Patty Rocklage Asks the Hard Questions for Marriage Repair

Patty Rocklage one of the most successful marriage and family therapists in the state of Massachusetts. She graduated from USC in 1981 and she has been helping couples and families work through their problems ever since. With over two decades of experience it is obvious that Patty is someone people respect. She is a licensed professional that couples look to for help in finding a love that can see them through the marriage.

Patty Rocklage has been doing this for a considerable amount of time so the situation that she sees with families and married couples is nothing new. Even though every couple that comes to her believes that they are experiencing something that no one else has ever encountered, she is confident in her ability to help. Patty is aware of all the things that can be a hindrance in a marriage. She is able to take care of people that have different problems because she has seen how marriages deteriorate. She has seen how a lack of communication can bring people to painful situation. She knows that there are a lot of things that can be trouble for marriage so she has made it her duty to help couples look at their marriage in a completely different way. She is also helping families to discuss problems and open the floodgates of issues that can be causing a breakdown in communication. Click here to know more.

Her current approach to counseling is something that she acquired through her time at USC. This is where she would fine tune her knowledge on counseling, but much of her experience is based now on real world scenarios where she is actually and using what she learned in school.

She has become a very influential person has managed to help couples realize that there is life for their marriages are not dead. She is also helping a lot of families that want to become closer but may have issues with communicating. Patty has been trained in opening up window to better communication, and she gets in and asks the questions that nobody wants to ask to get the answers.

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