John Goullet: Making it as an Entrepreneur in the IT World

After graduating from Ursinus College, John Goullet worked as a computer consultant and then as an IT staffing account executive. In 1994 John began his own business, Info Technologies. John Goullet served as the Chief Executive Officer for his IT staffing business. At Info Technologies, he would match his consultants to the needs of his clients. An IT consultant will analysis a business’s data networks, communication or software systems. In this technology world those needs are often changing.

In 2016 John merged Info Technologies with Divesant Inc. to form Diversant LLC. John is currently serving as the Principle of the company. Diversant LLC has been recognized as the largest African-American owned company in the United States. They have earned the Certificate as a Minority Owned Business enterprise. Diversant LLC has been recognized by Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 500 as one of the nation’s fastest growing private companies. Diversant LLC offers IT augmentation, innovative diversity solutions and direct hire. John brings with him his belief in ethical behavior, respect and encourages creative thinkers. The company works with mid-market to fortune 500 businesses.

Recently in an interview with ideamensch, John stated that he starts his day at 6 a.m. at the gym and then is in his office by 8 a.m. not leaving until about 6 p.m. In this article, he also discusses his business ideas and what being an entrepreneur means. In the interview, John states that he looks at what is going on with companies, while paying attention to what is changing. Then he looks to build a staff that will be able to meet those needs. John Goullet is constantly working at making his business current with the needs that companies require with this ever-changing technology.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Road to be a Billionaire

As Anne Frank once said, “No one has ever become poor by giving,” Eric Lefkofsky actually believes in this saying. A billionaire by profession and a giving person at heart, he has won hearts of many people by his philanthropic work.



Eric Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur and Chicago’s most influential tech figure, who has donated million of dollars in a variety of educational as well as scientific organizations. Currently, he is taking a smarter approach to starting up a new mission of curing cancer called Tempus.



Something about his Past and present



Eric Lefkofsky was born and raised in Southfield, Michigan. After completing his high school from Southfield-Lathrup in 1987, he attended the University of Michigan and graduated with an honors degree in 1991. After completing his degree, he even attended law school till 1993.



Lefkofsky started his business career by selling carpets at the University of Michigan. After law school, he decided to start his entrepreneurial venture with his college friend, Brad Keywell. Relatives loaned him money to start an apparel company in Wisconsin, named Bandon Apparel. However, it ended up in a massive failure. Later he invested in e-commerce start-ups namely Groupon, InnerWorking as well as Lightbank and earned a fortune. His latest venture Tempus is just out of furtiveness mode.  Check also



What is Tempus?



Tempus is the new venture Eric Lefkofsky has been working on since he stepped down as a CEO from Groupon. This new start-up is a smart initiative to cure cancer by providing modernized infrastructure that will help healthcare professionals make real-time treatment decisions by analyzing patient’s genetic code.  Click



His philanthropic endeavors



As mentioned above, Eric Lefkofsky believes in earning and giving back to the society and The Lefkofsky Foundation is the testimony of their charitable efforts. The organization started in the year 2006 by Lefkofsky and his wife, Liz. The primary mission of this foundation is to extend their support to children regarding education and health. Till date, the foundation has donated million of dollars to more than 50 organizations.



Eric Lefkofksy is not only associated with his foundation but is also on the board of all directors of various other organizations as well like Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago.



Though large amounts have been donated towards cancer research during this life, he also supports other spheres of life like arts and culture. That is the reason; he has secured his place as one of the directors of these organizations as well, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, and a Chicago-based theatre company.



Bottom line



Eric Lefkofsky has achieved high scales in life and still striving to make more. As rightly once said by him, “Building a business isn’t easy. Selling a billion of anything isn’t easy. After all, a billion is a big number”.

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Leadership at InnovaCare Health

Established more than ten years ago, InnovaCare Health is a run healthcare services organization that has been providing service to the Puerto Rico region on LinkedIn. It is the most favored provider of Medicare Advantage plans in North America owing to the vast assistance they give to customers. Affordability plus the service quality has helped to drive the company to rank among the top. InnovaCare Health adopted advanced technological systems that were integrated into the working structure of the company consequently enhancing service delivery.

President and CEO of the Innovacare Rick Shinto received his medical degree from NYU at Stony Brook and an MBA fromRedlands university. He ALSO obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California at Irvine. He is also the writer of many articles on clinical medicine and healthcare.

Rick Shinto has acquired experience of over 20 years in clinical and operational healthcare. Before his position at Innovacare health, Shinto was the CEO at Aventa Inc. He was also the chief medical officer at NAMM California. Shinto initially started his profession in health in Southern California as practicing pulmonologist and was also an intern at the time. In 1996, he served as the corporate deputy CEO of medical management for Medpartners where he worked for a year. Before this, Shinto was the chief medical and operating for medical pathways Management Company. On June 27, 2012, in New Jersey at the Hyatt New Brunswick, Rick Shinto received the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Of the Year in the service category. Read another article on

Penelope Kokkinides, Innovacares chief administrative officer, holds a bachelor’s degree in classical languages and biological sciences from Binghamton University. She holds a master’s honor in public health from Columbia University and also a master’s in social work from NYU. She has established her career as a health expert for over two decades. She currently serves as the chief administrative officer of the company and has been working with the CEO to ensure all administrative functions are handled seamlessly. She also worked at Aveta Inc., as the vice president.

Penelope Kokkinides recently had an interview with IdeaMensch to discuss her role I Innovacare Health and how the adoption of technology has helped shape the company’s philosophy. Thanks in large part to the prevalence of high-tech mobile gadgets in the market, the staff of InnovaCare can remain more connected to one another. Given the fast-paced nature of their work, Penelope stressed that she found it very essential for InnovaCare to stay connected to each other at all times.

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Jose Borghi Discusses How Influencers Can Promote Your Brand

Jose Borghi of Brazilian marketing agency. Mullen Lowe, says that human communication and interactions is undergoing a major change. The internet is at the center of this change. Social media on the internet is also revolutionizing the way we interact with one another and how companies present their goods and services to potential customers.

More and more people are getting online. At the same time, social media and new avenues of communication and interaction are appearing and disappearing. Smart companies, says Jose Borghi are realizing that the internet and social media platforms are here to stay. They are not going away anytime soon. Firms that realize this, he says, are in a much better position to market their goods and interact with their client base.

Many firms realize the need to be active on the web and in social media. The problem is, continues Jose Borghi, is that many firms struggle with customer and population outreach. One of the promising ways to interact with an audience and promote an item among them is through the use of what Jose Borghi, calls influencers .

According to Jose Borghi, influencers can include celebrities, TV stars, bloggers and YouTube sensations that have a strong and loyal following. The reason they are so effective in influencing the behavior and opinion of their followers is because their audience closely listens and takes in what they say and perform. In other words influencers are people with great influence. That influence is now being capitalized by companies looking to market goods and services.

The use of influencers is a new strategy that companies are now utilizing reveals Jose Borghi. When companies pair with influencers who are in their same category such as a healthcare company promoting its products through a healthcare blogger, the result could be beneficial to the company, the blogger and even to the customer.

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Omar Boraie Makes A Major Contribution To Rutgers University

Newswise has reported on the genomics department and their new chairman post. Omar Boraie gave the donation that established the chair of the division, and there are many different people who will come to the university to complete their work because of his support. This article offers a full explanation of how the Sam Boraie family is making Rutgers a finer learning institution.

#1: What Is The Money For?

Omar Boraie started Boraie Development in New Brunswick because it is his home, and according to NJ Biz he remains in range of Newark and Atlantic City as he does his work. The family business develops in many different places around the state, and they are quite ready to build new structures that will change lives. Someone who is looking for a nice place to live and work will notice the Boraie Development sign helps them.

#2: Why Does Omar Give To The University?

Someone who wishes to learn more about medical research will find the department a powerful place to work, and they will see New Brunswick as a lovely place to live. He gives to the university because he believes in the town, and he wants to see the students who live in the area find what they need.

#3: How Does The Development Of His Firm Change Rutgers?

The confluence of the two is quite important in New Brunswick, and the dedication that Omar has to both places extends to his wallet. Someone who wishes to learn and live in a comfortable area will love New Brunswick in large part because of the way Boraie Development works. The company has made choices around their area of New Jersey that grow commercial, residential and industrial spaces. The spaces they create are simple to use, and they are powerful when opening in the community.

Omar Boraie is a committed member of the New Jersey community, and he has created many developments that help the citizens of the state live well. He creates better lifestyles, and he gives to Rutgers and their genomics unit because he knows that it will save lives in the near future. To read more about Boraie Development, visit


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Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Having a Good Sofa or Fridge


Your living room is the centerpiece of your house. A good sofa from Lazzaro Leather will stand out from other pieces of furniture with its slick black finish. Guests will enjoying sitting on the highest quality leather, and when you are home alone, the sturdy leather is a great backrest. Another terrific brand is Martin Home Furnishings.

They distribute all sorts of furniture, but their sofas are reliable and beautiful. With years of experience in the home industry, they have the finest employees who can adapt to any living room. Finally, try Magnussen Home as another option. They specialize in interior sofas, and if it is your first time buying, you can rely on their expertise to guide you through.


Similarly, your refrigerator brands defines the culinary part of your lifestyle. Samsung has been a trustworthy dealer for many years, and with refrigerators of all shapes and sizes, they have something for any home owner. LG is a slightly more unorthodox brand.

They feature stand alone refrigerators without freezers for a garage or basement. Without a freezer, these applications can direct more power to chilling your food. Lastly, KitchenAid is another favorite among buyers, and they’re widely considered one of the best cookware brands. Their products are designed to be user friendly, so regardless of your experience, the refrigerator will do its job on any setting. Having this room for error is nice, especially when particularly precious foods are inside.

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George Soros condemns Trump and EU Breakdown in his articles on Business Insider

Many people know George Soros as one the most successful hedge fund managers and top thirty richest billionaires from USA. But he is also a successful author, political activist and a profound philanthropist. Very recently he wrote two articles for Business Insider. In one of those articles, he wrote about Donald Trump and his fear on how he might destroy everything that makes America great. In his other article, he wrote about present turmoil in international relation and trade along with rising concerns about European Union.

George Soros is one of the leading supporters and donors of the Democratic and American Liberal causes. He has been actively working with fellow donors to influence state level policy making process to develop a sustainable environment in the country. Hence, it was indeed a shocking thing for Soros to see him winning the election. But he retaliated to this with his advocacy once again and he has been writing a number of articles against Trump expressing his concerns on Forbes. According to Soros, Trump is not only a dictator but also a con man and an imposter who was running the election to promote himself, not the country or democracy. He also stated that Trump has created a cabinet with some retired generals and incompetent extremists who will drive the nation into disasters in future. He also predicted Trump’s future cooperation with China and other dictatorship as well. However, he also mentioned that the strong US constitution on Politico will prevent Trump from doing something really drastic and he will fail for sure.

In another article, George Soros expressed his fear about the hurdles in European Union. He is expecting that event similar to US election might also occur in other European countries which are already going through political dysfunctionality. He is truly concerned that European Union is on the verge of a breakdown as it is constantly being attacked with anti-EU forces such as BREXIT, refugee crisis and bad economy. It will be even more hectic for European Union as USA will be too busy to sort out its own problems under Trump administration. According Soros, policy makers need to act fast to save European Union from extinction.

George Soros was brought up in Hungary under Hitler’s regime which affected him very deeply and made him realize the significance of what kind of political administration comes to the power. This is why; he has been actively working to promote democracy throughout his life. In 1979, he founded Open Society Foundations to support non-violent democracy reforms in Eastern & Central European countries. He has also donated a big fortune of $12 billion to numerous charitable and political organizations on In addition to this, he also supports a number of disadvantaged groups through a number of charitable organizations by providing them financial, medical and educational aid.

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Former Laidlaw & Company Broker Facing Securities Fraud Charges

Leonard V. Gallick, a one-time brokerage agent for Laidlaw & Company, has a number of fraud related complaints, according to his report on During his 20 years in the brokerage industry, Gallick has been subject to at least 7 complaints from various clients. He has been employed with Laidlaw & Company since 2009.


Gallick’s first complaint was in 1998 and his last was filed in 2014. In 1998, Gallick was accused of misrepresentation of the facts. The client sought damages but was denied; in 2000, while employed at Josephthal & Company, Gallick was accused of recommending unsuitable investments and the client was awarded over $50,000 in damages. Over the years, he was accused of breach of contracts, making unauthorized transactions and breach of fiduciary duty. His latest complaint was filed by a client seeking $8 million in damages for making excessive and unauthorized trades.


The law offices of Fitapelli and Kurta has represented several of Gallick’s clients. The urge anyone who has been defrauded by Gallick to call their law office for a free consultation.


According to Gallick’s record, he has been employed as a broker at Laidlaw & Company, Josephthal & Company, J.P. Turner & Company and Gunnallen Financial.

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Ricardo Tosto: Getting A Renowned Business Lawyer In Brazil

Are you a company executive or professional in Brazil? Do you operate a business and need a lawyer to handle the legal aspect of your organization? If you are anticipating business litigation due to a dispute with a partner or another organization, you need a competent lawyer on your side. For all cases involving litigation, you need to contact Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho.

In the event that litigation is certain or has already started, however, you need an attorney who can handle your case professionally and with your business needs in mind. The lawyer or attorney you choose should feel comfortable and confident handling the complex matters in the underlying enterprise altercation.

If you are involved in an organization argument of any kind, then you need a lawyer who will really help to create and implement an assertive and creative legal strategy designed to maximize your enterprise’ chance for a successful outcome.

The business enterprise lawyer you select must not only be well knowledgeable in the subject matter underlying the squabble but must also be intimately familiar with the procedural requirements of the jurisdiction or court in which the issue will take place.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a well-known Brazilian lawyer has been rendering superior legal services and receives raving reviews. Ricardo Tosto addresses business organization law, corporate law, and litigation. His tough litigation strategies and negotiation tactics enable him to obtain excellent outcomes for his clients.

With many years of experience in the industry, whether in the context of negotiation or court trial, Ricardo Tosto understands the benefit of directing negotiations and communicating complex legal arguments with clarity. Ricardo Tosto represents businesses and individuals in a wide variety of complex business legal disputes, establishment matters and personal litigation matters.


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The Mission of Capitol Anesthesiology

Capitol Anesthesiology, located in Austin, Texas, is a provider of care serving you since 1973. Over eighty physicians and 130 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesists make up this organization who are dedicated to providing the best possible care in the times you need it most.

We provide general, regional, local, pediatric, obstetric and cardiovascular anesthesia. Surgery is a trying time in your life and the lives of those around you. We can provide the medicine you need to help you feel nothing about it; you will wake up refreshed.

We serve eight hospitals and a large number of ambulatory surgical centers in the Austin area. You will find us convenient. We are a member of the Anesthesia Quality Institute, providing a high standard of care. Therefore, we provide the quality services needed to have your operation be a success, and your success is our success.

Capitol Anesthesiology, with its’ large, caring, experienced staff, is a pure knockout! We are here for you to wake up anew and healed like your operation never happened in the first place. We want you to heal and continue living the life you were meant to live. That is what Capitol Anesthesiology is here to do!

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