How Chris Burch Envisions The Tech Influence on Fashion

The cliché “thinking outside the box” really does apply to Chris Burch’s view of business and, well, the world really. He has always had that ability. He’s invested in and consulted other businesses for many years and the companies soared ahead because of the advice he provided. Currently Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Capital. He’s considered a serial entrepreneur because of the vast amount of success he’s had growing companies, both his own and others that he’s helped to put on the right path toward better strategies.


Because of his own success due to his visionary outlook, he views technology as having a strong influence on which companies hold entrepreneurial promise. He encourages others to that way of thinking too. Lately, Burch has noticed technology’s influence on fashion, and vice versa. The rapid rise of higher technology in our day to day life creates a need for our clothing to adapt to it and designers have begun to consider this too. The trend has recently picked up speed. Burch is the kind of entrepreneur and investor who takes notice of trends like this, usually before most other people do.


Using recycled materials for clothing has been happening for a while now, partly because technology has made it possible. SegraSegra used bicycle inner tubes to create t-shirts and jackets and Emma Whiteside created a gown made from radiator copper. The demand is there and the fashion industry is introducing pieces that accommodate new technology. When the boom box got popular in the 70s, evolving into the Walkman years later, it was depicted in pop culture. Fashion dictates what we see in the media while the media mirrors fashion. Consumers want what they see.


Designers are coming out with pieces specifically for the technology we are currently using too. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin introduced air bags worn around the neck which protect cyclers on impact, an alternative to the bike helmet. Diane Von Furstenberg gave the new Google Glasses a boost by having her models wear them in one of her recent shows. Fashion is apparently on board with the current trend of high tech wearing apparel.


Chris Burch is involved in the branding and production of things like office products, furniture, resorts, homes and apparel. It’s his knack for understanding the future market. Burch Capital also consults other entrepreneurs and facilitates their move in that direction.

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