New Rewards for Organo Preferred Customers

Bernardo Chua is a text book example of the American Dream. He migrated to the United States as the president of Gano Excel U.S.A located in California. A native of the Philippines, Bernardo grew up developing a strong work ethic that has transformed him into the businessman that he is today.

After some problems that Gano Excel U.S.A. encountered with both the FDA and the Health Canada, Bernardo decided to start his own company. He founded Organo Gold in 2008. The main focus of Organo Gold derives ganoderma lucidum from the lingzhi mushroom. The health benefits of ganoderma lucidum may help people with Rheumatoid Arthritis, may slow cancer growth, or may help fight cancer fatigue.

In December of 2015 Bernardo Chua announced that the company, Organo, would be introducing a rewards program for their customers, a Preferred Customers program. The program would be available to Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Instead of the rewards program being the typical points systems, the Preferred Customer program would focus on customer service, support system, quality, savings, and specials.

Customers who join the Preferred Customer program will be able to enjoy several new benefits. The program does include an auto-ship feature for customers who sign up. However, those who do sign up receive a 25% discount on merchandise. Also, those who belong to the rewards program will get to enjoy priority inclusion into promotions and other sales as they occur.

Customers who enroll into the Preferred Customer program may see an increase in sales and distribution of the Organo products. With a 25% discount to the already low wholesale cost, retail customers and distributors will be able to sale Organo products and may increase their revenue stream. The Preferred Customer program will help those retail and distributor centers see improved customer care service because the lower cost of Organo products.

Bernardo Chua through the growth of his company, Organo Gold, has shown widespread success both nationally and internationally. He as a been a recipient of the Dangal ng Bayan Award and two People’s Choice Awards for the success of Organo Gold.  Read more about Bernie on his LinkedIn profile.

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