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Young Pianist Prodigy Has No Fingers and Can’t Hear Well

Alexey Romanov was born without any fingers on his hands. He only has toes on one foot. Romanov, who lives in Kazan, central Russia, was orphaned as an infant. He was raised in an orphanage until he was adopted at … Continue reading

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Michigan Family Finally Reveals Their Philanthropy Is in the Billions

Many people who live in abject poverty have very little time to think about the education and the arts. In most cases, they are too busy thinking about where they will next find something to eat or how they will … Continue reading

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The Story of Yeonmi Park

A good way to learn about life perspectives is to hear stories on Youtube from people who have lived in different countries in the world, and have had different experiences. Human rights activist Yeonmi Park is a shining example of … Continue reading

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