Startups Launching Tips From Eric Pulier

Having a tech startup become incredibly popular and catch on with consumers is one of the most difficult things to do in the business world. Few people are able to do it often. Eric Pulier has built his entire career around the creation of various startups. His success have caused many people to seek out his wisdom. He is always happy to share the things he has learned over the years. He admits to making many mistakes along the way before he created the cloud consulting firm called ServiceMesh. He wants other people to be able to learn from all of his mistakes.


The first tip that he gives young people looking to launch a startup is to make sure they have a decent amount of money saved up. This is because it is highly unlikely that their startup will be an instant success. Pulier says that most startups will go through many months where they are not generating much profit at all. It is therefore necessary to have a war chest that you can use to finance the online business until things start to pick up. He says that many people do not take this into consideration when they launch their startup. They think they will start making money right away. Most of these people are sadly mistaken.


Pulier also advises people to go out of their way to hire a top web designer. Pulier believes that spending a lot of money on a web designer is a worthwhile investment. This is because your website will be your startup’s identity. It will be the engine that makes your entire startup run. Therefore, you will be in very big trouble if you hire an inexperienced amateur web designer to create your site for you.


Eric says that patience is also very critical when it comes to launching startups. Many people make the mistake of rushing their startup into the launch phase before it is ready. This leads to many glitches not being discovered prior to the launch. Pulier advises people to thoroughly test every aspect of their startup’s site before the public can use it.


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