NuoDB-A Database that Anticipates Tomorrow’s Needs

NuoDB is an ACID-compliant, SQL database that can be fine-tuned to the needs of its customers while scaling in and out on commodity hardware. NuoDB was launched in 2010 by architect and innovator Starkey and software executive Barry Morris. NuoDB received its first patent in just 15 months.

NuoDB offers automated failover and disaster recovery and is an advanced elastic SQL database for container and cloud based environments. NuoDB is made of memory-centric architecture that optimizes storage without the unnecessary worries of disk I/O limitations. You can run NuoDB on-premises, in containers such as Docker, in a public, hybrid, or private cloud. Messages between NuoDB processes are even automatically encrypted by default. With NuoDB, you can even maximize all of your resources across many close-proximity data centers or AWS Availability Zones. You can also minimize application and client delays through its automated data locality on SQL cloud database.

You can also add and remove scale-out compute power or unneeded storage for latency and resilience without disrupting database services and withstand failure without causing your application to do down. With NuoDB, you can integrate existing policy management and cloud tools through a REST interface. You can migrate applications to NuoDB’s ANSI SQL cloud database.

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