Omar Boraie Makes A Major Contribution To Rutgers University

Newswise has reported on the genomics department and their new chairman post. Omar Boraie gave the donation that established the chair of the division, and there are many different people who will come to the university to complete their work because of his support. This article offers a full explanation of how the Sam Boraie family is making Rutgers a finer learning institution.

#1: What Is The Money For?

Omar Boraie started Boraie Development in New Brunswick because it is his home, and according to NJ Biz he remains in range of Newark and Atlantic City as he does his work. The family business develops in many different places around the state, and they are quite ready to build new structures that will change lives. Someone who is looking for a nice place to live and work will notice the Boraie Development sign helps them.

#2: Why Does Omar Give To The University?

Someone who wishes to learn more about medical research will find the department a powerful place to work, and they will see New Brunswick as a lovely place to live. He gives to the university because he believes in the town, and he wants to see the students who live in the area find what they need.

#3: How Does The Development Of His Firm Change Rutgers?

The confluence of the two is quite important in New Brunswick, and the dedication that Omar has to both places extends to his wallet. Someone who wishes to learn and live in a comfortable area will love New Brunswick in large part because of the way Boraie Development works. The company has made choices around their area of New Jersey that grow commercial, residential and industrial spaces. The spaces they create are simple to use, and they are powerful when opening in the community.

Omar Boraie is a committed member of the New Jersey community, and he has created many developments that help the citizens of the state live well. He creates better lifestyles, and he gives to Rutgers and their genomics unit because he knows that it will save lives in the near future. To read more about Boraie Development, visit


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