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Why Environmental Laws Are Important

Phatsima Diamond is a law firm in Bellville, South Africa and its Director is Frans Schoeman, a highly accomplished lawyer on As an MD and Director, he has spent close to a decade overseeing Angola’s mining construction and ensuring … Continue reading

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Indian Journal Plagiarism Woes

The Indian Journal of Dermatology has retracted a new paper against plagiarism called “Development of a Guideline to Approach Plagiarism in Indian Scenario” after learning that text was plagiarized from another source. About two or three years ago, Dr. Mehdi … Continue reading

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Good Mental Health Hinges on Good Diet

  We are what we eat. Those words have proven to be true once again in a new study conducted by University of Melbourne and Deakin University. The findings of the study have been published in The Lancet Psychiatry Today … Continue reading

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Rio de Janeiro is the site for the Janerio’s 2016 Olympic sailing and windsurfing events and has participants and residents in the area of along the Carioca River worried. Officials at the Health Institute of Brazil label this as a “Super … Continue reading

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What’s Your Fitness Age?

There may be some correlation between longevity and one’s fitness age. For several years this has been an ongoing research question by a team of researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. As reported, by … Continue reading

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Kim Kardashian Not As Popular As Comet Landing

After Paper Magazine tried to promote their new cover photographs of Kim Kardashian nude yesterday with the hashtag #breaktheinternet, The Wall Street Journal decided to follow the trending story and compare it to the other hot news of the week … Continue reading

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Google and NASA Sign 60-Year Deal

NASA and Google have reached a major business agreement that will ultimately benefit consumers worldwide. The tech giant has signed a 60-year lease of a naval base that is owned and operated by America’s space exploration pioneer. Google is expected … Continue reading

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The DeepMind Project Showcases Neural Turing Machine

DeepMind, a startup purchased by Google in 2014, has given a glimpse into a prototype systems that emulated the human brain’s short-term memory storage and retrieval processes. The computer learns new information while storing older memories, then performs a retrieval … Continue reading

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The Sinkhole Dilemma

In recent years, cataclysmic events seem to be on the rise. One of the unusual happenings evolves around the development of sinkholes. Headlines draw the nation’s attention to the disturbing news. A bedroom and a man disappear into the depths … Continue reading

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