Keith Mann sponsors a scholarship

Keith Mann is an extremely successful businessman. During his time in the corporate world, he has excelled at noticing unaddressed issues and filling in the gap. Recently, he founded Dynamics Search Partners as a way provide top quality talent to hedge funds around the country. Keith Mann is well-respected throughout the corporate world, but he also cares deeply about the next generation. He knows that education is important and has funded several scholarships to help hardworking students reach a bright future.

Keith has worked closely with Uncommon Schools for many years. Uncommon Schools is a group of urban charter schools that works to close the achievement gap, so all students are able to attend college. There are 44 Uncommon Schools located throughout the Northeast. 14,000 students currently attend an Uncommon School, and the schools are well regarded throughout the education industry. Keith’s partnership with Uncommon Schools will open up a future for one lucky student.

Keith is extremely proud to sponsor a scholarship at Uncommon Schools. Each year, the Keith and Kelly Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement will be issued to one student at a Brooklyn-based Uncommon Schools high school. This award is meant to recognize future business leaders and help them prepare for a brighter future. The competition for the scholarship is fierce and it starts with a 1,000-word essay. This essay must describe how receiving the scholarship will help the student achieve their professional goals. Once all essays have been completed Keith Mann personally goes through each essay and selects the student that he finds to be most qualified.

The Keith Mann scholarship is open to seniors at Uncommon Schools and the winner is announced at the end of March. The scholarship is $5,000 and should go a long way towards paying for college.

Education provides a bright path forward for students from all backgrounds. Keith Mann wants to do his part to provide that path forward and his partnership with Uncommon Schools should allow more students to reach their goals. Keith looks forward to working with these schools for many years to come, and he knows that his scholarship recipients will do well in life.

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