The Brilliance of Todd Lubar

For some, their future is clear. For Todd Lubar, his fascination with real estate and helping others meant one thing; he’d make Real Estate and finance his life. His first step toward that future happened in 1995. After graduating, he joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator.

He learned about many different types of lending. He took a special interest in conservative mortgage banking. Lubar also spent his time developing relationships with experienced professionals from all facets of the industry. He met hundreds of real estate agents, insurance agents, CPA’s, and financial planners. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.

Four years later, Lubar joined Legacy Financial Group. From his new equity position, Lubar expanded his lending capabilities. This was another step toward becoming an industry leader. He brokered loans to outside investors and as a direct Mortgage Bank. He also developed more relationships with more expert professionals. He began using this network as a source of referral business.

In 2002, Todd Lubar founded Legendary Properties, LLC. The residential development company bought, rehabilitated, and sold hundreds of properties in its first year. The company purchased all types of properties: from single-family homes to multi-family complexes. Lubar used his massive referral source to quickly produce high-quality properties.

After over a decade in the industry, Lubar began noticing an underserved market. There are thousands of individuals and companies that apply for loans but can’t get them for several reasons. The main reason being, most lending banks aren’t comfortable lending to people who aren’t “loan-worthy”.

To service those people, Todd Lubar founded Legendary Financial LLC, a commercial lending source. Legendary Financial specifically lends to those normally overlooked by larger lending sources. To date, Legendary Financial has brokered over 7,000 transactions, many of which Lubar handled personally. Over the years, Lubar has used Legendary Financial to hone his lending expertise.

Lubar has such success in real estate; it enabled him to expand into other industries. In 2007, he began exploring neighboring industries. In 2008, he opened a commercial demolition company and became involved in the automotive scrap metal recycling business.

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