How Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg Built An Empire

The Partnership Forms

In the early 2000s, Intermix was at the center of innovation on the web. Numerous pioneering websites were created and prospered under their name. Two of the biggest entrepreneurs of the time, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, would finally meet each other at Intermix. The result of their synergy would create one of the most innovative retail websites the internet had ever seen. Even now they continue to provide the world with amazing breakthroughs in business.



Creating The Framework Of Online Retail

By the mid 2000s Goldenberg and Ressler were already working on something big. They wanted to take the experience of personalized shopping and place it online in a way that would give each customer a unique shopping experience. This is where the idea for Techstyle, and the companies it owns such as JustFab came around. At JustFab, customers sign up for membership, pay their fee, and receive clothing selections based around their preferences. This model is so successful JustFab has millions of loyal customers as of now. In fact, Ressler and Don were able to take this model and create another online retailer which eventually spawned brick and mortar stores.



Reaching Out Into The Real World

The success of JustFab led to the creation of Fabletics. Fabletics uses a similar model to JustFab, but with a focus on athletic wear for active lifestyles. Although Fabletics has a much more narrow focus, it has managed to exceed the success of JustFab and has now branched out into the real world with physical store locations. These store locations offer everything that Fabletics offers online, but this experience is now within the real world. So far there are currently 6 locations for Fabletics stores, but there are plans to open hundreds more.




The Future Of Techstyle

At the center of everything Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg do is TechStyle. TechStyle finds ways to combine fashion and technology to create a more unique online shopping experience. Heading into the future, the duo plan on making Techstyle even greater than it is today with more startups and a broader range of services.

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