The Resources of the Kabbalah Centre

Headquartered in Los Angeles, the Kabbalah Centre offers a array of resources that are accessible to people the world over. One of the primary resources of the Kabbalah Centre is that its courses are available through branch locations across the planet.

At the present time, the Kabbalah Centre has about 50 branch locations outside of Los Angeles. These include branches in major cities like London and New York City.

The resources of the Kabbalah Centre are also now widely available through study groups. Presently, there ae hundreds of study groups in dozens of countries. The number of study groups is increasing all the time.

The courses and other resources from the Kabbalah Centre are also accessible via the Internet. Each year, the Kabbalah Centre adds more courses to its Internet learning program. Watch Livestream 

The Kabbalah Centre is responsible for publishing a large library of books an Kabbalistic practices, thought, history, and related topics. These books are available both in the brick and mortar world, and in digital form online.

The Kabbalah Centre opened its doors in Los Angeles for the first time in 1984. The organization settled in Los Angeles after being in New York City for about 20 years.

The Kabbalah Centre, and its New York City predecessor, have their origins in an organization founded in 1925 in what today is part of the modern day state of Israel. Thus, the Kabbalah Centre can trace its teachings back in history. With that said, the Kabbalah Centre takes a more liberal, less restrictive approach to allowing people access to their teaching and resources. Visit

Historically, teachers of Kabbalah limited their students to individuals, mostly male, who had extensive experience in studying Hebrew and Jewish texts. The Kabbalah Centre does not have this requirement. The Kabbalah Centre welcomes people from all walks of life, whether they have a background in Jewish teaching and texts or not. for more.


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