Keeping Safe Online

Personal information is more easily accessable online than you think. Hackers and trolls can find their way into your social media accounts and post information online for the world to see. Darius Fisher from Status Labs, who runs a reputation management and crises management company that works solely on online presence, has a few tips to help keep your online reputation and information safe.

Your phone number and address get sucked into a data base by people called “data brokers” who sell your information to people who are willing to meet their price for the information. PeopleSmart, Spokeo, Pipl, Intelius, and Zoominfo are the main companies and they each have a process where you can remove yourself from their database. However they renew each year you’ll have to do it more than once.

If you use social media its pertinent that you change your privacy settings. Fisher believes that Twitter and Facebook should be private, even if you don’t post anything that can get you in trouble your location can be found via social media.

Frequently changing your passwords and don’t use the automatic save. Companies can get hacked just as individuals can, so Fisher suggests opting out of the automatic save and suggests writing passwords down and keeping them in a drawer. Google is the world’s most used search engine, so google yourself and see what comes up. It can help pin point what may share information you don’t want and then you can easily delete, erase or fix what comes up on google search.

Darius Fisher, co-founder and president of Status Labs, graduated with honor from Vanderbilt University before delving into reputation management. Before founding his company he worked as a political consultant for many years and as a copywriter. Prior to the company taking off, Fisher was the individual who created the company’s vision and handled the recruitment of their domestic and international sales teams. He worked hard to build lasting business relationships and partnerships with agencies as well.

Fisher continues to lead the field and recently shared his views and expertise at Impact15 in Las Vegas. Fisher stated the opportunity was “a unique way to collaborate and develop new strategies that will push brands to the next level.” Impact15 recognizes that internet marketing strategies are constantly evolving which makes Fisher’s knowledge a necessity. Fisher continues to carve a new path in PR, both strategically and digitally.

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