Jose Borghi Discusses How Influencers Can Promote Your Brand

Jose Borghi of Brazilian marketing agency. Mullen Lowe, says that human communication and interactions is undergoing a major change. The internet is at the center of this change. Social media on the internet is also revolutionizing the way we interact with one another and how companies present their goods and services to potential customers.

More and more people are getting online. At the same time, social media and new avenues of communication and interaction are appearing and disappearing. Smart companies, says Jose Borghi are realizing that the internet and social media platforms are here to stay. They are not going away anytime soon. Firms that realize this, he says, are in a much better position to market their goods and interact with their client base.

Many firms realize the need to be active on the web and in social media. The problem is, continues Jose Borghi, is that many firms struggle with customer and population outreach. One of the promising ways to interact with an audience and promote an item among them is through the use of what Jose Borghi, calls influencers .

According to Jose Borghi, influencers can include celebrities, TV stars, bloggers and YouTube sensations that have a strong and loyal following. The reason they are so effective in influencing the behavior and opinion of their followers is because their audience closely listens and takes in what they say and perform. In other words influencers are people with great influence. That influence is now being capitalized by companies looking to market goods and services.

The use of influencers is a new strategy that companies are now utilizing reveals Jose Borghi. When companies pair with influencers who are in their same category such as a healthcare company promoting its products through a healthcare blogger, the result could be beneficial to the company, the blogger and even to the customer.

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