George Soros: Champion Investor and Supporter of Worthy Causes

Billionaire hedge fund investor George Soros has amassed unparalleled success on Wall Street. His knack for identifying great deals has seen him gradually climb the Forbes billionaires list over time. With a net worth of $20 billion, he is currently the richest fund manager and is number 22 on the World Billionaires List.

George Soros’ early life can be traced to Hungary where he was born. He fled his motherland early in his youth to settle in England. Here, he paid his way through college at the London School of Economics working as a waiter and railway porter. He started his career in finance working at a merchant bank. On relocating to New York, he got his big break on Wall Street and in 1969, he set up his hedge fund with $12 million. To date, many decades later, Soros continues to be an investing heavyweight with the Soros Fund Management. To better manage his investment portfolio, he brought in Dawn Fitzpatrick in 2017; one of Wall Street’s prominent figures to act as chief investment officer.

In one of his most philanthropic acts, he has recently pledged to give $500 million to immigrants and refugees. These funds will be channeled to start-ups and established businesses across Europe that offer employment opportunities to migrants and refugees. Since all the funds will be investments rather than grants, any profit raised he promised, would be plowed back to charitable causes through his Open Society Foundations.

George Soros is also known to lend his voice and support to liberal causes. His input towards world politics has been immense. Earlier on during the gradual collapse of communism in Europe, he put in significant efforts towards Eastern Europe’s peaceful transition to capitalism between the late 80s and early 90s. Towards this transition, he also provided one of Europe’s largest education endowments to Central European University in Budapest; his hometown.

With American Politics, George Soros has been a regular contributor supporting liberal causes and campaigns. Though he had dialed back on his campaign contributions, the 2016 elections saw him rise again. He was the Liberal campaign’s chief contributor committing more than $25 million to the Democrats campaign machine. His increased political engagement was motivated by a strong faith in Clinton’s credentials as well as reservations for her GOP rival Donald Trump whose policies caused fears in the liberal community. The increased funding drive by Soros was necessitated by the high political stakes and the Republican side’s threat and hostility towards reform on criminal justice, religious tolerance and immigration.

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