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Psychedelic Use Linked with Decrease in Suicidal Tendencies

According to recent research done by Dr. Peter Hendricks at the University of Alabama, traditional psychedelic use appears to mitigate suicidal tendencies and other psychological ailments. Hendricks illustrates that even with medical advancements in the past 60 years, suicide rates … Continue reading

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ISIS Releases New Execution Video

An execution video was posted on October 16, 2014 by ISIS. Big thanks to Facebook friend Rod Rohrich for sharing the article that warns the reader before the gruesome video. The victim was a former U.S Army Ranger named Abdul-Rahman … Continue reading

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White House Confirms: American Aid Worker Beheaded by ISIS

In a sobering statement released by President Barack Obama on November 16th, the White House confirmed the death of Abdul-Rahman Kassig at the hands of terrorist organization ISIS. Kassig, also known as Peter, was a humanitarian aid worker and former … Continue reading

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