Oncotarget Maximizes Impact of Medical Research

Oncotarget, an online medical research journal, is making strides to maximize the impact of medical research for doctors and patients around the globe. The medical journal was developed in 2010 with an emphasis on the development of new ways for medical professionals to engage with unique research opportunities. To date, Oncotarget has published over 2000 scholarly articles discussing a wide range of topics in the medical research community. These journals have led to the development of new medical protocols and the advancement of research in the oncological field. Oncotarget’s editorial staff includes Dr. Andrei Gudkov and Dr. Mikhail Blagoskionny, two of the most sought after oncological physicians in North America.

According to Dr. Blagoskionny, Oncotarget offers a unique opportunity for medical professionals to have their research published. Because Oncotarget uses a unique peer-to-peer sharing platform instead of the more traditionally used submission model of most medical journals, medical professionals feel encouraged to create and submit innovative and conceptual medical research projects as opposed to research projects that are commonly accepted. Dr. Blagoskionny and Dr. Gudkov have stated that the peer-to-peer sharing model set in place by Oncotarget also helps physicians to gain access the medical advances being made by their peers in the oncological field. Because of the medical advances made in the field of oncology and the access to publication given to physicians by Oncotarget, cancer patients are being helped in ways that were not conceivable even a decade ago. Visit Research Gate to learn more about Mikhail’s latest work.

Thanks to innovations made by Oncotarget, physicians in the southern region of the United States have reported an increase in research production as a result of the peer-to-peer sharing model. The editors of this medical research journal have been praised for the development of several unique research methods and publishing standards. With over 50 years of combined experienced in the field of oncology research between them, Dr. Blagoskionny and Dr. Gudkov have managed to create a way for physicians to unite for the common purpose of creating and sharing treatment plans, analytical research, and advanced theories about the epidemic of cancer and its massive spread across the western hemisphere. View Mikhail’s profile on Loop.

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