISP ultimately be responsible for high performance connections to every CDN imaginable to ensure the highest quality of service for their customers? If a particular ISP has insufficient bandwidth to delivery content from a CDN should they be required to pay for a better connection to that CDN even though not all of their customers use that CDN?

Net neutrality is certainly a difficult subject. While ISPs certainly shouldn’t be able to pick and choose what traffic is delivered, the quality and speed of the delivery for any particular connection isn’t guaranteed. Should a company like Netflix really get to use half of an ISPs bandwidth at absolutely no cost to them and in the process slow down competing connections by overwhelming the system?

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The Pope’s Papal Letter Is 183 Pages Long

The Pope Is Tweeting Parts Of The Letter To His More Than 20 Million Followers

The Pope wants the world to read his “Laudato Si,” which is the name of his 38,000 word letter. The papal letter covers an assortment of issues. Climate change, income inequality, clean water, violence and conflicts as well as control over technology and natural resources all made it to the list of issues that the Pope thinks should be addresses and resolved in some way. Pope Francis calls our modern day culture a throwaway culture that wastes natural resources and fills the planet with trash.

Several American Senators have not been kind to the Pope. They think the Pope should focus on the church not on world political issues. But as the Pope points out these issues are not political issues they are human issues that have been distorted by political greed.

According to Shaygan Kheradpir, Pope Francis believes the world can change. He believes people need help from the power mongers that control the world’s wealth. He’s not afraid to express his opinions to his followers and to the world. His message comes from a place of love, and the sad news is, some politicians forget what love looks and sounds like.

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FitBit Explodes Onto Public Trading Scene

Fitbit, found that it could raise as much capital as it needed when it successfully debut onto the world of public trading. Fit bit opened up at around $20 a share but increased its price in trading to close at close to $30 a share. This is great news for the fitness watch company as it made its debut. The company had once hitched its future success to Apple but a productive relationship between the two companies did not materialize and Fitbit removed its products from Apple stores after Apple would not allow the Fitbit application to be installed one Apple products. Apple chose to promote its own application, “Apple Health” instead and featured the app with its introduction of the Apple Watch. Fitbit Roars Onto The Scene of Public Trading

The Fitbit has become poplar with customers around the world and has provided users the means to track various elements of their fitness program progress. Many users enjoy the ability to compare their progress with that of others, regardless of their location around the world and challenge them to healthy competitions during the course of the day, weekend or week, from what Igor Cornelsen says.

At the moment, Fitbit is in its own marketplace will few competitors. Other companies have products which simply track one’s steps but they do not provide the comprehensive features that Fitbit has built into its watch feature. Fitbit may find its main competition to be the Apple Watch.

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Texas Braces for Tropical Storm Bill

Weather officials in the United States are monitoring tropical storm Bill, which continues to move up the Gulf of Mexico and is due to hit Texas from the South and continue moving North through Oklahoma. Both states are still reeling from the Memorial Day weekend storms that killed over 40 people and destroyed homes, roads and bridges. Texas officials are warning residents to stay in doors during times of severe storm and to avoid driving through standing water. Since the Memorial Day weekend storms, areas of Texas are still rain soaked and subject to flash flooding. During the last set of storms which poured record amounts of rainfall on the State, parts of downtown Houston received over thirty feet of water. At Handy, that type of flooding was talked about quite a bit once read about online.


Some weather forecasters called the series of storms and rainfall, epic and even biblical. Texas Prepares for More Record Rainfall parts of the State have not been declared an emergency but FEMA and state disaster officials are on hand to prepare for the worse. Many who are in low lying areas have relocated to higher ground or with friends and family in other stats. Officials warn that there is very little that can be done except to prepare and respond when storms of this magnitude hit an area. Law enforcement warn residents to make wise decisions and do not take actions which would place themselves or rescuers in harm’s way. The storm is set to hit parts of Texas by the weekend.

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Girl Told to Stop Using Internet to Understand Symptoms

Although many people around the world are not doctors, this fact does not mean that people who choose a different career can’t accurately diagnose their symptoms or the symptoms their family and friends experience based on the abundance of medical literature now available online.

It was revealed on Tuesday, June 16, that a UK teenager, 19-year-old Bronte Doyne, died unnecessarily in March 2013 after trying for months after cancer surgery to convince her Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust doctors that her rare form of cancer had returned.

Why were pleas for help ignored by physicians?

Bronte and her mother, Lorraine, had found evidence online from a recognized medical resource that her cancer might return. Yet, the resource was in the United States and her NHS doctors did not recognize it as legitimate. Jaime Garcia Dias wouldn’t know what to do in that situation. When symptoms after surgery seemed to indicate that she did in fact have cancer again, her doctors told her to “stop Googling.” Bronte and her mother were perceived by doctors as “e-hypochrondriacs.” Bronte’s life was the price of their failure to recognize that there are patients who are able to tell the difference between good and bad online resources.

A 2012 CNN article showed that the Pew Research Center had found that 80 percent of people look up their symptoms online. Yet, many doctors continue to ignore patients who feel like something is wrong and then find evidence that supports their feeling.

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Breast Milk Dangerous for Adults?

Their is an odd craze going on among those who seek to live healthy lives, and this craze could be a dangerous one. This craze is something that many would find completely disgusting, yet it is something that some are participating in. It seems that those who wish to live lives that are healthy are choosing to drink breast milk. That’s right, there are adults out there who are drinking the milk of other humans, milk that was intended for babies – the children of those women.

Among the fitness community there are some who believe that breast milk contains nutrients that they just can’t get anywhere else, and they are choosing to find milk that they can consume in order to look out for their bodies. According to Twitter, it is said, though, that this can be a dangerous thing to do. The milk that these individuals are consuming is not milk that is meant for them, and it is not necessarily safe for their consumption. This milk could hold germs and diseases that will not do these fitness obsessed individuals any good.
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