USHEALTH Group, Inc., America’s Choice in Health Insurance Plans

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a well-known company in the provision of Specified Disease/Sickness, Accident and Disability Insurance solutions through its subsidiaries including National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The company offers these health plans to families, self-employed individuals, and small business owners. USHEALTH Group is located in Fort Worth, Texas. USHEALTH Group family of companies has served over 15 million customers.

The Services Provided

USHEALTH Group was honored among the best companies in the 2013 Top 50 North America Call Center. This was because of its outstanding customer service. The company also earned an A+ rating from the renowned Better Business Bureau. USHEALTH Group subsidiaries acknowledge that every customer is unique. Moreover, they understand that “one size fits all” approach is not often the answer. Therefore, the company provides a variety of affordable solutions for their customers.

The Products Segment

USHEALTH Group family of companies believes in choice and their customers’ array of options regarding their ideal coverage such as Accident and Specified Disease/Sickness. Further, their innovative product designs make them uniquely qualified to address every customer’s needs for affordability, reliability, and flexibility while they are choosing their appropriate insurance.

USHEALTH Group through its subsidiaries serves customers who have a limited budget through offering a portfolio of innovative products. These products offer first dollar benefits for substantial network discounts and covered services across many providers. Furthermore, these plans are more affordable compared to more comprehensive plans. Click here to know more.

USHEALTH Group through it subsidiaries provide different choices concerning Accident and Disease/Sickness Plans to customers who can afford a specific level of cost sharing. They provide affordable, reliable, and flexible solutions. Moreover, USHEALTH Group is committed to satisfying the customers’ needs.


USHEALTH Advisors is a wholly-owned subsidiary of USHEALTH Group with its family of companies provides Life, and Specified Disease/Sickness plans to its customers. USHEALTH Group family of companies assured their customers the provision of an outstanding buying experience through their trusted and accredited USHEALTH Advisors Agents.

The Association of USHEALTH Advisors with the Mission of HOPE

USHEALTH Advisors Agents crafted a brilliant mission in the form of an acronym called HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday). The mission is lived on a daily basis to make a positive difference in other peoples’ lives. Troy McQuagge, the president of USHEALTH Group, Inc., launched HOPE in 2010.

USHEALTH Advisors has continued to live this mission, for instance, in 2011, the leaders of the company provided new clothing, shoes, and baby formula to a non-profit organization of sheltering children called The Crisis Nursery. In 2012, the company presented a check of over $25,000 to HOPEKids Arizona, a non-profit support community to help the families of children who have cancer. Later in 2013, USHEALTH Advisors donated $45,000 to HOPEKids when they earned a chapter near its head office in North Texas. USHealth Group on Facebook.

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