Qnet: A 21st Century Makeover


Qnet is a multinational company known for an array of consumer goods sold mostly in Asian countries. It uses direct-marketing channels and multi-level marketing model to sell healthcare products and fashion accessories. All of these products are available under different brands promoted by Qnet enterprise.

Innovation in Marketing

According to its CEO, Vijay Eswaran, the company achieved phenomenal success through its multi-level-marketing. MLM is basically a marketing scheme where compensation is based on the volume of sales. Further rewards can be reaped by referring other marketers who contribute to the commission of the original referrer. As of 2015, there are thousands of affiliate marketers working for Qnet.

Worldwide Operations

The bulk of operations are based in South East Asia and Middle East. Through its franchise, Qnet has recently built large-scale customer base in countries including India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. For instance, the company entered the lucrative Indian market in 2013 selling healthcare related products. NutriPlus is one of the popular drinks, which is sold and marketed by Qnet using franchise based system. According to the higher management, production in India is feasible for the company because it can save 8% to 12% related to overhead costs. In addition, it is easier to find educated marketers who are willing to work independently without regular supervision.

Direct Marketing Brands

According to reputable estimates, revenues of Qnet increased by 70% between 2009 and 2013, making it the fastest growing company that relies on multi-level marketing as its main marketing strategy. Despite Qnet’s popularity as a burgeoning MLM firm, it also has a solid base in introducing alternate high-end products. For instance, the brand also operates Bernhard H. Mayer brand of watches, which is gaining popularity among large number of high-worth individuals. Besides, it is also the owner of Prana Resort & Spa at Koh Samui, Thailand. The boutique establishment is located on the famous beachfront offering up-scale services for health conscious clientele. Recently, the company is also operating several ‘Down to Earth’ stores in Hawaii, which are very popular for offering organic and natural food products.

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