Mullen Lowe the advertising experts

MullenLowe is an advertising agent with a difference. Mullen Lowe Brasil is a branch of the MullenLowe group that is based in the United Kingdom. Even though the company is based in Brazil, the services that they offer are standard across the globe.

MullenLowe Brazil is the new name that has been adapted from the Borghi/Lowe name that was known in the past. There will also be a change in the leadership of the advertising agency. The current CEO of the agency is Jose Borghi will be working with the newly promoted co-CEO Andre Gomes who was the vice president of the Rio De Janeiro branch.

The MullenLowe Group also announced that they would be closing the offices in Brasilia and focus on the other branches in Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The announcement to rebrand the name came after the decision that was agreed upon by the partners to have them create a group. They began with Brazil because it is the hub for the network.

The two; Andre and Jose both have different responsibilities. Andre will be responsible for running the operations of the Ad agency while Jose will be involved in the creativity and the innovation aspect of the company.

The channels of service

MullenLowe is an agency that operated in over 65 different markets. It is creative to enhance and integrate market communications.

There is the MullenLowe Open which is an activation agency that is behavior driven. Through this channel, the company creates a better customer service. They have expertise in e-commerce and CRM and therefore they can offer quality retail experience to their clients.

There is the MullenLowe Profero that is a digital marketing agency which operates globally in over 15 offices. The team has experience in digital communications, interactive design, data analytics, etc.

MullenLowe media hub is the last channel. This is a media shop that offers full service and media buying. It is based in Boston.

This is an agency that is focused on giving their clients the attention they deserve in this 21st century. They combine talent and experience to be able to deliver past the client’s expectation.

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