Laidlaw & Company: 175 Years Of Excellence In Investment And Banking Services

For over 175 years, Laidlaw & Company has been providing investment and banking services for clients large and small. Founded in 1842 as Heran & Lees, the company has long earned a reputation for providing high quality investment advice and guidance. One of the United State’s first investment banks, today Laidlaw & Company is known for providing high net-worth individuals and public and private institutions with full-service banking and brokerage services as well as sound personalized investment advice. The company is revered for its research, vast resources, global reach, and skillful execution.

From its original role as a New York based commission merchant house, the company has expanded and now has offices all over the world. Expansion efforts were lead by Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. Its access to and experience in global markets and reputation for sound investment practices has endeared it to individuals, institutions, and corporations that appreciate investment and banking services that have proven to be second to none. Laidlaw & Company traces its roots to private banker Henry Bell Laidlaw. This financial services giant who was for 13 years a NYSE Governor of the Exchanges, set the foundation on which the company was built.

In 1901 Laidlaw & Company became the NYSE’s first member firm with securities branches in Montreal and Toronto. This enhanced the company’s reputation as an influential and successful brokerage and banking concern. For almost 120 years the company has been a leader in asset management, securities brokerage, and investment banking. Today it is a major player in the financial services industry throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States and created the first online global trading site.

The company introduced pooled investment vehicles for direct venture investments in emerging growth opportunities and late stage private securities. It also offers investment opportunities in natural resources, mining, metals, biotechnology, medical devices, health care, and pharmaceuticals.

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