José Borghi is one of the Most Influential Advertisers in Brazil

The Mullen Lowe Agency Founder, Jose Borghi is considered as one of the most influential advertisers in the world. According to a recent study in the country, he is indeed the most important merchant. He has created numerous campaigns with great messages like the Parmalat Mammal where children passed as a sign of the current status of politics in the country.

The success of his life began when he started his venture for advertisement. He never knew a career to pursue. For him, studies never meant anything in school at that time. However, one life-changing opportunity came his way when his sister invited him to join an advertisement portfolio in the town. He attended the show and was greatly fascinated by the way the events run smoothly. For home, this action thrilled his heart. When he went back to school, he already knew what he wanted to do in future. For this reason, he pursued his secondary education with passion and succeeded with flying colors. Jose graduated from high school and secured a qualification to an advertising course in Sao Paulo.

Jose was born in Prudente. He attended the University of PUC and graduated with a bachelor’s degree n Propaganda and Advertisement. In 1989 he landed his first job, he worked hard to gain enough experience to propel him through his new life as an advertiser. His success was seen in the company. However, it came a time when he never wanted to work for someone. He wanted to set his mission aside from career development. Jose, together with his partner, decided to venture into an advertising business in the country. While they wanted to start the business, getting financial help and investors was a big issue. He knew he had to make it in life. His passion in advertisement made him relentless in his pursuit of a better career.

Jose had no godfather to help him through his new business. However, he struggled to make ends meet. His fist contract acted as the stepping stone in business. The generated income was invested without paying anyone. His workers fought hard beside him. Jose gained a name and started appearing in numerous shows in Television. For this reason, his brand got the best advertisements. Quality has always been his primary pursuit. For Jose, work is garbage if it is not of the right quality. This is the separation point between his business and other brands in the country.

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