ECU Raises More Than $4 million And State Their Plans For 2018

End Citizens United (ECU), the committee that wants to revamp the political system to a more transparent, honest one, has already raised millions of dollars in the first half of 2017 and aims to hit their $30 million margin by the 2018 midterm elections for Congress. It’s a bold milestone, but the group might get there.


The political action committee, or PAC for short, gets all of its levy from grassroots donors that want to support the cause to end the Citizens United era. What does that mean?


In the history of the American political system, there was a landmark that was accepted by the supreme court to allow freedom of speech and capital support for organizations and corporations to fund the candidates and assist their campaigns. In other words, now the American election system is full of shady investors and third-party supporters that give capital to their favorite candidates to support their candidacy. What do they receive in return? That’s between the candidate and the organization. It’s obvious how there is a chain of interests that is corrupting the electoral system and causing elections to be more than an attempt to do good for the country. End Citizens United wants to change that.


The PAC is gathering as much monetary assistance from Americans that also want the Citizens United to be evaluated, and using that money to support the candidacy of Democrats who are also pro-reform. You might say that this goes against their philosophy of ending the monetization of the candidacies, but that’s the whole point: Prove how broken the American politics have become, and raise awareness towards the issue.


In early 2017, the PAC was able to raise more than $500,000 in fundings to support the candidacy of Jon Ossoff, a Democrat that also wants to use his voice to end this corruption. $500,000 is a significant margin, and donors already see the results that their small donations in a large scale can do. There is more: Jon Ossoff was able to surpass that amount, reaching $4 million for the April 18 special election. He was looking to fill a Republican House seat in suburban Atlanta.


End Citizens United has gone further this year and has already released their plans for the rest of the year and the first round of endorsements for 2018 publicly as well, stating the Democrats that the PAC will support to help elect pro-reform individuals.


They call it the “first round of House endorsements,” with a list that includes 19 people that are pro-reform across 11 American states. Releasing this plan publicly was a great move from the PAC because now, their donors can plan ahead and support their favorite pro-reform candidates when the elections start nearing.


End Citizens United wants to stop the influence that they money has on politics. To read more about their plans, read this news article on their website: End Citizen United announces first house endorsement

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