Leadership at InnovaCare Health

Established more than ten years ago, InnovaCare Health is a run healthcare services organization that has been providing service to the Puerto Rico region on LinkedIn. It is the most favored provider of Medicare Advantage plans in North America owing to the vast assistance they give to customers. Affordability plus the service quality has helped to drive the company to rank among the top. InnovaCare Health adopted advanced technological systems that were integrated into the working structure of the company consequently enhancing service delivery.

President and CEO of the Innovacare Rick Shinto received his medical degree from NYU at Stony Brook and an MBA fromRedlands university. He ALSO obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California at Irvine. He is also the writer of many articles on clinical medicine and healthcare.

Rick Shinto has acquired experience of over 20 years in clinical and operational healthcare. Before his position at Innovacare health, Shinto was the CEO at Aventa Inc. He was also the chief medical officer at NAMM California. Shinto initially started his profession in health in Southern California as practicing pulmonologist and was also an intern at the time. In 1996, he served as the corporate deputy CEO of medical management for Medpartners where he worked for a year. Before this, Shinto was the chief medical and operating for medical pathways Management Company. On June 27, 2012, in New Jersey at the Hyatt New Brunswick, Rick Shinto received the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Of the Year in the service category. Read another article on Businesswire.com.

Penelope Kokkinides, Innovacares chief administrative officer, holds a bachelor’s degree in classical languages and biological sciences from Binghamton University. She holds a master’s honor in public health from Columbia University and also a master’s in social work from NYU. She has established her career as a health expert for over two decades. She currently serves as the chief administrative officer of the company and has been working with the CEO to ensure all administrative functions are handled seamlessly. She also worked at Aveta Inc., as the vice president.

Penelope Kokkinides recently had an interview with IdeaMensch to discuss her role I Innovacare Health and how the adoption of technology has helped shape the company’s philosophy. Thanks in large part to the prevalence of high-tech mobile gadgets in the market, the staff of InnovaCare can remain more connected to one another. Given the fast-paced nature of their work, Penelope stressed that she found it very essential for InnovaCare to stay connected to each other at all times.

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