Life Line Screening is Committed to Eradicating Life-Threatening Diseases through Early Screening

Dr. Andrew Manganaro’s practice in the field of surgery stretches to over 35 years. The native of Brooklyn, New York has New York University as his alma mater. His areas of expertise include vascular, cardiac, and thoracic surgery. Dr. Manganaro spent the better part of his career practicing privately before joining Life Line Screening (LLS) as in the post of chief medical officer. In April this year, Ideamensch caught up with the medical genius, and he was generous enough to offer a few minutes for an interview.

The History of Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening was born of Manganaro’s daily encounters with patients during his days in the private practice. He realized that a good number of patients were suffering from life-threatening conditions that would have been treated or prevented their asymptomatic stages. He assessed the situation and was able to establish that patients lacked the basics regarding many disease symptoms, and took it upon himself to educate them. That’s the role he has been playing through LLS since retiring from his private practice.

Manganaro’s Role at LLS

LLS boast not only qualified and talented staff members but also very dedicated and committed to LLS and Manganaro’s vision. Physicians working in the facility’s clinical departments, as well as researchers affiliated with LLS all, look up to Manganaro for advice and guidance in their roles. For this reason, Manganaro finds himself mostly doing supervisory role within the company. He is hardworking and persistent though, and that’s what propels him to success both as a medical practitioner and as an entrepreneur. Click here to know more.

About Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is a health and wellness organization based in Independence, Ohio. The organization’s aim is to provide patients with screening services so as to thwart asymptomatic diseases that may turn catastrophic in future. Its screening services are reliable, affordable, and accessible since it’s often taken to the people’s doors. LLS organizes and conducts diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease screening at social gatherings, such as places of worship. Learn more:

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