Sanjay Shah Rocks Research for Autism and Discusses Business and Solo Capital

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Sanjay Shah was recently in the spotlight talking to Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio in an interview.

Sanjay and host Eric Dye discussed Solo Capital, a global boutique offering financial services which Shah founded in London in around 2009, and incorporated in 2011. With Solo Capital and his other businesses solidly in place, Sanjay set his sights on Autism Rocks. In 2011, Sanjay’s youngest son Nikhil was diagnosed with autism. Shah felt that he wanted to do something that would help his family, and also create awareness of autism and fund new research and treatments. He also had a fondness for music, and founding Autism Rocks in 2014 allowed these factors to come together as a live music festival. Performances, which have included in the festival’s short history, among others; Drake, Lenny Kravitz, and Michael Buble, have raised money to go toward research, and also raised the general population’s consciousness of the condition, which is diagnosed in 1 of every 68 children annually. This year’s Autism Rocks will feature performances from Tyga, Flo-Rida, Mark Ronson, and others, and will take place one night in Dubai, and two nights in London. More information about Autism Rocks can be found at:

Prior to leading Solo Capital Markets to success; he had been studying medicine, but did a 360 degree turn and instead went into finance. Specifically; Shah became an accountant and worked for companies such as Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. The world financial crisis continued into 2009 and at this point Sanjay Shah stepped out on his own and Solo Capital was founded.

Shah has some valuable tips for successful entrepreneurship; advising those who are starting new businesses not to be afraid to take on some help to manage the workload and not to underestimate the capital that will be necessary to get off the ground. He knows a good deal about this first hand; as CEO of Solo Capital building a highly successful firm in just a few short years after launching. He is still acting CEO of Solo Capital Markets but as of 2016 has been able to consider himself retired.


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