Synergy between fashion and technology: An intriguing viewpoint from Christopher Burch

  1. Christopher Burch, well known as the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital is a true entrepreneur and investor in nature. Besides that, he is also a well-published author and he has written some intriguing articles various topics. His recent publication, “Tech Fashion Trends for The Future” on Engadget is an interesting piece on how technology and fashion have grown together in a synergetic way.


Christopher Burch was born in a middle-class family in Wayne, Pennsylvania on March 28, 1953. His entrepreneurial instinct kicked in at the time when he was an undergraduate student at Ithaca College. At that time, he founded Eagle’s Eye apparel to sell sweaters and then developed a new sweater brand called “Preppy.” Within a short span of time, Preppy brand becomes a popular name in the country, and it was sold for $60 million in 1998. Besides this, he has been involved in investing and developing more than 50 fashion lifestyle and consumer products brands with his intuitive understanding of consumer behavior along with expertise on international & direct sourcing. In 2008, he established Burch Creative Capital that develops and manages some brands.



Since the very beginning,Chris Burch had a keen interest to connect innovation to impact and transform the fashion industry. While many people see technology and fashion as two different areas with no connection, Burch sees a close correlation and even a strong synergy between the two. According to him, the fashion can only offer their best by combining innovation and functionality into their design, and it’s the technology that can transform their design into reality.



To prove his point, he has scrutinized the past and present trends in fashion & technology and found a synthesis between them since the 70s. Starting from a bulky Boom Box to a trendy iPod, he shows that portable music accessories and products have been influenced by technological breakthroughs which were driven by fashion. As the fashion trends demanded more sophisticated and modern portable music product, technology was pushed to drive innovations.



At present, the fashion industry is booming with diversified and booming trends only because they have access to technology. Now designers are offering us not only clothing but wearable technology such as air-bag Neckwear by Anna Haupt & Terese Alstin or Frontline Gloves by Ashwin Rajan & Kevin Cannon. These are some of the best examples of perfect harmony between fashion and technology that enhances functionality and style. Thanks to technology, fashion is now moving towards a sustainable direction of recycling as well. On the other hand, fashion has always played a vital role in supporting new technology as well. If you didn’t know, it was Diane Von Furstenberg who made his models to wear Google Glasses on the ramp in a fashion show to make it more popular. So, definitely there is a strong synthesis between fashion and technology.



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